UAH Shooting Investigation Update, and Thanks

April 27th, 2017 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

John Christy met with the chief of police at UAH today, and I’m happy to report that, contrary to initial reports, the investigation into the seven shots fired into our building has not been dropped. UAH has also coordinated with other law enforcement, which is good.

I’d like to thank everyone who made the effort to spread the word about this event, which I consider a probable ecoterrorism attack. Rush Limbaugh also covered it, which I’m sure helped as well.

We have been asked to not make public any details of what they have learned so far. (So, please, don’t ask.)

What might surprise readers here is that our “reputation” (John Christy and me) has always been more widely known on a national and international level, than a local level. We think that local law enforcement personnel were probably not aware that scientists could be the potential targets of radicals… if that’s indeed what has happened.

I doubt we will learn much that we can divulge in the coming days and weeks. But the good news is that law enforcement is working on it. That’s all I wanted…for it not to be ignored.

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  1. jimc says:

    And hopefully, the attention will discourage similar nonsense in the future. Thanks for the update.

  2. Mickey Prumt says:

    “What might surprise readers here is that our reputation (John Christy and me) has always been more widely known on a national and international level,”

    Well, people who know you are just the skeptics who read blogs. At the scientific level, nobody hnows you. For good reasons : you don’t produce interesting science.

    Also, the main problem here is that guns are not prohibited in america.

    • Bart says:

      Then, what are you doing here, Mickey? Is it getting lonely down there in your parents’ basement?

      • Mickey Prumt says:

        Your comment doesn’t make any sense : the scared guys are those who buy guns.

      • Wow, Mickey sure put the burn on me! Ha!

        Google “Roy Spencer”: 177,000 results

        Google “Mickey Prumt”: No Results Found

        • Bart says:

          It is very confusing. Apparently, you aren’t worth much, yet people are shooting at you, and we are assured that people with guns are frightened of… something.

          • A former NASA manager from our building actually posted that it must have been right wing nuts that shot up the building, because they have all the money and guns.

          • Bart says:

            Yes, no true Scotsman, and all that. Are they really so naive, or would butter not melt in their mouths? I expect the latter.

          • Mickey Prumt says:

            So Bart,

            you think letting stupid people to have a gun is a problem ?

          • Mickey Prumt says:

            would you be sad if it was a right wing nuts ?

            No, in fact I’d be a little relieved — although it’s not obvious what their motive would have been. Would you be sad if it was eco-wackos?

          • Snape says:

            Why would it matter who did it? “Climate leaders” have already been
            charged and convicted. (See National Review link at top of page)

          • Bart says:

            Normally, no, as the judgment of “stupid” can be very subjective. In your case, however, I might have found an exception.

    • John Smith says:

      “main problem here is that guns are not prohibited in america”
      Good idea.
      It has worked well with heroin.

    • mickey'samouse says:

      Nice little drive by hit job you did here, mick…

    • AndyG55 says:

      Who is this NON-ENTITY called Mickey.

      Related to a certain mouse ???

  3. Ryan P says:

    You’re ridiculous. Roy is a spearhead for one of the best climate projects currently running. His monthly reports of global temperatures are extremely important, and they’re among the most accurate we have, with the one of the most cutting edge temperature tracking technology available.

    Roy, you have many followers lurking here that don’t post generally. Don’t let these psuedo-intellectual stooges get to you (I know they don’t)

    P. S
    10 seconds of research into one Mr. Appel’s online presence discredits everything thing he says.

    • David Appell sometimes makes fair points. But his bias is often so glaring that he really should refrain from calling himself a journalist.

      • I really hate to disagree with you.

        David Appell would not recognize truth even if it jumped out and bit him.

        • Jake says:

          David Appell is obviously very intelligent, and is well versed in global warming topics. But, a good scientist looks at a problem without rooting for an outcome. For this particular topic, his comments seem to point to him being incapable of this type of behavior.

          • AndyG55 says:

            “David Appell is obviously very intelligent, and is well versed in global warming topics.”

            I have seen very little evidence of that first bit..

            … and all he is versed in is climate change PROPAGANDA HYPE.

  4. I’m happy that UAH police and other law enforcement are working on this after all. I hope this news spreads so that whoever did this would be deterred from doing such things again (if they escape getting caught) and so that copycats would be deterred. Regardless of who they are or what their motives are.

    Also, I hope the perp(s) get caught and do some hard time and news of such justice gets spread around so that others would be deterred from doing such stuff.

  5. Most of the posts on David Appell’s “Quark Soup” attract “0 comments”.

    Given his inability to attract an audience he has plenty of time to act the troll on high quality blogs like this one.

    • fonzarelli says:

      gc, one has to wonder if appell wasn’t such a jerk what kind of readership would he get. The guys got talent and does have some cogent things to say, BUT he’s so abrasive that it makes him very difficult to read. i always try to keep in mind that it’s very difficult for a believer to post at a skeptic sight. (ya gotta be tough, sometimes nasty) But, even so, i think his bad behavior is beyond what is needed to do so…

  6. As it hit the right floor, it must have been a sceptic – because if it were an alarmist they always aim high!

    Indeed the fact they could hit the building at all strongly suggests a sceptic!

  7. Massimo PORZIO says:

    Hi Dr. Spencer,

    Im glad to read that the police is still working on this bad story.

    I hope that their efforts will return you and Dr. Christy to a quiet life and continue your researches without any psychological constraint.

    Have a great day.


  8. CO2isLife says:

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

    Keep up the good fight, and never be intimidated.

    Useful Idiots dont rely on facts, the politics of AGW

    Climate McCartyism, the politics of AGW

    Climate Bullies Gone Wild; Caught on Tape and Print

  9. jimp says:

    so i guess you would say the paris problem is trucks are legal? and guns are illegal in Paris yet look what happened. millions of people own guns and trucks and dont have a problem. if people want to harm someone they will find a way. its a people attitude problem. you are misguided.

    • Mickey Prumt says:

      you are confusing a lot of things jimp.
      Also just look at the statistics.
      And try to use your brain. Good luck with that.

  10. g*e*r*a*n says:

    Dr. Roy, I’m glad there will be some investigations.

    I hope that someone will take a look at installing surveillance cameras also.

  11. William Fleming says:

    I hope beyond hope it wasn’t a disgruntled Auburn fan.

    • Jake says:

      You’d figure they’d drive to Tuscaloosa, but then again …. we’re talking Auburn here ….

  12. barry says:

    Glad it’s being looked into. It was hard to believe that the police wouldn’t take it seriously. No way it would be neglected where I live, but I know things can be different in the US.

  13. barry says:

    If the shooter is eventually discovered, please let us know what you can about their intentions, Roy.

  14. Evan Jones says:

    Glad you-all were lucky and everyone is okay. (Good co-authors are hard to come by.)

  15. Walt Allensworth says:

    Glad you’re ok Dr. Spencer.

    The left seems to be resorting to violence more and more, now that their leader is out of the White House.

    It means we’re winning!

    You do a great service to this great nation, a nation that is now getting greater (more great?) every day!