Correction to UAH v5.3 Global Gridpoint Temperature Dataset

April 14th, 2010 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

The grid-based monthly anomaly satellite temperature files mounted on our server prior to 14 April 2010 were affected by an error in our recent merging of NOAA-18 into the data stream. This was corrected on 13 April and uploaded on 14 April.

The affected files are:

tXXmonamg.YYYY_5.3 where XX is lt, mt and ls, and YYYY is year.

uahncdc.XX where XX is lt, mt and ls.

We are sorry for this problem and thank alert users around the world for spotting the error (which showed up as a step-jump in the difference between land and ocean temperature anomalies) with NOAA-18 in 2005 so quickly (e.g. Alessandro Patrignani and Javier Arroyo)

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