Going to the movies? “Snows Of Superior”

October 2nd, 2012 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

I was recently contacted by a movie producer who expressed interest in a movie script based upon my life. Granted, this guy contacts many people with the same request, hoping someone will have an interesting story to tell.

For years Ive had people encourage me to write an autobiography, so I took the opportunity of his request to take a few days off of work and write a spec movie script, instead. I needed the diversion anyway.

Wow, what a trip.

Instead of being a story about the global warming wars (which I dont think would be a commercial success) it ended up being the true story of me starting out as a poor Black child (OK, well, that part is 2/3 true) in rural Amish country, growing up in a dysfunctional family. After moving to Iowa, my mother died unexpectedly (on my 13th birthday) and I was sent away to northern Michigan to live with relatives I didn’t know.

Its a story of perseverance in spite of numerous obstacles, against a backdrop of the Viet Nam war tearing families apart. An epiphany provided by Mother Nature is what turns things around.

Along the way, Ive been involved in historical events, and traveled around the world. There are recurring themes from the beginning to the end of the story: poverty and a chronic health problem to overcome, severe weather events, guns, and several brushes with death, to name a few. The global warming debate and congressional testimonies occur near the end of the story, but are mostly intended to support the recurring themes and the protagonist’s struggle to overcome. It’s not a global warming story.

I suppose the closest similarity to an existing movie would be to October Sky (which I loveits about Homer Hickham growing up to eventually become a NASA engineer). But I would say my story offers more in the way of personal challenges to overcome and interesting events along the way. And its funnier. (By sheer coincidence, Homer attends the church where I perform in a contemporary Christian rock band.)

The bottom line is, I am selfishly using the bully pulpit of my blog to announce that the script (93 111 pages), synopsis, etc. are all finished, so if there are any other movie producers out there who would like to take a look, just let me know.

Destiny belongs to those who weather the storm.

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  1. Alfred says:

    Sadly not, but your story sounds like it would make a good read. Self publishing is easy these days, if all you expect is a small run, ie to family and friends, or maybe you could get a publisher interested, which, I believe is almost as difficult as getting a movie script accepted. (I’m not in either industry). I hope you might think about the book route as well as the movie.

    BTW, what a great picture.

  2. Old Hoya says:

    I didn’t hate the treatment, bubby but it is still gonna be a tough sell. Can we throw in a dog, a funny gay best friend, a poignant coming of age road trip across country and few digs at Dick Cheney? Any chance you are part Navaho or spent time in rehab with any celebs? Work with me here…

    • yup, the gay best friend is already in there. Drugs also make appearances (don’t read too much into that, though). I could also put the road trip in there, but I don’t recall anything that happened that would support the story themes.

  3. shirl says:

    For gods sake make sure it doesn’t offend any minorities

  4. John W. Garrett says:

    Dr. Spencer,

    Thank you for having the courage and intestinal fortitude to speak up for honesty and scientific integrity.

    You might be surprised; the day may come when hindsight shows with its usual clarity that the GREAT CATASTROPHIC ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING panic was much ado about nothing and Hollywood comes a’knocking.

  5. DarrylB says:

    Well, I am fascinated by the story line and would find it interesting just to read the script.

    Mentioning Climate wars as in Michael Mann’s Writings is a story in itself. If he (and the Team) engaged all of their colleagues and put all possibilities on the table instead of circling their wagons there would be no enemies and therefore no war.

    Some have lost the forgone tenants of basic scientific procedure and are shortchanging the entire human race to some degree because they are making it about themselves.

  6. Bob in MI says:

    Sounds like some bad bumps in the road (term is fresh on my mind), but northern Michigan can be a springboard of opportunity, too. Ask Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci.

  7. Fred says:

    Well it will be worth reading I’m sure.

    To get in the mood, Gordon Lightfoot provides some context music.


  8. Doug Miller says:

    OK. I’ve seen your picture on the web site. “Poor Black child”? I’m guessing Black is a family name somewhere?

    Also, I saw this today;


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