Global warming meme collection for this week

January 9th, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

You have to laugh at least once a day. Because a day without sunshine is like…night.





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  1. Thanks Dr. Spencer. 🙂

  2. Hot Potato says:

    Love it! Here’s another one to add to the collection.

  3. Hot Potato says:

    Alright, I promise this is the last one but it’s relevant considering the last thread.

  4. Visiting Physicist says:

    OPEN LETTER to PROF CHRIS TURNEY, University of NSW, Sydney (back from being trapped in Antarctica)

    Dear Prof Turney

    I am a physics graduate who in recent years has turned his attention to very comprehensive study of climate, climate models and the alleged greenhouse radiative forcing conjecture. I have written to you personally and now make this matter public herein and elsewhere on various climate blogs.

    I make the following points …

    (1) Any study of temperature records for various inland cities (such temperatures being adjusted for altitude) will reveal that the mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures are lower in the more moist regions, because the greenhouse gas water vapour cools, as does carbon dioxide to a very small extent.

    (2) The total solar energy reaching the top of the Venus atmosphere would not be anywhere near enough to raise its surface temperate to about 730K so such cannot be explained by radiative forcing.

    My challenge to you is to find anyone with sufficient knowledge of thermodynamics who can in any way support the conjecture that radiative forcing determines planetary surface temperatures.

    (This has also been emailed to Prof Turney directly with a note that it is being posted on about 15 climate blogs.)

  5. Mack says:

    I reckon this is a good photo of Al, but looks as if he could do with some snuggling up to those nice warm cosy greenhouse gases.
    Did everybody see this… 🙂

  6. Ajitha says:

    We should stop all these neusense. We must save our planet and share the love around us.

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