Some Earth Day Cartoons

April 22nd, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.


As in other religions, most Earth worshipers are more or less hypocritical. Spend a day being “good”, spend the rest of the year failing.

Or maybe just fail every day…

Unless you live your life in as Spartan a manner as Ted Kaczynski, you are probably as big a drain on Earth’s resources as anyone else. I wonder how many people will drive to a tree-planting ceremony today, putting many more times as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as that single tree will ever remove? (Of course, when the tree dies, it’s mostly all released again anyway).

Some people mistakenly believe the internet has little impact on our resources:

Of course, we could go into the dark side of the environmental movement, which inevitably involves population control of one kind or another (usually forced upon some far-away people of a different skin color…not upon the enforcers):

I mostly find Earth Day just plain annoying for the rank hypocrisy on display. A state-sponsored religious day of worship, along with all of the 1st Amendment-violating regulations to codify it.

Maybe a nice bonfire to celebrate for those so inclined.

But for me,…

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