Some Climate Change Survey Questions I’d Like to See

August 4th, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Nothing rouses my ire like biased survey questions which load the dice in favor of a specific answer. Seldom do I ever see well-phrased survey questions. Probably because the people who pay for the surveys want the results to come out a certain way.

So, since the other side of the global warming debate likes to ask such inane survey questions (like Does your company acknowledge the threat and challenge of climate change as companies like Walmart, CocaCola, Apple, Google, AIG, Swiss Re, NRG, Unilever and others have done?, here’s a few survey questions I’d like some people to answer.

Maybe some of our politicians. Or Al Gore.

In the interests of providing some balance to a clearly unbalanced situation, here are the first four that come to mind:

1. Do you deny that climate has always changed, even without the help of humans?

2. Do you trust climate models to tell us the future, even when none of them predicted the recent 17+ year stoppage of global warming?

3. Do you believe severe weather has gotten worse from climate change, even though the IPCC (and observations) show that it hasn’t?

4. Do you support EPA regulations on power plants that will increase electricity costs and hurt the economy, even though they will have no measurable effect on future global temperatures?

I should have been a pollster.

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