3,264 Days Without a Major Hurricane Strike

October 1st, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Who would have predicted it? As of today (October 1) it’s been nearly 9 years since a major hurricane (Cat 3 or greater) has struck the U.S., the last being Wilma in October, 2005.

Remember the 2005 hurricane season? Landfalling hurricanes right and left. Katrina! This was going to be the new normal in a Global Warming world.

Then the bottom dropped out of tropical activity.

As the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season slowly winds down, here the latest tropical outlook from the National Hurricane Center:

Pretty dead. The number of named storms as of today continues below normal:

One might explain the current drought in tropical systems on El Nino, except even that has mostly fizzled compared to early predictions.

While a few “experts” claim to “see the fingerprint” of human caused climate change in the latest severe weather events (which, paradoxically, haven’t increased), it’s good to take a step back and point out that the Emperor’s Tarot card readers have no clothes.

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    • Dantes says:

      So, we can conclude man made global warming decreases hurricanes!

    • Al D says:

      I live in Florida and I’m loving this global warming hoax more every day! Well, actually, I’m loving the natural changes taking place such as the thickening ice caps at both poles and the effect they’re having on ocean currents and atmospheric conditions. For all we know, the slight increase in CO2 caused by man and all those cow farts may be aiding in COOLING the planet. Rising CO2 levels certainly haven’t had a warming effect in 19 years, according to the TRUE data. And yes, the ice caps REALLY, REALLY are thickening at both poles.

      • Eric says:

        If you’re not going to pay attention to the real world, you might as well go back to reading self absorbed egotistical philosophy of Ayn Rand and stay inside a bubble for the rest of your existence. The ice caps are most certainly NOT growing/thickening. There will always be anomalies, but the majority of ice caps and glaciers are receding at alarming rates. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/sep/01/new-satellite-maps-show-polar-ice-caps-melting-at-unprecedented-rate

        And while you’re at it, please debunk this entire page for me. http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/GlobalWarming/

      • Larry says:

        You’re an idiot, you scan data looking for something that seemingly agrees with your point of view, then ignore the details. Sea ice has marginally increased in the Antarctic Winter, Land ice has dramatically decreased overall. One of the effects of the melting land ice has been a decrease in the salinity of the proximate water around Antarctica, this and many other reasons you haven’t bothered yourself with are indicative of Antarctic warming, not cooling. The ice caps are not “thickening” at either pole. And your 19 year no warming is a joke. The warmest decade on record is the one we’re in right now. 9 of the 10 warmest years on record have been in the last 13. All 10 have been in the last 16. You’re demonstrably wrong.

        • GeePee says:

          The warmest decade on record is the one we’re in right now. 9 of the 10 warmest years on record have been in the last 13. All 10 have been in the last 16. You’re demonstrably wrong.

          And, recorded weather history goes back how far??? Within that context, I’ll agree with you. I suggest you expand your context to take a look at the last 400,000 years and see just how the past few decades of “warming” reflect in a much larger picture. Report back your findings.

          • Ty says:

            You should probably have an understanding of the facts presented by paleoclimatology before assuming its, conclusion because NOAA’s GEOCARB III, the Vostok, GRIP and GISP II ice cores all prove anthropogenic climate change bunk.

        • Gary P Jackson says:

          Actually, moron, the warmest temperatures ever recorded in the United States were in the 1930s, you know, during those Dust Bowl days. That comes from NASA, and the National Weather service, BTW.

          I know democrats and science have never met, but to just spew nonsensical democrat propaganda makes you what the Soviets and Nazis used to call a “useful idiot.” Nothing but a democrat party zombie. Mindless with no will of your own.

          Wise up, stupid and democrat is no way to go through life!

          • Ty says:

            he thinks it’s OK for Warmists to compare raw data points to smoothed averages, which is how these people came up with their claims of “record temps”

          • Mel Lingerman says:

            Well said. The global “Green” movement is nothing more than red communism is sheep’s clothing.

          • Nun Yad Ambiiz Ness says:

            Actually, it was Stalin that coined the term “useful idiots”… just for clarification.

      • JuanKuan says:

        We in Minnesota find the climate change or “global warming” much too slow. Last winter was the coldest in quite a while and for a longer period. I like growing peppers and tomatoes but when you can’t lat them until June its very difficult to get anything to grow arrrgh. A few years ago we got to plant in April and May. now we are getting snow in may, WTF ??? Its not climate change its normal cyclical variations in the earths atmosphere that causes the small changes in the weather pattern that and volcanoes going off messing everything up. Come on Global Warming we want 80 degree winters too.

    • James J. Spears, Jr. says:

      In 1968 Doomsday Professor Paul Ehrlich – Al Gore’s hero and mentor – predicted food shortages as early as the 1970’s due to drastic cooling with hundreds of millions of deaths from starvation. Ironically, on the first “Earth Day” in England in 1969, environmentalist Nigel Calder stated, “The threat of a NEW ICE AGE must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind”.

      • john says:

        I think it’s highly irresponsible of you to question the value of our newest growth industry, which how employs millions of otherwise useless ill-educated drones. I refer, of course, to the Warning Industry, whose tireless employees now labor selflessly throughout all our school systems, from kindergarten to prestigious graduate schools. They keep us abreast of the latest collective hysteria, instruct us on the currently politically correct expressions of concern for all the dire threats facing us (and especially minority members) daily, and properly remind us of our guilt for living too well.

        The Warning Industry, now our foremost growth industry, provides perhaps the greatest overall benefit of any present human enterprise. It provides jobs for tens of millions of ignorant, less than average, and otherwise unemployable people, allowing them to “feel good about themselves,” thus imparting self-esteem to even the grossest and most ignorant dullards among us.

        To think, perhaps forty years ago we didn’t even have a warning industry. Now it’s #1!

    • Jane Ellison says:

      Helloooo??? What about Hurricane Sandy in 2012?? She was a Category 5, not something I wish to repeat!!

      • Sandy says:

        Sandy was a Cat 2 dingus!

        • Ron says:

          Dingus…. LOL !

        • Rob says:

          It was a Cat 3, and it killed 285 people and cost a ton of money to deal with the damage. To the creator of this site I would say that Sandy was a major hurricane.

          • Jeremy says:

            Sandy may have barely gotten to cat 3 during it’s lifespan, but it was not that strong at landfall. It was not even category 1 at that time.


          • Chuck says:

            Sandy was not a big storm but it did hit a densely populated area, 20 million in the NYC metro area. Even though any loss of life is tragic 285 is one ten-millionth of 1% of the total affected population. Remember in 2005 when we were told that storms would be intensifying to the point where Katrina would seem small in comparison?

            Global Warming was going to cause storms to intensify dramatically year after year, however, less than 10 years later we’re being told that Global Warming is causing the storms to be less intense.

            You people can’t have it both ways…admit that there are natural cycles that man cannot control.

          • Mike Mangan says:

            It was a Cat 3 when it hit Cuba. It was only a 1 or 2 when it hit the US. Of course, being a liberal your goalposts have wheels attached, so go ahead and believe that your own definition of a major hurricane at landfall is the correct one, not the meteorologist.

          • Bobo the clown says:

            How bout reading a little son, cat 1 maybe. Sandy came in at high tide causing the large surge. Read up people.

      • Mark Bofill says:

        The National Weather Service says Sandy wasn’t even a hurricane when it was off the coast of New England, it was a post tropical cyclone at that point. Not to be confused with a Cat 5…

        • James Strom says:

          Some of the links given above indicate that if Sandy had been classified as a hurricane it would have been in the Cat-1 range. I remember following it closely at the time. Although its wind speed was low, its extent was very large and enabled it to bring a very large tidal surge to NJ and NY, and of course to do a lot of damage. As it hit the US it combined with weather systems coming from the west, with the newly combined storm referred to as a “Frankenstorm”. If you had been watching at the time you would have seen Sandy disappear as it was absorbed into a much larger weather pattern. Wikipedia says that there were 160 deaths caused directly or indirectly in the US, and of course huge amounts of property damage.

          So is the fact that it was not technically a hurricane just a quibble? A prediction has to be evaluated in the terms of the prediction. In this case, Sandy was neither a hurricane nor the equivalent of a Cat-3 or higher at landfall, so it wasn’t even close to a major hurricane, as indicated in Spencer’s headline. It was very damaging in combination with ocean conditions and other storms, but it doesn’t confirm the alarmist fears.

          And would it matter in any case? Warmists (actually only some of them) were predicting an increase in major storms. It’s been nine years since landfall of a major hurricane. Reclassifying Sandy as a hurricane would mean merely that there has been one major hurricane in nine years, so the warmist prediction would still be falsified.

      • BoSS says:

        Sandy wasn’t even a hurricane when it made landfall!

        • Amused says:

          Guys Hurricane Sandy hit liberal states and therefore counts as 10 hurricanes at Category 10.

          • Rich in Upstate NY says:

            Not true! Irene also hit a liberal state (same state) and it did much more physical damage than Sandy and wiped out numerous small towns and no one cared! Wait, I just remembered it hit is the conservative part of NY so you are probably still right! 🙂

          • David B says:

            See! More proof of Global Warm- I mean climate change!

            It’s gotten so bad, there’s a Coney Island bonus.

      • Bruce Keener says:

        Sandy was a Category 3 storm at its peak intensity when it made landfall in Cuba. Sandy hit Cuba as a Category 3 hurricane, then weakened to a Category 1 hurricane. Early on October 26, Sandy moved through the Bahamas. On October 27, Sandy briefly weakened to a tropical storm and then restrengthened to a Category 1 hurricane. Early on October 29, Sandy curved north-northwest and then moved ashore near Brigantine, New Jersey, just to the northeast of Atlantic City, as a post-tropical cyclone with hurricane-force winds.

      • A. Davidson says:

        Sandy never went above a cat 3, and when it made landfall in the US it was a post-tropical cyclone with hurricane-force winds. Sustained winds at this point were only 80 mph. The major damage was from an unusually large storm surge, not high winds (category 5 hurricane = sustained winds above 156 mph Category 1 = 74 to 95 mph sustained winds).

        The article is correct about major hurricanes (category 3 or above) making landfall on the US. Although Sandy created very severe damage, it was not a major hurricane when it made landfall.

      • Joey Bagadonuts says:

        Sandy is right….Hurricane Sandy was a Category TWO storm when it made landfall in the northeast US, but it was huge in area. It was a category 3 when it made landfall in Cuba. Sandy was never a category 5.


        The 2005 season was brutal. There were so many storms that they actually exhausted all 21 storm names on the list and named 6 storms after letters of the Greek alphabet.


        Anyone else remember the 2004 season? 15 names storms Those storms crisscrossed Florida like they had it in for us personally. Jeanne even made a loop and doubled back on us.

        3,264 days without a major hurricane? I hope it’s 300,000 days.

      • Chris Johnson says:

        No, Jane, you are incorrect. Hurricane Sandy was a Cat3 storm at it’s peak and a Cat 2 storm when it reached the Northeast.


        • Bubba-J says:

          LMAOROF….Really Cat2 hahahahahaha it was not even as bad as a nor’easter. Really ya need to get a life.

        • jack in sj says:

          I read your response and link. The link clearly said Sandy was not a hurricane when it hit Brigantine, NJ. So why do you continue to lie and say it was a Cat 2?

      • Rich in Upstate NY says:

        It was only a cat 5 in your mind. It was a bad storm, in fact, a very bad storm, but it was not even a hurricane when it hit. I love the way city people argue with facts, even if they have to make them up.

    • bob says:

      BS – What about Ike believe me it was major, I lived thru it. By my math that was 1825 days ago roughly. Cost over $2B to repair the damages.

      • Ike was only cat 2 when it made landfall at galveston 9/13/2008.

      • Chuck says:

        In May of 2010 Nashville, TN had several billion dollars in damage after severe flooding from a lingering storm, it was the largest non-hurricane related flooding event in US history. My point is, just because there is a lot of flooding it doesn’t mean that it was a strong storm.

        Nashville was as damaged as badly as Houston and it wasn’t even a tropical depression that hit.

    • Jane says:

      The real inconvenient truth is not the problems associated with burning hydrocarbons, the real inconvenient truth is when the hydrocarbons run out we are dead.

      • Wrightclick says:

        That may be true, but who is to say we’re ever going to run out? That’s a myth in it’s own right.

        There are more oil and gas reserves being discovered than ever before. We haven’t even found it all yet, much less recovered and used the many hundreds if not thousands of years of energy we have found. Despite what we’ve already used! The more we use, the more we discover. The earth is not an unchanging fossil, whether you’re talking climate or energy.

        There’s just no reason for all of this angst over climate or energy. Yes we need to act responsibly, but neither are in dire crisis mode, despite what Chicken Little criers like algore and obama would have us believe.

    • Bob F says:

      A lot of talk now about how arctic has been warming up faster than rest of world. Supposed to cause the jet stream to slow down and get wavy. This effects “polar vortex” in the winter and may be why hurricanes are not forming in the atlantic. Just theoretical at this point, but convincing.

  1. rah says:

    NOAA and the government must be as disappointed as the Weather Channel and all the others that created and propagated the myth that global warming/climate change would increase hurricane frequency and intensity. But that won’t stop them from trying to claim that “we told you so” the next time even a CAT I hits US shores.

    • anAmerican says:

      Now their saying that Ebola and the mystery virus has nothing to do with illegal invaders not being screened, and let go into the population. We had reports of illegals with diseases LET GO. No, what their saying now is that CLIMATE CHANGE IS responsible for Ebola and the “mystery virus” which has just reportedly taken it’s first, a very young American.


      Yes, that is even on Salon the very left leaning site. The links to the Dr. Anges claim that Ebola and Mystery Virus are products of Global warming.

      My bet: Anges is tied somehow to Gorge Sorros’s Kenema bioweapons lab. It was recently closed due to an investigation.

      • JohnKl says:

        The now confirmed presence of Ebola in the U.S. couldn’t have anything to do with political decisions from our now defunct sycophantic Congress and apparently disliked but for the most part unopposed administration could it? No, of course not must be excess atmospheric plant food and some undetected climate/temp forcing causing all that Ebola!

        No claim can be to counter-factual for millions of leftists to swallow. Barnum & Bailey had some clue as to how low the average American’s reasoning capacity could descend. Unfortunately for us moderns we get to observe it directly.

        Have a great day!

    • Ernie Banks says:

      Actually, the warmists might be right in this case. They thought that if the planet heats up, then the number of hurricanes would go up too.

      But the planet has not heated up. So the number of hurricanes hasn’t gone up either.

      • Fonzarelli says:

        Even though it isn’t warming, it IS warmer. I think your logic falls a little short here…

        • When the Earth warms, warming is greater at the higher latitudes than in the Tropic. This reduces the heat differential and results in less wind force. Natural climate change that results in warming reduces storm strength, as noted previously in the relatively calm Medieval Warm Period (850-1350AD) compared to the stormy Little Ice Age (1450-1850AD).

      • rah says:

        They denied “the pause” for years upon years. Besides, they still continue the catastrophic natural disaster meme, claiming wild fires and floods and such are caused by climate change.

      • Jim Miller says:

        BEFORE Katrina, I read (often) that Global Warming would reduce the number and severity of hurricanes.

        During Katrina the top brass (not a hurricane scientist in the bunch) claimed that Katrina was due to GW and that there would be more and worse. The *Scientist* in charge of the hurricane section repeatedly said that Katrina was *not* due to GW.

        The True Believers, however, had the ear of the press and used it for all it was worth. Unfortuately for them, it is now taken as proof that GW is not happening. IF (ha!) they had stuck to the science, they would now have something to crow about — instead of having to eat crow!

        BTW: the head of the hurricane section resigned because they were constantly ignoring the science. He was replaced by someone who — surprise! — now states that GW will cause more and worse hurricanes, just like the know nothings that lead the IPCC.

        Political or Science? You decide…

    • Ron says:

      You couldn’t be more accurate Rah. So many fish have jumped into the barrel on global warming………. they will believe the GOV.

    • Rich in Upstate NY says:

      The Weather Channel has turned into the doom and gloom channel using as much hype as they can to promote every event into a disaster. I watch the WeatherNation because it is what the Weather Channel used to be, a weather channel.

    • Ty says:

      as a matter of fact, the founder of the Weather Channel is an avid skeptic of AGC

  2. Jim Cantore has been deeply depressed about this. We all know how much he loves to put his rain suit on and position himself in the middle of danger during these spectacles. The timing couldn’t have been worse for this camera-hogging thrill seeker. A dearth of record-breaking storms in the prime of his career. Where’s the Paxil?


    Look on the bright (haha) side. He now has more time to spend polishing that shiny dome. I need sunglasses to look at him these days because of the intense light reflection off his hairless, smooth, burnished pate.

    • Fonzarelli says:

      the sun will be coming off it’s maximum soon, hot potato, and you won’t have to worry about the glare anymore…

  3. Jim Curtis says:

    Gore effect has a storm corollary.

  4. Mark Bofill says:

    Clearly this is proof of climate change. We have pumped unprecedented volumes of CO2 into the atmosphere and effectively stopped U.S. hurricane landfalls.

    / sarc. I think. Isn’t this what passes for real evidence these days though?

  5. Free Market Method says:

    Am I missing something? Wasn’t hurricane Sandy a category three that hit in October 2012?

    • Stephen Richards says:

      NO !!

      • Frank K. says:

        Actually, there are two answers:

        (1) Objective analysis of the data:
        No, Sandy wasn’t a hurricane in the classic sense when it came ashore.

        (2) Mainstream media and climate alarmists:
        Sandy was a category 7 storm that has NEVER ever been seen before by anyone at any time! And it’s all because you drive an SUV!!

        This is not to say that Sandy wasn’t a destructive storm – it was. But so was tropical storm Irene in 2011, especially here in the Northeast.

    • Fonzarelli says:

      Sandy made landfall as a cat 1… What was unusual about it was it’s large size.

      • Mike Heuer says:

        I don’t think it even was a Cat 1 by the time it made landfall.

      • Fonzarelli says:

        According to wikipedia, Sandy was a post tropical cyclone when it made landfall with 80 mph winds…

        • ACR says:

          I understand that Wikipedia and even the NHC claim Sandy was a Cat 1. I think Mr. Heuer would respond that no ground stations reported hurricane strength winds when Sandy came ashore. This is becoming a problem for the NHC. Actual recorded wind speeds seem to be about 15 m.p.h. less than what the NHC claims.

          • Fonzarelli says:

            Interesting, ACR, very interesting…

          • Bob Smith says:

            The hurricane strength fraud goes deeper than NOAA. FEMA relies on hurricanes in order to justify their whole hurricane-relief program. The hurricane that hit TX a few years ago (I forget the name), MAY not have been at the level that legally FEMA can get involved with.

    • the Anti-Lib says:

      Sandy was a Cat 3 when it first made landfall in Cuba, but was a Cat 2 when it hit the United States.

    • NO , Sandy was a cat 1 and was downgraded before landfall, She was extratropical and was huge but not a Hurricane

  6. David says:

    Category 3? Are you kidding me?

    “Hurricane Sandy” was no longer a hurricane, and was weakening upon landfall. “Superstorm” Sandy was a Tropical Storm upon landfall, with rising barometric pressure. Look into it; you’re obviously reading between headlines that are trumped up.

  7. woodenboatguy says:

    The climate change nuts are just changing focus to sea ice since all the monster hurricanes predicted have not transpired. And with sea ice, they can lie about it and it is next to impossible to prove them wrong unless you look for yourself.

  8. I think the persistence of weather patterns have increased but not extremes per say. A more meridional atm. circulation promoting more persistence in weather patterns at least.

  9. die says:

    So much for the global warming/climate change mooing idiots…..

  10. Chuck Housner says:

    While Hurricane Sandy (a.k.a. Superstorm Sandy) was only a Category 2 storm when it made landfall in 2012, it still caused massive damage to the East Coast.

    • jamdan says:

      Sandy was not even a hurricane when it made landfall; it was a post-tropical storm at that point.

    • Michael says:

      If you want to see what a real major hurricane does to essentially the same region that Sandy hit, read up on the 1938 hurricane nicknamed ‘The Long Island Express’. Katherine Hepburn lost her family home to that hurricane. There is a very good book about the storm ‘Sudden Sea – The Great Hurricane of 1938’

      • Joseph Toomey says:

        And no one issued calls to dismantle our modern way of life or shutter coal-fired power plants in its wake despite more than 700 deaths. Were people more sensible then or has a large slice of humanity gone off the deep end today? Or both?

  11. art` says:

    how can this be. al gore said in 2005 that there was gone to be a massive increase

  12. bill says:

    Umm, Hurricane Ike was a category 4 hurricane that hit in 2008.

  13. Jim Tolan says:

    Apparently you don’t live on the Gulf Coast. Even though Ike was a (strong) Cat 2, I would put it in the category of a major hurricane. A total of 112 dead and 34 missing, plus the 3rd most costly storm on record….. So reduce your running total to about 2,190 days, and I would agree with your assessment.

    • jamdan says:

      So you’re proposing a new scale based on your opinion? Perhaps the TE scale (Tolan Emotional) . . . it feels ‘major’, so it must be.

    • ACR says:

      Jim … It seems you’re taking the position that wind speed doesn’t determine a hurricane’s strength. Other factors — like damage or death toll — are your preferred metrics. If that’s the case, then a hurricane that hits a populated area (like H. Ike) is more likely to be a major hurricane than the same storm that hit an unpopulated area. I suppose that hurricanes that hit less developed regions also have a higher chance of being a major hurricane if there is a link between the prevailing construction codes and the death toll.

      • Roy Spencer says:

        Jim, this is an example of how hurricane damage has increased…but not because of stronger hurricanes.

        Trying to “fix” the climate system won’t keep more people from building more stuff in harms way.

        Unless, of course, we make them so poor they can’t build more stuff. 😉

        • JohnKl says:

          Hi Roy,

          Well stated.

          “Jim, this is an example of how hurricane damage has increased…but not because of stronger hurricanes.”

          Increasing numbers of poor uneducated people flooding U.S. borders making demands on the country to feed & house them while neglecting their own population doesn’t seem like an intelligent option. Of course, I’m apparently some right wing nut for even mentioning it. As the U.S. lowers standards (building/housing, disease prevention, and so many other codes and regulations) to accept ever increasing numbers of people from just about everywhere the effects of even minor disruption (including weather events) will magnify disasters enormously. Does anyone even care any more? Personally, I doubt they will until the inevitable massive loss of life ensues and it’s not merely someone else dying anymore.

          Of course, hurricane damage will likely increase when greater numbers of people live in sub-standard poorly constructed facilities. Much of the earthquake damage in Haiti a few years back occurred because they didn’t use re-barb in their construction. Btw, if I remember correctly Haiti doesn’t consume much in the way of hydrocarbon mineral fuels preferring bio-mass. Which helps explains the barren rubble strewn look of ruin so prevalent there. Perhaps it’s Al Gore’s vision for humanity. Seems many Americans and Europeans seek the same life style. Adjectives like sad, psycotic, idiotic, futile simply can’t begin to describe the self-imposed lunacy and destruction the west apparently wishes increasingly to impose on themselves. The current population seems to think it’s noble to EMBRACE the world’s problems. Apparently, the feel-good doctors without borders types wish to EMBRACE EBOLA! When imaginary problems like catastrophic global warming fail to scare anyone anymore the left can always create crisis/disasters by making dangerous absurd policy decisions the impact of which will be directed frequently at their political opponents and often at everyone else. Moreover, the newly human induced disasters can then be blamed on (you probably guessed it) CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL WARMING!!!

          Have a great day!

  14. Vincent P. Cookingham, Ph.D. says:

    Dr. Spencer

    I am a Forensic Scientist and I want to thank you for always stranding up for real science. You might ask some of your critics if they have any scientific research with replicability that sustains their hypothesis.

    Keep up the good work and add me to your postings.


    Vincent P. Cookingham, Ph.D.

  15. Susy says:

    Oh great! Now you have given HAARP the idea that they should again cause some hurricanes. Ruthless people. Look for one soon.

  16. Roy Nelson says:

    Gee…have you forgotten about Hurricane Ike that hit Texas on September 13, 2008? $19.3 billion damages in 2008 dollars.

  17. jnice says:

    HAARP facilities and Chem trailing the gulf has brought mother nature to her knees.

  18. Dwayne Keith says:

    Poor lefties…all that investment in climate change and the climate just won’t get with the program. The earth has fluctuated between ice age and water world countless times. Wherever we are currently in that natural matrix…it isn’t the result of industrial activity but, Green being the new Red since communism found itself on the ash heap of history, the left is in a frenzy to transfer the wealth from the capitalist world to the socialist world in order to level the playing field before liberalism, progressivism and socialism needs some space on the same ash heap.

  19. GMAC says:

    1) It only takes one

    2) The season is not over until 30 Nov.

  20. Sandy AND Irene were both a Cat 3 and were quite devastating and were in the last 3 years

    • MarkB says:

      Fernandison, the selection criteria for the “3264 Days . . .” meme is hurricanes that are at least Cat 3 when they make landfall in the continental US.

    • Kelman says:

      incorrect. Irene was a cat 1 when it made landfall 1 when it made landfall and hard to believe, but Sandy was only a cat 2 when it hit NJ/NY/CT. Majority of damage from Sandy was due to flooding due to two high tides occurring during the duration of the storm.

    • Dave says:

      Sandy was barely a Cat 1 when it made landfall.

  21. Phil Neel says:

    Good job Roy! This article is posted on Drudge!

  22. Phil Neel says:

    But he didn’t mention that you are Rush Limbaugh’s official climatologist. 🙂

    Rush will probably mention it though!

  23. Roger says:

    I am not a believer in the warming trend but the above article only refers to hurricanes striking the U.S. but what about other storms that have been striking Mexico. Those could have easily hit the Gulf or Florida.

  24. rob says:

    That cant be true! thats almost 9 years and Hurricaine Sandy was 2 to 3 year ago.

    • Kelman says:

      This is a little caveat here. Notice he says Category 3 or greater. You will remember Irene was a Cat 1 when it hit and believe or not Sandy was a cat 2 when it made landfall.

      that being said, i still think man made global warming is BS.

  25. Matt says:

    Hurricane Sandy? Duh

    • Kelman says:

      This is a little caveat here. Notice he says Category 3 or greater. You will remember Irene was a Cat 1 when it hit and believe or not Sandy was a cat 2 when it made landfall.

      that being said, i still think man made global warming is BS.

  26. BigDanInTX says:

    First off, I agree that the global warming is nonsense.

    However, your claim of there not being a major hurricane since 2005 “(Cat 3 or greater)” is false. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 (Cat 3) and Hurricane Ike in 2008 (Cat 4) both fall in that timeline. One of my best friends is still out of his house from after Sandy hit, working to rebuild. Ike was a huge hit to the locals in the area I live in near Houston.

    These are both listed as the #2 and #3 costliest Hurricanes…

    • Claire Alexander says:

      No, no, and no. Sandy was not a hurricane, it was a major storm but not a hurricane. The damage was not from hurricane force winds but from flooding. A combination of high tides and storm surge, water being pushed by the storm, did the majority of all the damage. This area had been marshland, what we now call “wetlands”, canals and bays were dug out and the dirt used to build up the surrounding areas. Homes were built on those built up areas which were, for the most part, only a few feet above sea level. An area, marshland, that in the past would have acted to buffer any storm surge and protect any homes further inland was destroyed in order to build homes and docks for boats. This entire Sandy disaster was entirely preventable, don’t fill in and build on a marshland. Ultimately, it was a man-made disaster. It will happen again in the future because people were allowed to rebuild in the same area. The heigth of idiocy.

    • Michael says:

      Neither Sandy or Ike were major hurricanes ( Cat 3+ ) when they made landfall in the U.S.

      They may have caused lots of damage, but that isn’t how hurricanes are measured.

  27. Briantx says:

    obama said we would have tons of hurricanes because of global warming. Guess he was wrong about both.

  28. MKD says:

    My biggest issue with those that support global warming is it doesn’t seem to matter what happens but its because of man made global warming.

    Warmer winter or summer than normal, it’s global warming.

    Colder winter or summer than normal, it’s global warming.

    Ice caps melting or growing. It doesn’t matter it all points to global warming.

  29. Smitty says:

    Wow, 9 years since Wilma made my bed rock!

  30. Jane says:

    The gov’t is killing hurricanes.

  31. Jack Michaelson says:


    “Hurricane Odile (2014), a Category 4 hurricane that affected Baja California and parts of the Southwestern United States.”

    Source: Wikipedia

    • Quote:
      “The remnants of Hurricane Odile caused damage across central and eastern San Diego County, generating high winds and several uncharacteristically powerful thunderstorms in the region…”
      Source: Wikipedia
      Odile did not hit US as a hurricane.only the “remnants” reached US.

    • Tracker says:

      The major flaw with your quote is that Baja California is in Mexico. Even wikipedia acknowledges that the system disapated into a remnant low while over mainland Mexico before moving into the southwest US.

      Better luck next time Jack.

  32. Jane says:

    How many people died from the category 4 hurricane? 2

  33. You’ve given it the announcer’s jinx, Roy. Watch, next season the U.S. will have a record number of cat 3 or greater hurricanes make landfall and the Warmistas will have an orgasm.

  34. Jane says:

    Pres. Bush started killing hurricanes in about 2007

  35. pochas says:

    If the warmists run out of ideas, I could take an hour to write a program to help:

    “Global warming caused” +


  36. Tony Homo says:

    Hurricane IKE was a cat four and hit Texas in 2008
    Look it up

    • Joseph Toomey says:

      Okay, so we looked it up. Ike was a Cat. 2 when it made U.S. landfall in Galveston. That’s how they measure it.
      Look it up.

  37. yadkinvalley says:

    It is totally depressing to see the facts presented over and over again about Sandy being a tropical storm when it made landfall and Irene being Cat I when it made landfall, only to be followed by a continual stream of posters adamantly asserted that both were major hurricanes. If people cannot comprehend two simple indisputable facts, how will they ever sort out anything the least bit complicated?

  38. Bob says:

    You make it sound like a Terrible thing that nobody has had any hurricanes to REPORT about. If there are no storms, people are safe, people don’t lose their property, or their livelihoods. If there are no storms, we have no need to go to Home Depot and buy PLYWOOD to cover our windows, or generators to create electricity, nor batteries for our flashlights, and portable radio.

    Other than the constant cries of GLOBAL WARMING, and GLOBAL COOLING. Wouldn’t it be better to Have GOOD NEWS, rather than filling the pockets of AL GORE fans like our president who are destroying the nation in DOZENS OF OTHER WAYS…none of you want to report.???

  39. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Anti-Whites say they’re “anti-racist”. But look at what they push and their aim becomes clear – White genocide.

    That is why all & only White nations have never ending non-White immigration.

    Japan has a low birthrate; “anti-racists” don’t tell it to assimilate with tons of non-Japanese immigrants.

    Why? It’s non-White.

    Iceland has a low birthrate; “anti-racists” tell it to assimilate with tons of non-White immigrants.

    Why? It’s White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    • Edward says:

      Yes. The terms “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are also racist and anti-white. However, I do think we should insist we be called “Euro-Americans” and scream “racist” at anyone who calls us White.

  40. Gerry says:

    I say – blame it all on Bush!!

  41. Jane says:

    The real inconvenient truth is not the problems associated with burning hydrocarbons, the real inconvenient truth is when the hydrocarbons run out we are dead.

  42. Typhoon Obama says:

    Here are two videos that were shot during Hurricane Dolly and Hurricane Ike. Dolly was the last hurricane to hit the USA during day time hours. Ike was a killer.



  43. Boz says:

    Where are those killer hurricanes that libtards promised us would be coming due to “global warming”???!?!!

  44. Robert P says:

    Weather has more to do with sun spots than anything Al (blowhard) Gore has invented.

  45. Mike Villano says:

    Maybe you didn’t see Cabo San Lucas last month.

    More people don’t care about global warming because it’s a con job for the benefit of parasites and con men.

  46. EricStoner says:

    Can’t be true,

    Obama Proclaims Hurricanes to Increase ‘As Climate Continues to Warm’: http://cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/craig-bannister/obama-proclaims-hurricane-intensity-increase-climate-continues-warm

    Jeff Sessions Grills EPA Nominee – Clean Air, her statements that hurricanes, tondos worse because of Global Warming. Not True: http://dailycaller.com/2014/04/08/sessions-slams-epa-air-chief-for-trying-to-hide-global-warming-claims/

  47. Robert P says:

    Hate, hate, hate. That’s all you leftist have. I have nothing but love for you brother. Love us man.

  48. john campbell says:

    Weathermen cannot predict hurricanes. Global warming is a lie and was just created to help liberal politicians to force new bills in order to tax americans. How anyone could vote for liberals is beyond comprehension.

  49. P B Cappel says:

    The Earth is more or less a closed system. So we need to look at the ENTIRE planet…not just US records. Over the last 10 years, the incidences of major hurricanes and typhoons (what the rest of the world calls a hurricane) has increased. Just check US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warming Center.

    Selectively using facts to support political views is not science. It is ignorance.

    • Joseph Toomey says:

      Here’s a shot of the “ENTIRE planet” at Ryan Maue’s Weather Bell. Tropical cyclone frequency is ranging near the low end of the 45-year record. Accumulated Cyclone Energy is a notch above a 40-year low. Looks like you have the corner on ignorance, not the other posters.


    • As Joseph mentioned, ACE really is the true global measure. It is on a downward trend, so your point doesn’t really hold up to scruteny.
      Whey does Dr. Roy use US major hurricanes? It really is the only record that can be reliably tracked previous to the satallite age. Pacific data was poorly recorded and ACE didn’t exist untill the satallite age.

  50. WHATEVS says:

    Stopped reading the bull after the first sentence…I thought of two above Cat. 3 that occurred after 2005…Ike and Sandy…those did tremendous damage.

    I don’t believe we are experiencing global warming, but we definitely are experiencing climate change, and possibly global cooling.

    This article is just bunk.

    • numberer says:

      “…I thought of two above [sic] Cat. 3 that occurred after 2005…Ike and Sandy…”

      Sandy was Cat. 1 when it made landfall in New Jersey and Ike was Cat. 2 when it made landfall in Texas. Ike was Cat. 3 in
      the Caribbean, but Sandy never got above Cat. 2.

  51. rishrac says:

    CAWG is still wrong. The fact remains that tremendous amounts of co2 have been added to the atmosphere. Temperatures have done no more than stay even or actually decreased. (depending on who you believe)but certainly not rising. Personally, the 1930’s still look to be warmer to me. The fact is that CAGW does not support in anyway temperatures not rising. That’s the math. There is no other option. Either CAWG is right or it is wrong. So far it is wrong.

    All of the reasons listed as to why temperatures are not rising, have been ruled out. See a bunch of previous debates… such as oceans absorbing the heat. Which is a contradiction too, the oceans are heating up and becoming more acidic. Warmer oceans cannot hold as much co2.

  52. ren says:

    The ice in the Arctic rapidly increases. The high concentration.

  53. Edward says:

    Once people/scientists that disagree with either the data or theories derived from the data are called “deniers”, you know that we are no longer engaged in a scientific enterprise. The AGW movement is a political movement that has many motivations, the most obvious a significant expansion of the power of central governments. Also a huge amount of money will be “redistributed” to government agencies, to their supportive friends in Academia. Of course, the goal of destroying free market capitalism is primary.

  54. Richard says:

    Unless you count Hurricane Obama and the mess here and abroad from his devastation.

  55. for those wondering about Hurricane Sandy, it made landfall as a post-tropical system, but even if it was still classified as tropical it was a weak Cat 1:

    800 PM EDT MON OCT 29 2012


    LOCATION…39.4N 74.5W

  56. JB says:

    No Major Hurricane strikes?

    Before you go celebrating, tell that “good news” to the folks in Phoenix, Arizona who have been flooded by 2 major hurricanes last month!

  57. Gajim says:

    “Ich bin ein Denier!”
    I deny that Anthropomorphic Global Warming has any significant impact on climate.
    I deny that Global Climate Change is having a net negative impact on life on Earth.
    I deny that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is a pollutant.
    I deny that alternative energy sources have Socialist solutions.
    I deny that any Science is Settled.
    I deny that those funded by Politicians seek Scientific truth.

    • Barton McLaine says:

      Ha,ha,ha… THAT last one is really the truth. It is amazing what people will say and do when their paycheck is on the line.

  58. Barton McLaine says:

    In the 1950’s when I was in grammar school it was all the rage to extoll the claimity of the next ice age coming soon.

    This is just another iteration on the same theme, except!!!!!
    This one is political, and being used to place even more power in the central government and ultimately a one world government with the ultimate power.

  59. JB says:

    One thing I don’t understand in the whole climate change issue is since there are obvious weather changes going on based on patters, cycles or whatever, why not deal with the effects regardless of the causes?

    Also, everyone with a brain realizes that smog and pollution is bad for your lungs and bad for your health so even if one argues that pollution doesn’t affect the climate, why not do something about it for health reasons?

    • News flash: CO2 doesn’t cause smog or lung issues. CO2 is not a pollutant. I don’t think anyone here is suggestiong we pollute the air. What some of us are suggesting is that we should stop spending $Billions anualy trying to fix a problem that likely doesn’t exist. Maybe some of that money could be spent fixing poor nutrition in Africa. Or maybe the clean drinking water problems. etc.

  60. GOPeed says:

    Seriously?! Just because Sandy wasn’t at hurricane strength when it hit NJ, and therefore doesn’t qualify by your criteria, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t devastating to the state of NJ.

    • Nobody is questioning that. But why was it devistating? Because people built cities on sand bars. Not because of CO2.

      The fact is, all hurricane metrics are trending downward. The one Dr. Roy is discussing is only one of many.

      If you want to include Sandy, you probably should look at the anual cound of named Atlantic storms. You will see that it is also trending downward.

      • numberer says:

        Re Sandy:

        People should read the Archive on this site for October 2012
        when – as the storm developed – it was discussed by Dr Spencer.

        Then, might recall that the REMNANT of Hurricane Sandy revved up a Nor-Easter. i.e. made another “perfect storm” such as sank the Andrea Gail in 1991. Nasty for New Jersey, but nothing unprecedented.

  61. jartnell says:

    This is a result of global warming.

    Hurricanes are a part of the natural weather cycle. Without them, the system becomes more and more unbalanced.

    It is healthy to have a few hurricanes a year.

    This is Bush’s fault, and the republikkkrazie deniers!

  62. Mike says:

    Having lived near New Orleans for over 55 years, most of us here know that Katrina would have been just another ordinary hurricane if the levee had not broken. All this hype from the media (more interested in ratings than accurate reporting) about it being a ‘super hurricane’ is utter nonsense.

    New Orleans has a massive water pump system that could have easily handled the levee breach. The only problem was that the power went out, as it usually does during a hurricane (which personally, is always the worst part of any hurricane, no A/C for days afterwards). As to why there was no backup power for these pumps, well, you can blame the city-parish government for that fail design.

  63. Joey Baggo says:

    But there have been at least 2 Sharknados in that time

  64. Michael says:

    I am not a climatologist, so it appears that I am in the minority here, but here are a few, fair observations.

    * For all the complaints of cherry-picked data, I think “Atlantic storms that make landfall on the mainland US” does not represent an entire fruit basket.

    * While “major storm” as defined as a Category 3 hurricane is a fair scientific classification, I think the people in the New York metro area would contend that Sandy was a major storm. There are more ways to measure storms than sustained wind speed.

    • As mentioned previously, Dr. Roy picked “Atlantic storms that make landfall on the mainland US” because it is the only reliable hurricane metric that extends back before the satallite era. It is also representative of the other metrics. Of couse, he could have used the best metric, ACE, but being satallite based, has a short history.

  65. Dave in Houston says:

    Living along the Gulf Coast, I am not complaining. Lived through two, Alisha in 1983 and Ike in 2008. That’s plenty for me.

  66. NotAGolfer says:

    Wow. Not one major hurricane since Al Gore’s movie predicted ever-increasing hurricane devastation!

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    could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?

    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?
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