Buffalo Area Reeling from Snowstorm

November 18th, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Update 10:20 a.m. EST Wed. Nov. 19: Local NWS has stated isolated areas on the south side of Buffalo could have received as much as 70 inches of snow. It is very difficult to measure snow accumulations in these conditions. Some vehicles were stranded for many hours, and the National Guard was called in to help. Four Six area deaths have been attributed to the storm. After a brief break today, a new round of lake effect snow is expected in the same area tomorrow. Here’s time lapse of the snow squalls coming in off Lake Erie into South Buffalo on Tuesday (iPhone 6 time lapse video by Alfonzo Cutaia):

As predicted, the lee shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are being clobbered by lake effect snow right now.

Here’s a photo just posted to Facebook by someone stuck in traffic, obviously sitting under the main snow band coming off Lake Erie:

Cars stuck in a heavy snow squall on Tuesday morning, Nov. 18, 2014, presumably on the south side of Buffalo, NY.

Cars stuck in a heavy snow squall on Tuesday morning, Nov. 18, 2014, presumably on the south side of Buffalo, NY (photo: Jeremiah William).

Already, 2 to 3 feet of snow are being reported, and the storm is expected to continue throughout the day. Local totals to 5 feet or more are possible…it all depends on how long the snow bands stay anchored over one spot.

Here’s the advice just posted by NWS Buffalo on their Facebook page:

“Travel within the lake effect band is IMPOSSIBLE, if you attempt to travel through the band you WILL GET STUCK. If you live in the south towns STAY PUT! If you live in the north towns DO NOT try traveling to the south towns.

I’m sure we will be hearing similar stories from the Watertown, NY area (to the lee of Lake Ontario) as the day progresses.

Here is today’s NASA MODIS image (Terra satellite) of the region, mostly covered in lake-generated snow shower clouds, with the heavy-snow areas near Buffalo and Watertown marked with red circles (click for full-size):

Note that all of the Great Lakes are producing lake effect snow today to the east of the lakes.

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  1. torontoann says:

    “Shuffle off to Buffalo…”

    Not today, thank you.

    • Bilbo says:

      Carhartt, spelled with two “T”‘s.
      Cotton duck line, not the nylon shell

      Here’s one for the struggle.


      • denis urbano says:

        On the other side of the news, Al Gore is having a blast of a good time in the Bahamas….he said there is not longer a global warming, in fact, he is saying there is now a Cooler Warming period, caused in equals parts by Humans 50%, Sun 50% and Obamacare 50%. He said that if the humans like this weather, they can keep this weather. period.

    • Paul Tarsuss says:

      Is it just me, or are the vast majority to scared to talk about the ACTUAL causes of earth’s recent massive changes?

      The old northern limit of solar incidence was, for millenia, the tropic of cancer which runs through central mexico. Now and for much of the last decade, one can observe the sun rising and setting over Canada, WAY north of the old limit. Soon after the indonesian tsunami/quake suddenly displaced trillions of cubic tons of sea water and crustal mass, the earth was nudged to a slightly different orbit. In the months that followed, the U.S. government announced it was switching from celestial time keeping to atomic time. No doubt as result of the changes. Someone forgot to tell the moon that the earth shifted, but if caught on and began it’s new dance to keep up. It now swings through many degrees of latitude every two weeks, it’s orbit changed considerably from the old norm.

      Ask yourselves why the seven sisters and other constellations are so high in the sky this winter? This despite their former appearance much lower in the sky this time of year in the past. Why all the new volcano discoveries on the sea floor and land? All the quakes in diverse places, tsunami and rogue wave warnings?

      Here is but a small sample of evidence I’ve collected of these important changes, that the “news” media is “obligated” to ignore….


      Good Journies

      • Expat says:

        You’re an idiot

        • Nextpat says:

          So you just mock what you don’t understand, eh?

          • Duhhh says:

            No, Expat is right, and you are obviously an idiot too.

          • Neal Scroggs says:

            Paul Tarsuss’s comment cannot be understood because it’s nonsense. Anyone who knows how to use a telescope can debunk his foolishness in a few hours. Instead of visiting websites like BeforeItsNews join an astronomy club. There are thousands around he country. Attend an observation meeting and ask someone to put Polaris in the center of view on an ordinary non-clock-driven telescope. Lock it down so that the telescope won’t move relative to the Earth. If Tarsuss’s claim has any truth Polaris will move at the rate of 15 degrees of arc per hour.

            Of course the star will only move in a tiny circle because it’s the pole star, and has been for 2000 years and will continue to be the northern pole star for another thousand years.

        • Henry says:

          I have heard these things as well and not just from before its news. I just don’t know if these things are true. It does not make anyone an idiot for believing these things or not believing them. They just haven’t been proven either way for certain from what I can see. So before you point your finger at someone and call them an idiot. Mostly because you have trouble articulating your thoughts and calling a name is so easy. So before you call someone an idiot look into it and give the other person the right to think differently than you do without your attempting to bully them. In the past these things have happened. That I know for certain based on scientific and archeological conclusions based on records.

          • Abefij says:

            If this were remotely true, then my telescope tracker would no longer work. I pretty sure this would have been huge news all over the world. It just doesn’t pass smell test.

      • Leo says:

        So, how much is a “cubic ton”? Is it a ton tall, a ton wide and a ton deep? … Just wondering!

      • Gene says:

        If the earth was off its orbit by the tiniest bit, amateur astronomers around the world would be in an uproar. They have their telescopes programmed to extremely precise coordinates in order to view the distant heavens. You can use online apps to get the coordinates for your location so you can find specific objects in space. These are all extremely precise, and there are millions of people with telescopes trained on the heavens. The constellations are not off. You’re off! You’re getting your info from “before its news,” a notable wackjob website. Why do you people post this stuff? Stay in your weirdo webspaces and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Dr Tom says:

      ‘Buffalo Area Reeling from Snowstorm”
      Be serious…it’s just another day in hearty Buffalo.

  2. Kenguru says:

    No, no people, do not believe your eyes. Al Gore says it is raising ocean, not snow. This is why he bought the mansion right on the beach in California. This is just well compacted sun rays

  3. Big Sally says:

    BullshiT!!!! Buffalo has had massive snow falls for years.
    Any person that cannot see that these blundering idiots that believe that your a blundering idiot as well cannot see that they are creating another bank for them selves is an idiot!!!

    • I think you missed Kenguru’s sarcasm, Sally. 😉

    • Brent says:

      Sally, I have lived in Buffalo and the surrounding area since 1970. This current snowfall is as bad as the famed Blizzard of ’77 and it happened the same way; lake effect dumping a months worth of snow in just 24 hours.

      This time it is much worse because it affected a much larger area. The I-90 interstate is closed from the PA border all the way to Rochester!

      • WNYbunny says:

        Well this is slightly different than ’77.
        In ’77 the lake had frozen and snow was blowing off of the lake ice onto the shore. I’m not sure it was 100% lake effect during that storm. It has been a while since I read The White Death, but there are videos on youtube that cover it.

        It was great being a kid during that one. No school for THREE WEEKS! Whooo HOOO.

        Wait, no summer vacation?


        • bill f says:

          I was there for that one. We had only 10 inches of fresh snow, the problem came with the 60mph winds sweeping snow off the frozen lake.

    • Tim says:

      Sally, I know there’s a sentence in there somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t determine the beginning or end. What the hell are you trying to say? How about some punctuation? Is that asking too fricking much?!

  4. Leon Brozyna says:

    I’m on the north side of the town of Lancaster (east of Buffalo) and I’ve got under two feet of snow, which is the result of being on the northern edge of the snow band.

    About five miles south of me, in the actual village of Lancaster, they’re reporting four feet of snow.

    And the on air meteorologists are now reporting that we may – when all is said and done – end up with a storm total of six feet – and that’s for a three day period, which will set an all-time record snowfall for such a short time span.

    • Patricia A. Gallagher says:

      Six feet in six days a “record”? I think I need to look that up somewhere.

      From Christmas Eve Day through Christmas Day 2001, didn’t we get close to seven feet of snow? The entire area was closed to traffic. I was stranded at the Executive Hotel from Tuesday (Christmas Day) until Saturday. The steam table pickin’s were mighty slim! Fortunately, I’d laid in a supply of Niagara milk and orange milk chocolate to ration out when I returned to Charlotte. It sustained me.

      • Bob DeMan says:

        Come on Patrick
        Leon typed
        “end up with a storm total of six feet – and that’s for a three day period,”
        Patrick replied
        “Six feet in six days a “record”?”

  5. imahippyburning says:

    Hopefully only the Global Warming Schmucks will be buried up to their ears in the white, fluffy “ice cold” snow!

    • Doubtful says:

      Clearly, you do not understand the effects of Global Warming, including understanding that this will result in more extreme weather all year. So more significant storms both winter and summer. Try reading something scientific instead of political.

      • Whatever says:

        Standard response from global warming cultist. It’s all you have when the facts don’t follow the “theory”.

      • Paul says:

        But, but the intense warming around the globe causes extreme cold and massive snowfall…

        That’s what scientist Gore told me

      • Gary from SCS says:

        clearly you have not been viewing the data. There has been no change in the global temp for 18 years!!!! 18 years!!!!

        The shift from the term “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” has happened because the hippies could no longer explain why the world wasn’t warming (even though many tried to fake the data).

        When you say extreme weather, I am curious where all the hurricanes have gone to? Come on, the sun goes in cycles, warmer at times, cooler at times, if you were around in the 70’s everyone was yelling “Global Cooling”…

        • Lucretia says:

          Gary: I’m 67 & my husband is 71. We went to different schools until college when we met. We compared notes a long time ago & we BOTH were taught that we are entering a period of world cooling.

          With few exceptions, it seems to have worked out with what we were taught!

      • jay says:

        Sure, wake up..there just working on taxing you to death..go get a flu shot while you are at it..

      • Jay says:

        Buffalo being located where they are related Lake Erie is the reason they get so much snow at times. Nothing to do with so called Global Warming. It’s a very narrow region that gets this. I live on the north side of Lake Ontario only 50 miles as the crow flies straight north of Buffalo and there is zero snow on the ground, actually sunny day with lots of blue sky.

      • Eli says:

        Extreme weather? This is the stuff my parents grew up with, and I remember a few winters like this in the 80’s around the great lakes myself. Including the winter that left us with 4ft overnight for Christmas day. I live in SW-Ontario, half the houses in my town have doors on the second floor. My grandmother grew up in Almonte, Ontario. Nearly every house prior to 1970 had a door on the second floor. Most have been removed because they haven’t been needed in 50+ years.

      • JBSPuddintane says:


        • Fagenmeister says:

          “Warmunist”?? That’s priceless! I will be stealing…uh, I mean “redistributing” that term immediately!

      • JohnKl says:


        You claim:

        “Clearly, you do not understand the effects of Global Warming, including understanding that this will result in more extreme weather all year.”

        So if during the following year the Earth entered some unusually extreme period of GLACIAL EXPANSION and enormous quantities of the planets flora and fauna became entombed in ice that would be proof to you of GLOBAL WARMING and it’s effects?

        You then doubtfully claimed:

        “So more significant storms both winter and summer.”

        How do you explain the lack of significant hurricanes in many of the years subsequent to hurricane Katrina? Or explain the earth’s decreasing average wind speed? Please provide scientific explanations based on observations as DOUBTFUL as they might be.

        Have a great day!

      • djs1138 says:

        Wow…if you believe what you’re saying…find a doctor…maybe there’s medication that can help you…or find a little humility and recognize how utterly pathetic you are… The sky is not falling Chicken Little… get a clue…

      • Cmmn_sns says:

        Yeah! Because “consensus” is also scientific or changing the name of a political movement 7 times is scientific ooor making millions off of said political movement and buying a few mansions and traveling on private jets everywhere is totally scientific. Why question credibility when the track record is that good?

  6. ChrisGC says:

    Growing up on the east coast, we’d hear almost every winter how much lake effect snow was dumped on Buffalo, so this is not a new thing at all.
    What IS new is that the great lakes began this fall being 6 degrees colder than normal average for the time of year, and that all this snow and cold is coming a lot earlier.
    Is this perhaps due to global “cooling”? Maybe. But it sure isn’t due to glowBULL warming!

    • Joel Shore says:

      Where did you get the figure that the lakes started the fall 6 inches cooler than average? Since the snow is produced by the instability, it feeds on the difference in air temperature between the lakes and the air, so all else being equal, a colder lake means LESS lake effect snow, not more.

  7. Kenn Podd says:

    Still have my “I survived the Blizzard of ’77” sweatshirt….in Orchard Park…..but it is getting pretty worn out. Where can I get a 2014 version of same? We moved away years ago for work, but when I see this stuff, I truly get homesick. When I try to explain that around here, the global warming terrorists just freak out. Love it. Y’all have fun up there…..

  8. George says:

    To those that are pointing out that the amount of snow is not unprecidented; that may be the case. But take a look at your calendar; it’s the middle of November!

    • Paco says:

      That is a great point. Pretty early to be getting this much snow here in Buffalo. Reminds me of when we got 5 feet on April 1st back in the 80’s in Chester, CA (Sierra Nevada Mountains).

      • twinstick says:

        I’m a truck driver that used to do Over-the-Road for quite a few years. I remember stopping in Colfax to a little Mom&Pop truckstop there. Inside, there were pictures from the mid 1950’s when a passenger train got stuck going up over Donner. Why did it get stuck? There was about 15 feet of snow there. By the time a rescue train could get to it from Sacrmento, the crews had to actually dig down to get the roof of the train. Say what you will about Lake Effect snows. When you get enough snow to completely bury a train, you have the 1st Place trophy in my book…

  9. Tom says:

    Was there for blizzard of 1977—60 inches in 36 hours. Nothing new, but still miserable. BTW, I live in South Carolina.

    • twinstick says:

      I remember listening to WKBW out of Buffalo during that blizzard. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing over the radio those three nights. And, then, I saw the pics of folks using front end loaders to plow out the streets. I remember seeing one pic of a front end loader with two or three guys in the bucket. They had their arms stretched up as high as they could get with the bucket up as high as it could get and they still could reach the top of the drifts that were up against the buildings. Just unreal…

  10. ren says:

    Please read and compare with my previous comments. Shift of polar vortex is a similar to last year.

  11. MDSaintsFan says:

    “I will post a color image of the snow squalls from the MODIS satellite imager when it becomes available today…satellite overpasses are around 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.”

    A ‘color’ sat image…I bet it will be white 😉

  12. Buddy P says:

    I spent alsmost 40 years in the Buffalo area and I love the snow. They have the equipment to move it as soon as it stops snowing and there was exceptional skiing about an hour away in the South Towns.

    I had to move to Maryland (Washington DC area)in 1989 and there is maybe one or two snow “storms” during the winter season now. It makes me laugh when they close schools here the night before and they shut down the government offices when the first flake appears. People run to the grocery store and buy up all of the milk, bread and toilet paper. These people are a bunch of snow woosies.

  13. Hk goh says:

    I am a malaysian tourist. Our bus has to detour to get out from niagara fall. Heavy snow out there.

  14. ed goedhart says:

    I am just north of Holland Michigan in Park Township (west side of lake Michigan. An unusually persistent lake effect snow band has hung around for over a day. My yardstick is buried. Must be over 40 inches already…

    • Gary from SCS says:

      The west side of Lake Michigan would put you in Wisconsin????

      • DILLIGAF says:

        Not necessarily, he could be in the MI. Upper Peninsula and be on the Western shore of Lake Michigan. He’s not, but he could be.

      • Duane from Holland says:

        I live on the south side of Holland MI. We have about 10″ of snow here. Very common with the lake effect snow bands. BTY, this area is referred to as West Michigan because it is as far west as you can get in lower MI up against Lake Michigan.

  15. Jason says:

    I live in Snyder (Buffalo) We got maybe 3/4″. Seriously….that’s it!

    • Joel Shore says:

      Yeah…There is an extremely sharp northern gradient to the snow band, which actually is exactly what the Buffalo forecast office was saying there would be. There has been only a few inches of snow at the Buffalo airport itself.

  16. ed goedhart says:

    Should have another 20 plus inches before this event is over. Forget about using the snow blower… I called a plow truck… but they are stuck as well…. guess its an official snow day…stay home and play the Christmas tunes…wait a minute…. its not even Thanksgiving yet!

  17. MikeW says:

    What is out of the ordinary is not the number of inches of snow nor how narrow and stationary that band of snow was but this is the coldest it has been on this date since 1883.

    No wonder the circle of self serving socialists bent on redistribution of wealth changed the dialog from global warming to climate change as they finally found a term that no matter what happens change covers it.

    Gore & Soros and their ilk are using every trick possible to tax carbon as they invested millions in the Chicago Carbon Exchange CCX and so far have been unable to reap what was to be billions/year in transaction fees bilked from the producers of the world.

  18. Steve Bielski says:

    Hey, Great Lakes. The Arctic Circle called. They want their missing ice pack back.

  19. BobOnnit says:

    I lived in Buffalo until 1965 when my family relocated to California. It’s 72 in San Diego today. Do I miss the snow ?
    Hell no. I hope my remaining Buffalo relatives are safe and warm, and Al Gore and the Global Warming cultists surely do come off as tards don’t they ?

  20. Paul G says:

    Hi all you WNY snowpeople.

    We left Niagara Falls in 1975, caught the Blizzard of 77 in Westfield, and left NY for good in78.

    We are NE of Pittsburgh, it’s cold, but less than 1/2 inch on the ground. Have fun. Somebody place an order for new sweatshirts.

  21. Paco says:

    Why don’t you ask those Polar Bears who have no icepack to hunt seals on if there’s such a thing as Global Warming or Climate Change as they are drowning because they can’t swim far enough to the next ice pack. I despise all the self-centered politicians, but Polar Bears don’t vote, so don’t tell them nothing has changed.

  22. Cornelius1909 says:

    Clearly remember the snowstorm of 1962 in Elma. Snow drifts to the TOP OF A TELEPHONE POLE on the corner of West Blood and Ostrander Roads. County used a cyclone cutter they must have borrowed from a railroad or airport to cut a HOLE through that intersection after 8 days snowed in. Naturally the power was off for 2 weeks to the whole neighborhood. We survived just fine on natural gas radiant heat (no forced air blower needed) and a natural gas feed to the fireplace and stove. Snow higher than 9 feet at the front door and had to tunnel out over a 7 day period. Used the snow (melted) for drinking water and toilet, because the well pump had no electric. Food ran very low after 10 days…Enjoy!

  23. Dan says:

    It is suppose to be in the 50’s by the weekend in Buffalo. Flooding WILL be an issue.

  24. Scott Adams says:

    I lived in Amherst NY until 1981 and saw some amazing storms but 1977 was the wildest one for me. I will say that every year we get storms and plenty of snow and I took it all in stride… I went to Sweet Home High and loved all of the snow days…

  25. Peter says:

    Downtown Buffalo Northward has been sunny all day and has had almost no snow from this storm. South Buffalo Southward is a different story.

  26. Nick says:

    Lackawanna native here, now residing in TX. No more blizzards but we do get hurricanes. Looks like a good night to enjoy some Moldys and watch the Sabres. Enjoy!

  27. Doug says:

    The climate has been changing since since the beginning of time(refer to ice ages, dinosaur era, and so forth). We have a big mountain of energy called the sun which will determine our macro-climate and those Great Lakes have lots to do with our micro climate. Then we have the progressive/liberal/socialists, which include the leftist groups like green peace and Sierra club which control the political climate. Those who claim that. “Deniers” are being political should take your head out of your behinds as it very warm in there.

  28. Franko K. says:

    We the USA taxpayers pay $23 billion/year for global warming. Why? NOAA data shows warming is slowing over last 18 years even with large rise in CO2. It is mainly methane and wonderful MAMA Nature and her cycles with her honey Mr. Sun, and with water vapor, oceans and volcanoes when she blows her top, and either opens methane holes or blows wind causing a polar vortex when she has gas, all as her home the Earth tilts on its axis. Search: “natural-tilts-earths-axis-ice-ages-harvard-geophysicist”

  29. Tony M says:

    “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way.”
    – Leonard Nimoy, 1978

    The Coming Ice Age – 1978
    youtube. 1 minute 32 seconds



    A Compilation of News Articles on the Global Cooling Scare of the 1970’s



    So,… Hmm …

    With all these master degree, phd, smart people, employed in the top positions of, well, just about everything; why is the country so screwed up?

  30. HipHop says:

    Still trying to diagram Big Sally’s one sentence, there…

  31. rah says:

    A couple years ago I learned how really strange and concentrated lake effect snows can be. I had delivered in East Palatine, OH and was dead heading (pulling an empty 53 ft trailer) up to Tonawanda, NY to pick up a load.

    Coming up I-79 to Erie, PA to catch I-90 I saw on the Jumbotron that I-90 was closed at Hamburg due to heavy. So I took down I-86 and and then went north on US 219 north to go around it. When I got to Tonawanda on the north side of Buffalo there was not a flake of snow on the ground or coming down and yet less than 10 miles away as the crow flies in Lakawanna on the south side of the city they had over 3′ of snow on the ground.

    NY generally does a great job keeping I-90 clear. They should for the amount of toll one pays to use that road. But sometimes the snow comes down so fast they just can’t keep up with it. Of course the drivers and traffic make the road crews work so much more difficult at times. Some drivers don’t have the brains God gave a chicken and there seems to be a larger concentration than normal of those types in that area.

  32. Mac says:

    Not sure about global warming but duomo may go on a gun grabbing tear to save people from the snow…

  33. Denny Crane says:

    I’ve lived in Buffalo all my life and have seen more than a few big ones. The blizzards of ’77 and ’85, the Christmas time storms of ’99 and ’00, the “October surprise”… they all pale in comparison to this one. I’ve never seen so much snow fall so fast.

    • Beta Blocker says:

      Denny, friends of mine who worked at West Valley in the 1980’s described these experiences as “being Buffaloed.”

      They said that sometimes there would come a point where even having a four-wheel drive with chains on all four tires wouldn’t do you any good.

  34. Louie says:

    Next time put an X to skip this adv. Pissed me off!

  35. SAMURAI says:

    There is a lot of empirical evidence showing CAGW is not a viable hypothesis: no global warming trend for 18+ years (RSS data; sorry about that Roy), 14+ years of falling global temp trends (RSS data; sorry about that Roy), Antarctic setting 35 record ice extents, Arctic Ice Extents recovering since 2007, discrepancies between CAGW projections vs. reality exceeding 95% confidence of CAGW hypothesis, IPCC’s 2013 AR5 report admits NO increasing trends of severe weather in 50~100 years (depending on weather phenomenon), Sea Level Rise stuck at 7 INCHES per century, Sea Level Rise rate fell 30% over last decade (so much for the “missing heat” buried in oceans..), etc.

    If these realities continue for another 5 years, the CAGW hypothesis will have to be disconfirmed under the rules of the Scientific Method.

    We may get SOME CO2 induced global warming, but there is growing empirical evidence it could be as little as 0.5C~1C by 2100, and any ECS below 2C really isn’t anything to worry about.

  36. Dan L says:

    I am still waiting for it to warm up in PA from this blasted global warming…… It is amazing that when the global warming groupies are faced with 6 feet of snow they say we don’t understand science and that it really, really is getting warmer.

  37. mike says:

    Why won’t you allow articles to be sent to friends via e-mail? I would enjoy sharing your thoughts/articles/projections but can’t find a way to accomplish.

    Thank you for your review & consideration.

  38. Doug says:

    It’s just weather…

  39. D J says:

    Pffft! Everyone knows that snow is a thing of the past.

  40. AC says:

    CNN: “If this trend continues, the entire state of Ney York will be under 150 feet of snow by the end of the week . . .”

    Also, this is why you should keep a bag of clothes and stuff in your car trunk.

  41. CJ says:

    I remember the lake effect well. Although I lived in Williamsville in the 70’s as a kid, we had our share of snow days. But once you get south of Buffalo on the leeward side of lake Erie, watch out….now live in Bend Oregon. I miss Anderson’s Beef on Weck and the great people of Buffalo who don’t take themselves so seriously like they do out here on the left coast…

  42. mary poppins says:

    OMG it was 80 here today in California. And gas is under $3. And I picked so lemons off my tree. Such is life.

  43. Blake Henry says:

    Imagine how bad it would be if we didn’t have global warming.

  44. Lewis says:

    For those who are interested, I suggest the link below. It is from Rutgers Snow Lab – and shows annual snow anomalies based on a 1981 to 2000 base line.


  45. Larry says:

    hello. being the shallowest Great Lake, will Lake Erie soon be dry?

    • Crazy Eddy says:

      Probably not in your lifetime, though if alGore and the others continue spewing noxious gasses at the rate they are now rapid evaporation is a distinct possibility.

  46. Crazy Eddy says:

    Golly! Snow, in Buffalo! Imagine that! Refresh my memory, has that ever happened before??

  47. Leon Brozyna says:

    I was in the bulls eye of Lake Storm Aphid (Oct 12/13 2006) which dumped two feet on me (and, since it was so early in the season, did a serious number on the trees, which still had their leaves).

    I don’t know what they’re naming this year’s lake storms, but this first one seems to be pretty solid around 63″. Later today we should get a light coating of about 3″ before the second lake storm kicks in with another 12 to 24″ . Much more snow than Aphid and I’m on the north edge so escaping the worst … when it all ends, I’ll probably get away with just about three feet, while the hardest hit areas will easily top six or even seven feet.

    The wind has died down with temps around 20°F so it’s time to head out and shovel all that global warming.

  48. Noblesse Oblige says:

    I just got an email from my friend in Buffalo. He says he has only a foot of snow but his friends 10 miles down the road have 4 feet. Nuts

  49. karnoz says:

    بازرگانی کارنوز

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