Earliest Snow in Columbia, SC

November 1st, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

As I predicted two days ago, the earliest snows on record are beginning to occur in the Carolinas.

Columbia, SC has just experienced their earliest snow in 125 years of weather records, beating the Nov. 9, 1913 earliest snow record by 8 days. Current South Carolina weather shows it’s still snowing in Greenville, SC.

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting Greenville was especially hard hit with downed trees and power outages. The Smokey Mtns received up to 16 inches overnight. The current U.S. snow cover map shows 18 states with some amount of snow this morning.

Here is the latest model forecast of total snowfall ending at midnight tonight (graphic courtesy of Weatherbell.com):

Early indications are that next Sunday the “polar express” will arrive in the northern plains and Great Lakes with bitterly cold air currently sitting over northern Siberia.

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  1. sergeiMK says:

    Hottest Halloween on record in UK – it is just weather

    • Robert Thornton says:

      Duh! That’s the whole point! It is just weather–NOT climate change!

      • Richard Elliot says:

        Correct. Climate change is the warming trend that we have experienced for the past 10,000 years during the Holocene Epoch – the period of time that we are still living in. Only when we begin cooling can we actually say that we are entering a new climate change. Something that Al Gore refusing to admit to.

        • pfbonney says:

          “Something that Al Gore refusing to admit to.”

          AKA, a “climate change denier”.

          • vmijct says:

            He’s admitting it. Sucks having your belief system challenged doesn’t it? Problem here is scientific data is used to refute your hypothesis. Science is never settled.

          • myron monk says:

            Al Gore has made a billion dollars (and counting) off the Global Warming fanatics… and remember, science has nothing to do with their beliefs. It’s all political, and Socialism lies at the very core of their beliefs.

          • Leroy says:

            It is so sad that special interest folks have spent and made huge amounts of money perpetuating this lie. Just think of the other lies that they are forcing down our throats.

          • CC Coleman says:

            When Al was feeling “Rapey in Portland” it was because of Global Warming… IN HIS PANTS!

          • Lee Jenkins says:

            vmijet says “science is never settled.” That is not true. It is now established scientific fact that Al Gore is a moron.

        • Tab Numlock says:

          Actually, the Holocene Optimum was fairly early on, about 6,000 yrs ago, and it has generally been cooling since.

        • Dennis Shumnaker says:

          Al should have stuck to her expertise, the internet.
          After all, he says he was the father of the internet.
          We have to believe him, right?

          • Jennifer says:

            No, he’s no longer the father of the internet. Tipper received it in the divorce settlement!

        • Tom Richardson says:

          This old world has heated up and cooled down for millions of years.

          • Deus Vitam says:

            The earth is a living organism. Just as all living organisms trying to maintain homeostasis it will constantly adjust to any changes be them caused by man’s activity or celestial activity. Climate changes are the self regulating results of maintaning a balance in nature.

        • DeeVessar says:

          Hope South Carolinians know that the “green” are in their state. Infiltrating and buying land. If they remain uninfomed or preoccupied, before they know it, they’ll no longer be southern but very international. Pay attention, do your research, and teach your children well.

          I can tell most of North Carolinians get suckered by trends or by whatever they’re told…so hip. They’ve got a lot to loose. Those beautiful medium income homes near mountains, the foothills, water, and seaport. KInd of reminds me of another California to be made.

          • robert says:

            A lot of truth in your post, Dee. As a native North Carolinian who is again living here, I can tell you that most of the ‘transplants’ (to be nice) don’t share our common-sense, conservative values. We have lots of natural treasures that are being discovered and exploited. We’re loosing farmland faster than any state. The outer banks are overrun. The overall quality of life has fallen as the population has doubled in a few short decades.

          • Sarai Heidelmier says:

            Absolutely correct!! I live in Greenville, SC, but was in SoCal in the 80s and 90s. The same pattern of developing is happening right now. It’s awful.

          • ScottM says:

            As a Chicagoan who hopes to retire to North Carolina in 15 years or so, I hope I can uphold the conservative values of the wonderful place. Love the Carolinas. But now that snow is becoming more prevalent there, I’ll feel at home. LOL

        • Sal says:

          And the United Nations just came out with a report that climate change (global warming) is totally due to human activity. What can you expect from such a useless organization.

        • alrose says:

          I am willing to agree that climate is changing, as is or was so over millions of years, even before modern humans existed. To say that humans or people caused global warming – very doubtful regardless what UN scientists and AlGore. Human-caused climate change is an industry by itself, to wit Al Gores sudden wealth – – – there are zillion dollars to be made, e.g. carbon tax, giving our hundreds of millions tax dollars via UN to “poor” countries. People, wake up.

      • Sam Pyeatte says:

        Of course it is just weather, but what would the AGW crowd say if they were having a record-setting heat wave in South Carolina?

      • Ash Land says:

        Presidente messiah Obama has solved the Global Warming problem. he said that he will solve it and he believes he solved it. His narcissism has no bounds, especially since the main Stream Media strokes his ego, buries his faults and hides his corruption.

      • Nick says:

        Duh! Climate is a compilation of weather across the globe. And note how when there’s a record cold or snow fall, like the record-breaking sub-zero winters in Europe, or the snow for the fist time in 122 years in Cairo, or the bitter last winter the US suffered, the global warming tinfoil hat brigade rush to say “of that’s just weather.” But if there’s a heat wave, or storm, or other natural phenomenon such as the Earth has experienced since the beginning of time, suddenly it’s caused by global warming. Weather and climate are mysteriously the same. Just more pseudo-science.

        • Russ Ramey says:

          Spot on…we studied the coming Ice Age in late 1970’s in geology at Ohio State University. It’s all “State of Fear” political hype. Like our oil which ran out in 2000, and massive starvation has devastated the world population, and we ran out of water, natural gas, etc. Malthusian weenies…

    • Richard Elliot says:

      Climate change is the warming trend that we have experienced for the past 10,000 years during the Holocene Epoch – the period of time that we are still living in. Only when we begin cooling can we actually say that we are entering a new climate change. Something that Al Gore refusing to admit to.

    • RotalSnart says:

      weather and climate are synonyms. They mean the same thing. The definition of climate starts out with “THE WEATHER” …..Democrats are too lazy to google climate definition, and too ignorant to know the meanings of common words they throw around.

      WHY do democrats want the weather to stay the same? Imagine if it rained every day, or the sun shone every single day…..Democrats must be stupid.

      • TGofTX says:

        You’re certainly on to something with your last sentence.

        • Roger Harris says:

          When the weather changes as it always does, the Democrats can blame republicans if it is too hot, too cold, it rains, it don’t rain, the wind blows north, the wind blows south. It will always be Republicans fault, that way they can justify giving money to enrich Al Gore and buddies like Solyndra. The money was loaded on to trucks and shipped to Mexico as fast as the government check where cashed. It you don’t like it, you are a mean spirited, right wing, racist, etc etc etc…

      • “Weather is climate. More specifically, aggregations of weather are climate. Means, averages, and distributions of daily weather comprise climate.”
        From Actually, Weather Is Climate (William M. Briggs, Statistician & Consultant. Jan. 22, ’10)

        • SirGareth says:

          My neighborhood has a “climate” (generally, sub tropical)

          The Earth does not have a climate. It has tens of thousands of climates that slowly change over periods much longer than anyone lives.

      • nostudme says:

        Equality! Fairness!

      • Guest says:

        Yet another reason to believe that global warming is total BS.

      • Don Schofield says:

        “WHY do democrats want the weather to stay the same? Imagine if it rained every day, or the sun shone every single day…..Democrats must be stupid”

        Now THAT makes more sense and is more believeable than Global Warming ever was….and, your conclusion is correct!

    • WmIngram says:

      History (inclusive and not limited)
      History is ALL inclusive unless otherwise stated. The assumption from this article and others like it is that “ALL of History” is included in this claim and not just a portion.
      To be accurate, the statement should state this fact and not ignore that ALL OF HISTORY is not included, just that from a specified date to today.

    • Edward Boothe says:

      I wonder what Algore,s explanation would be for this?

      Maybe he can start forecasting a new Ice Age, and make a few billion on that. Of course he would blame it all on human beings.

    • john says:

      Global warming, global cooling, and now “climate change” is just the later iteration of socialism, the fondest dream of all our verminous minders who want to have us all marching in lockstep to their spastically-called cadence. They should all be put to the sword, or better yet, burned at the stake by slow fire.

      • HAL says:

        Watch the nomenclature…..they’ve gone from GW to “climate change” TO “CLIMATE DISRUPTON” which you will hear more and more. Guess who is disrupting the climate? That’s right, you are and they will do something about it if you let them.
        ” Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get” a wise man once said.

  2. Alan says:

    4″ of snow on this date in Alabama in 1966. So?

    • Montana Man says:

      Well, Mr Alabama, the fact is that SC is in the Appalachian mountain’s shadow where the mountains shield the state from Canadian cold blasts that otherwise drive all the way to the Gulf coast bringing earlier snows to LA, MS, & AL that have no mountain range shield. This current cold air is deep enough to cross the highest mountains east of the Mississippi and drop 3 inches the Columbia area and still falling.

      Just trying to help educate the uneducated.

      • Al Gore got rich with MMGW says:

        Hey Mountain Man! FYI you smug bastard….it was -1 on November 1 in 1950. Was that also caused by Man made Global Warming? Please …stay in the mountains!

      • tresco303 says:

        Ouch, that’s gonna’ leave a mark. Now go to a neutral corner while I count this gentleman out. The AGW crowd are starting to vanish into the woodwork as their religion looks increasingly comical. Soon they will be an endangered species.

        • joedoaks says:

          I thought “monte” was spanish for mountain…

          • Peter Yates says:

            According to Google Translate the noun ‘mountain’ can be either: la montaña (meaning mountain only) or: el monte (meaning mount, mountain, bush, woods, cliff). It also says that the adjective is: montañés (meaning mountainous, or like the highlands).
            The pronunciation of ‘montaña’ sounds like: mon.tarn.ya

      • Robert says:

        Woohoo! Whitefish here.

      • Chris N. says:

        That area has a weather/climate related name: the Isothermal Belt, because it stays warm when everything else is cold. The mountains shadow, and generally protect the area of North and South Carolina on the east side of the Appalachian range.
        This is unusual besides just being early.

    • ann says:


      I remember that snow on November 1, 1966 in Huntsville, Alabama

  3. Dai Alanye says:

    As segei points out, if temps are low it’s simply the result of weather. While if temps are high, it’s a result of AGW and your SUV.

    (But not Al Gore’s SUV.)

  4. A. Gore says:

    dont bevfoo lol ed by fascists…vglobal warming is REAL

  5. David says:

    Thank mankind for global warming. Otherwise the title of this article might have been “Ice Age Arrives in Columbia, SC”.

    • Richard Elliot says:

      Which was the headline in the 70s by some of the very same scientists.

      • Very true Mr. Elliot. I was in college in the 70s and they were teaching global cooling caused by………..wait for it……….. excess carbon emmissions from coal fired power plants!!!

        The very same scientists are predicting global warming for the very same reasons. Where did these guys get their degrees??

      • REC says:

        I recall these predictions when I was a young child. They were printed, among other places, in a child’s magazine my parents subscribed for me. These were the days of the crying Indian and the like. Anyhow, I recall being fearful of the coming Ice Age we were apparently entering and am glad to see a few who also recall, and dont mind reminding us of, the significant inconsistencies of what now appears to be politically focused science.

    • Russ says:

      Yes, You definitely can thank mankind for global warming, Mother Nature hasn’t thought of it recently 🙂

      You can also thank mankind for science fiction and a lot of other foolishness.

      On that note, you can thank science fiction for a big chunk of the U.S. and other nations debt for the strong desire to go where no man has gone before but in place that the ROI is somewhat low. You can read ROI as BOTH return on investment and return of information (of real net useful worth).

      Before you say it, of course there are some inventions and discoveries frequently sited as fallout of value from the R&D but I answer – at what cost? Also if the need exists they would eventually be developed on other paths.


  6. Al Gores says:

    Considering the Sun controls 97% of earth climate, earth wobble 2%, it only leave ONE PERCENT for things on the planet to cause long periods changes to climate & ya gotta start with Volcanoes, things per the Sea long before you even get to animals or the human version so humans have nothing to do with all of this other than locally; the City Heat Island Effect because are dumb, use darker colors while tossing in more concrete. NYC & ATL are both a lot larger today than 100 years ago so of course they should be a little warmer in City limits. Most of the States is just land then small Towns then few Cities.

    There is climate change since climate is not static so silly to even call it climate change but is what they do now 30 thousand scientists changed on global warming as they did on cooling in the 70s. There are cold/warm phases small, mid and large. Human life will see maybe 30 of them since the regular ones are like change of seasons every 20 to 30 years warm, ice at pole melts then PDO goes negative and after effect causes same number years was warm to be reverse so now in global cooling again 8 of 10 winters will be like last winter! Just as fall tends to come in later and spring sooner now leftover from warming years, that will change to early as time goes on then linger into the early warm phase next time which not likely as warm as we just had through 80-2010. 21st century will average much colder. Warmest in 20th was maybe the 1920s or 30s not the 80s or 90s which came in 2nd. A lot of cold in between those years then of course 1800s before etc. Niagara froze TWICE last winter first in history of young nation so is not warming.

    I could get technical about blanket, cloud vapor per humidity then how it is vanishing per lack there of water vapor and how greenhouse gases are cleanses by Oceans and most not caused by humans but no need. Just enjoy the snow. The world is not ending and warming people are WRONG.

  7. David Adam says:

    Since when does good sound science need to change it’s name? Since when does good sound science need 1000’s of spokespersons? The answer is it doesn’t! Global warming is a weather doomday scheme created by capitalism haters. This weather doomsday scheme’s only cure is the destruction of capitalism? Nothing fishy here. Especially since the doomsday scheme is presented to you by history’s greatest thieves and liars. Word smiths saying climate v weather a billion times will not change the facts!

  8. Dave Whitmore says:

    I’m going to go out and start a bonfire…I’m FREEZING…if I can get enough CO2 in the air around my property then it will be warmer on my property than my ignorant neighbors. Thank goodness for AL. He taught me all this useful information so I’m separated from the Neanderthals around here. HEY AL! It’s warming-up around here….it works!

  9. ranch111 says:

    Bah! Cold is the new heat!

  10. RotalSnart says:

    Record cold is proof of global warming because we all know that when it gets warmer all over the entire world, that it gets colder and snows earlier…..

    Now you understand why we put trays of water in our ovens when we want to make ice cubes

  11. RotalSnart says:


    Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past
    By Charles Onians Monday 20 March 2000

    “settled science”…….from 2000

    “Climate Experts Say That Winters Are Getting Warmer And Children Won’t Know What Snow Is

    Monday 20 March 2000”

  12. HisSon says:

    I am over 70 and it has been my experience that when it is cool on one side of the Globe it is warm on the other side. It usually balances itself out. I totally agree with Dr. Spencer. The weather is controlled by God who created the Earth and all that is in it not man. Nothing happens without His allowing it.

  13. BDPSU says:

    It’s obviously Global Warming, right Libtards?

  14. Mark says:

    Hey Obama, how about that global warming? No warming since 1996, and they call it a pause. This white house obviously lokes to inject a little voodoo into their science I guess, because to disprove man made global warming you dont even have to be a scientist or do a study. Just lool out the window.

  15. TGofTX says:

    The question we should all be pondering is:

    As Global Warming (or whatever the mindless, manipulative alarmists are calling it today) becomes more and more clearly an utter farce, and its proponents laughingstocks…..

    ….what is this doing to the tension in Big Al’s already tight Second Chakra?

    Anyone, Anyone?

    • JKofNE says:

      I’d rather like to think the tension is in his sphincter. After all, he did just purchase a beachfront mansion which surely is going to be under water soon…isn’t it?

  16. Albert Day says:

    I remember one time when I was a kid the climate changed. It went from summer to winter and I got cold. Strangely enough after a few months the climate changed again and it got hot. I have wondered about that all my life. I had no idea that change was caused by some human though. Do they have a big switch they pull? Or is it some big machine they use? I heard one goofy fellow talking one time and he said it was because of all the smoke stacks and car exhaust pipes. Trouble with that is none of those existed when the climate started changing every season many many years ago. So I figure it must be the big spirit in the sky that is responsible like so many other things.

  17. pete delmar says:

    It snows every year in idaho.

  18. Adam says:

    It’s all Bush’s fault.

  19. Kai says:

    Why all the hatefullness – why can’t adults just discuss the issue without all the nasty words and belittling of others questions or comments – you all say a lot, but I’ve seen nothing yet that qualifies you to say much of anything except make a comment – I don’t know about global warming or climate change, but I know that as adults we should be able to discuss the issues not bully everyone into what we want them to believe…if we would actually sit down and have adult discussions with valid research behind them, we might be able to verify or deny these issues and get on with something that matters in this world…

    • jrscott says:

      The same scientists that promote the fantasy of extreme Anthropogenic Global Warming started the nastiness and ridicule when defending their defenseless theories. I guess some people who have been branded loons by the Liberal Hate Machine feel the need to get even now. The roosters have come home to roost. My advice to those getting hurt is to start practicing Science again and leave politics to the professional liars.

    • JKofNE says:

      Oh, Kai. most of us here are just having fun taking a well deserved poke at idiots. Chill… Pun Intended!

    • John says:

      Lighten up people are just having fun. Sure they are making fun of people that think Gore is a expert because they know Gore is so wrong. Sad thing is Gore is behind taking food from people around the world and using it to power cars.

    • Jtom says:

      Because some of those pushing CAGW want to JAIL those of us who dare disagree. They have earned all the disdain and ridicule we dan dump on them.

    • Awwww Poor Baby says:

      Lying Democrats set the tone of the discussion, and now they snivel and whine whenever their fraud is exposed for what it is….a lie so silly and stupid that even a sixth grade dropout could de-bunk it.

      What will you call manmade global warming climate change climate disruption next month?

    • eddiebjr says:

      You are right we should be able to reason together, unfortunately most Global warming believers have bought into a lie are truly terrified that the sky is falling. It has become more than theory to them, it has become a fearful ideology. Never mind that the “scientists” have found a cash cow, and hide data and downright lie to keep the cash flowing. The biggest carbon offender flys around in an empty jumbo jet and has a home that has the carbon footprint of medium sized city. Al Gore has gotten rich off of Global Warming when Arctic and Antarctic ice is growing. I recently read an article that mentioned the shrinking Himalayan when that has been debunked as false. The whole Global Warming myth is costing a lot of good jobs, making middle class workers suddenly poor and out of work. America is in financial decline and it is this kind of lunacy that is driving it.

  20. us1patriot says:

    I wish Hot Air Gore would quit flying around in his jet, and using heat in his mansions, because I am freezing from all the global warming he is creating.

  21. Ryan Herold says:

    I like to call the climate change charlatans, coming of ice age deniers.

  22. Rick68127 says:

    Cubs will b in the W S within 3yrs

  23. Vince says:

    The true believers of global warming point out that there is more snow because there is more moisture in the air due to global warming. But they conveniently LEAVE OUT the fact that snow requires COLD air to form. This completely CONTRADICTS the global warming assertion that global temperatures would continue to rise and that snow would be less and less frequent.

  24. Cletus says:

    I’m not a believer in “climate change” or “global warming” or whatever they have to call it these days to choke it down the throats of the uniformed …

    I AM, however, currently sitting in Columbia, SC – no snow … Cold and raining, but no snow!

    • Joanna Whitmire says:

      Two to four inches of snow fell all around you, Cletus. It just wasn’t in downtown Columbia. It was in parts of Richland County, Lexington County, Newberry County, Saluda County etc. Check the news.

  25. Cletus says:

    …uninformed …

  26. Richard says:

    The Global warmest are glad they change the name to climate change, because they were looking like idiots. Wait they still are.

  27. Neo Conscious says:

    Thanks to Matt Drudge for linking to this Blog. After reviewing just a few posts, I’m intrigued to say the least, and have added it to my favorites in order to review and follow along.

  28. Truth says:

    OMG! Hide ya kids, hide ya wife…

  29. Gary says:

    I am fully familiar with differences between weather events and climate however, when one side trots out pictures of a drought or polar bears adrift on a sheet of ice (weather events) in order to garner sympathy and support from the ignorant masses, the best answer is an extreme cold/cool weather event e.g. earliest snowfall on record or coolest summer in 100 years.

    • Really? says:

      Fully aware? Did you know climate and weather are synonyms and mean the same thing? The first two words of the definition of climate are THE WEATHER….

      Google climate definition….do you know what a synonym is?

      • Peter Yates says:

        Actually when you Google ‘define: weather’ you see that the definition starts with the words: “the weather *conditions…”. And the synonyms are a bit more extensive than just ‘weather’.

        synonyms: weather conditions, weather; atmospheric conditions

        “Climate is a measure of the average pattern of variation in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, precipitation, atmospheric particle count and other meteorological variables in a given region over long periods of time. Climate is different from weather, in that weather only describes the short-term conditions of these variables in a given region.” (Wiki)

        • Peter Yates says:

          The first line in my last comment should have been :-
          “Actually when you Google ‘define: climate’…”
          .. sorry!

      • HAL says:

        Once more folks:
        “Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get.”

  30. Susan says:

    Global Warming was created… first to put $’s in the coffers/pockets of a small group of manipulators, second reason was to consolidate power over the masses.

  31. Gary says:

    It certainly didn’t snow where I live but it sure was chilly. Got down to 26f early this morning. The trick-or-treaters were mostly chaperoned by adults in cars, so they could get in and warm up as needed. I live in Arkansas. It got cold. Probably the coldest Halloween in a coon’s age. But don’t that global warming cause it to be cold? (LOL!)

  32. Csull says:

    I live in Greenville SC. We had about 1″ in my area. None on the roads. All gone by midday. No downed trees. In my area. It’s a big county.

  33. fu says:

    Climate Change Facts
    FACT 1: ALL of the solar system planets & other bodies are/were warming. Are you responsible and guilty for the entire solar system getting warmer? SOURCE: “Hoagland Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow”. Parts 1-2-3. Dated 2004.
    FACT 2: Since 1989, Pluto has been moving AWAY from the Sun. You logically expect Pluto to get colder. NO! Pluto’s temperature and atmospheric pressure is increasing, by a huge amount. SOURCE: ((Halber, Deborah. ‘Pluto is undergoing global warming, researchers find’. MIT News, Oct. 9. 2002) via Hoagland part 3)).
    FACT 3: Solar system wide climate change is likely due to running through a very large hydrogen/helium interstellar cloud with varied density. High speed solar systems passing through any cloud density causes some friction. Friction creates heat. SOURCE: “NASA, Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery December 23, 2009”. ‘The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist’.
    FACT 4: The Sun travels around the Milky Way galaxy once every 250 million years, at approximately 568,000 mph (2012 estimate). During that travel our solar system path encounters rouge clouds and debris from exploded stars, of varying chemical composition and density for periods of time, that can result in greenhouse effects or ice ages. Data says our heliosphere actually moves through the local interstellar cloud at about 52,000 mph. Going through varying densities of the cloud at that speed may cause changing heating/cooling periods. SOURCE: “NASA, A Breeze from the Stars, Dec 17, 2004”. ‘The sun’s magnetic field holds much of the cloud at bay, but some of the cloud’s gas does penetrate’.
    FACT 5: Climate Change is politically linked to the Carbon Credit Tax Scam. Scams work when you are denied the whole truth and/or complete information. 1-Suckers are repeatedly told to feel guilty, for breathing out CO2 and releasing methane from their bottom hole (“A lie told often enough becomes the truth” – Lenin). 2-Then the Suckers are repeatedly told to relieve their guilt by giving $ to the scam, and are happy to comply. How does any tax scam stop solar system warming/cooling? Remember, much of this data is many years old. At 568,000 mph the Earth has moved nearly 55 Trillion miles from old data points. Time & position changes everything in this universe. SOURCE: Common Sense.

  34. nonya biznuss says:

    Here is a great article about Al Gore and his ridiculous predictions about global warming disasters

  35. Brian says:

    No Worries, “It’s Global Warming”, “Oh, No, IIIIt’s Global Cooling”, “Oops again”, that’s right, “It’s Climate Change”. Remember!!!! “It’s All Man Made”. “It’s our fault it’s snowing in Columbia, SC”, “Breath Deep and say to yourself, It’s all our fault it’s snowing in Columbia, SC”. Now repeat after me, “It’s all China’s, No, It’s all Russia’s, oops, It’s all India’s fault”, They refused to sign the climate change treaty. Why???? Because it’s all a huge, no massive, no complete, LIE!!!!!

  36. J'Moke says:

    Really global warming? I’d say it is cooling or normal weather.
    I believe that “global warming” is the religion of liberals, where algore is their prophet, the scientists is their god, and their phony peer reviewed climate journal is their bible:

    800-Pound Runaway Snowball Slams Into College Dorm, Knocks In Wall…

    Let us pray:
    ALGORE is my shepherd; I shall not think.
    He maketh me lie down in Greeneth pastures:
    He leadeth me beside the still-freezing waters.
    He selleth my soul for CO2:
    He leadeth me in the paths of self-righteousness for his own sake.
    Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of reason
    I will fear all logic: for thou art with me and thinking for me
    Thy Gore’s family oil fortune and thy 10,000 square Gorey foot mansion,they comfort me.
    Thou preparest a movie in the presence of contradictory evidence:
    Thou anointest mine head with nonsense; my obedience runneth over.
    Surely blind faith and hysteria shall follow me all the days of my life:
    and I will dwell in the house of ALGORE forever……….

  37. James says:

    Al Gore is full of bologna. Why he has emptied the stores. We are having a hard time finding bologna, because ol Al has it all to himself. I think he is out to corner the market on bologna.

  38. Empty messiah says:

    Checking in with 7+ inches of global warming in north Asheville

  39. thea says:

    Within all these posts and all the news about al gore and his global warming scheme, not one soul has mentioned that after gore visited the whitehouse on several occasions, suddenly our “commander in cheat” came out glorifying al gore and his global warming scheme. Check obamas bank account and you will probably find a few million more greenbacks, compliments of Gore. Same may be true of none other than John Kerry and Harry Reid.

  40. August says:

    Has that Global Warming advacate guy, who invented the Internet & has ten REALLY BIG mansions all over the place, been told about this?

  41. Outrider999 says:

    It’s all part of that human-caused global warming! If we had carbon taxes to cripple our economy none of this would be happening!

  42. anzablazer says:

    I’m predicting that it’s going to be even colder in the American East then it was last year. The high level of volcano’s that have been erupting are cooling the planet down. Anybody with some common sense would no that.

  43. Pajama boy is gay says:

    The science is settled
    The science is settled
    The science is settled

    The debate is over
    The debate is over
    the debate is over

    Ain’t that the truth

    • DavidV says:

      If the debate is over and the science is settled, the IPCC climate scientists won’t need any more funding. Right?

  44. BillyButton says:

    I particularly enjoy the frequent occasions when global warming (aka globaloney)conferences have to be cancelled or postponed because the local airports are shut down by snow.

  45. Church of Gaia says:

    It’s shameful that so many skeptics doubt the great and mighty powers of the Great Gaia and the truth of the Doctrine of Global Warming.

    When man is bad and doesn’t follow the prescriptions of the High Governmental Gaia priests and scientists, “Gaia gets mad and makes the weather bad. Father Al Gore will even be sad and the Government will punish the people a tad.” (Second Book of the Sciencehead, 2.23).

    We know that if it gets warm or cold when we don’t expect it, it is Global Warming. Why? Because Science. Questioning science is not science, because science is fixed and absolute: Settled. All is known and revealed within the Qabalah of the Progressive Earth.

  46. Mick Russom says:

    The Jurassic period. O2 in atmosphere was 130% modern levels. CO2 was at 1950ppm, 5-7 times modern levels. The temperature was a whole 3 DEGREES C over modern times! Oh noes! The Jurassic DGW, Dinsaurogenic Global Warming, shows that those Dinosaurs with their Airplanes, SUV, Coal Fire Plants and Cars and stuff, you know, those Dinosaurs and their DGW destroyed THE WHOLE PLANET!! With their DGW! Look, who wants 26% atmospheric oxygen? More air to breathe? Who wants that! And who wants more CO2 @1950 ppm, you know, to make all those plants and trees convert that CO2 into a higher O2! Who wants that! And we DON’T want the massive biodiversity of the Jurassic, no, we don’t want more plants and animals and trees, no.

    Any time period the warmunists want to “prove” thre is AGW the warmunists just cherry pick ranges. And now I give the warmunists what the need on a silver platter – now they have the perfect example – the Dinosaurs and their horrible DGW ( Disnosauric Global Warming ) that destroyed the Jurassic… Wait, no, it didn’t, it was the best time for life on earth with 1950 ppm atmospheric CO2!

    Debt is Wealth. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. Cold is Warm.

  47. Anonymous says:

    If we are causing global warming. Then who caused all the ice ages to melt away (then come back) then melt away etc.

    The Climate Panel that is deciding how much all of us pesky co2 beathing useless eaters must be charged for breathing have all voted UNANIMOUSLY that get this…. I cant say it with a straight face…

    “Weather is not effected by the Sun!”


    That is like putting a petri dish into an oven and saying that the temperature of the dish and the behavior of the sample is not effected by the oven!

    BTW the whole human caused global warming hoax is all about a global tax grab to fund a world consolidation of authority. They already have the world bank, the world army (nato- going to get bigger)The EU is a stepping stone or transition to an even more centralized hub of dictatorship.

    • Anonymous says:

      And you need to have a world tax to fund their New World Order.

      That is a hard sell. What could unite all of us to feel justified to all pay into one central pot? What could unite us over vastly differing religions, nations, geographies, economies, laws, etc. It was evil genius to say that we are all collectively guilty for the natural warming and cooling trends that are mostly due to sun cycles.

      When the were getting this all set up about 20 years ago the earth WAS in a warming trend. Unfortunately for them 5 years later, or 15 years ago that tread has stopped and we are starting to tip the other way. It is so obvious now that they are even calling it a ‘PAUSE’ or the heat is hiding under the ocean. (heat rises and would not stay ‘hiding’ at the bottom of a cold glass of water, that’s how dumb they think we are)

      Also thermal vents and volcanic activity are gearing the ocean?
      Aswer: no one knows!

      So, if no one knows then how can you place a cause for supposed ocean rising temperatures on humans? You cants. The whole thing is a Hoax.

  48. roger says:

    Why is this news on drudgetalk com because of the climate debate.

  49. Al Greene says:

    How am i suppose to vote in the snow it’s racists? no car no id you best pay a taxi come get me or i’ll go all Ferguson on all y’all

  50. Johb says:

    Keep those federal climate $$$$ coming……..

  51. Earl P. Holt III says:


    There will be a meeting of all those concerned about the issue of man-made Global Warming on January 1st, 2015 in Harvard Yard at Noon. Please dress appropriately.

    Sponsored by: Marxist Alliance for the Environment.

  52. Tom says:

    More evidence of the Democrat Party corruptionknown as Global Warming….a total criminal act…and half you putzes are so clueless you votefor them…a pathetic generation of i d i o t s

  53. Toxic Peppercorns says:

    Nobody really knows what’s going on for sure, but they do know that the only way we can stop whatever is going on is to tax it. That pretty much sums up what the real deal is. Why don’t you children accept the fact it’s all about money and control?

  54. HANK - the denier says:

    conjunction: whether

    expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives.

    Old English term – the “H” was dropped and an a was added when their was was nothing else to talk about.

  55. Raul Jimenez says:

    Not enough hot air coming out of Al Gore’s ahole and his wacko socialist environmentalists?

  56. Jerry Stevens says:

    We’re in Five Forks, South Carolina just a few miles South of Greenville. Nothing here yet… fortunately.

  57. GC from SC says:

    Other side of the coin, my town of Aiken hasn’t hit 100 F since the summer of 2012. We used to have many days over 100 F every summer.

    Every data point I experience is the opposite of what the government-funded scientists tell me to believe. But I’m probably the only one.

  58. SojournerTruth says:

    Here is one of the more recent studies that show ocean currents and wind to be the source of weather changes rather than man made “global warming:” https://swfsc.noaa.gov/news.aspx?Division=FED&ParentMenuId=54&id=19504

    NASA also released a study this year that tracked the dissipation of green house gases into space, proving that green house gasses do not remain trapped, but dissipate at a rate that keeps green house gasses at a fairly constant level, though they need to monitor the rate of dissipation over many more years to get a completely accurate picture. Only 33% of climate and marine scientists still believe human caused gasses are a problem despite the propaganda that 99% of scientists believe in man made “global warming.” Only Western nations that embrace socialism are pushing the “global warming” agenda while the rest of the world, including Australia, refuses to be taken in by the hoax.

  59. Tim says:

    You predicted two days ago that Columbia, SC would get snow? Really? Because NOTHING showed that…seriously, I would love to see those post. That’s an incredible call!

  60. RotalSnart says:

    Global warming causes it to snow!!!! If global warming wasn’t real, the snow would all be rain, because we all know it doesn’t snow when it’s cold, and that temperature increases(WARMING) all over the entire world (GLOBAL) makes it colder. I’ve got to go turn my air conditioner on to warm up my houze.

  61. Steve says:


    Friendly Reminder: The economy was better in 2006 (GOP Control) than in 2014 (Democrat Control):


  62. JBSPuddintane says:

    Between warmunists and deniers, I throw my lot in firmly with the deniers.
    And I enjoy all weather.

  63. Olds88Delta says:

    The climate hustlers would rather jump to their deaths than admit their folly. They are so full of themselves, so self-righteous in their beliefs that even if they were freezing to death in mid July in Miami they would still be preaching ‘global warming’ and blaming anyone who doesn’t buy into their line of bull. It is amazing how so many can be caught up in such a hustle on such frivolous, hacked ‘data’. I still believe that this is nothing more than one giant experiment to gauge the gullibility of the masses. It is a good thing that some governments around the world are onto this scam/fraud and no longer making policy based upon this colossol farce.

  64. Derron says:

    Look at all the fluffy Globull Warming flakes coming down. LoL.

  65. Mark says:

    Yeah I got a Post Hole Digger, (PHD) in my garage too. It’s called weather.

  66. Bill says:

    Possibly Dr. Spencer could obtain a comment from lying, demoRAT-COMMUNIST party, hack operative and colossal fraud, algore.

  67. The Goblin King says:

    Thankfully we have global warming to even this out….right?…..right?

  68. imahippyburning says:

    The Global Warming/Climate Change crowd has been proven to be the Wealth Distributing Socialists they were accused of years ago. They will say and do anything to fill their agenda as is quite evident now with the DEMONrats trying to Lie, Cheat, and Steal votes to win the upcoming elections.

    Thankfully Americans are waking up, hopefully they will put these cretins back in the holes from where they came, win back the Senate and restore some Law and Order in the FERAL GUBmint!

  69. Wes says:

    Wow this is amazing. I was born in Greenville. Im there now, I’ve been here all day. Guess what NO SNOW, none, zero, zip, nothing. Now we have had very bad winds that could blow down some power lines maybe. There is some snow in Columbia. I live in the northern most part of Greenville county that’s only 50 miles from Ashville NC where they did get a little snow. Something like 1 our 3 inches. FACT THE EARLIEST SNOW FALL IN GREENVILLE SC IS OCTOBER 20th!All of you man made climate change pedaling goofballs need to quit trying so hard. What made the snow fall so early in 1913? Was it all of the Caddy SUVs driving around? Was it all of the people back then running the AC or electric heat to much? Was it the Military industrial complex? What caused the ice to melt back in the ice age? What caused the Sahara Desert to change from a Lake then a thousand years later to a tropical rain Forest? What caused it to them change once again into a DESERT? Answer, I DON’T KNOW! And neither does anybody else! Its just the way it is. Please learn to accept this and find something new to blame humanity for! Thanks

  70. Paul says:

    I live in Greer, SC, just a few miles to the east of Greenville, and still within Greenville County. We had no snow at all at my house but friends in the area did get enough to cover the ground. I haven’t heard of anyone who lost power from the storm. We did get rain and some wind which knocked down a lot of fall foliage.

  71. roger says:


  72. labillyboy says:

    12000 years ago, North America was under hundreds of feet of ice and sea levels were 300 ft lower… Good thing it’s warmed up since then with absolutely no blame on humans… It’s going to keep warming no matter what we do. Guess what? it’s also going to get really, really cold again… as the Earth naturally moves into a cyclical orbit farther from the Sun. And eventually, the Sun blows up and takes Earth with it. Long before that, Earth will get hit with a big rock, that will end humans and most large beings on the planet… So let’s not get crazy with the CO2 limits… in the long term it is really meaningless, unless you stand to profit from it or your job relies on being a “climate scientist”. I’d be shocked if anyone paid to promote anthropomorphic climate change didn’t come to the conclusion that it was real.

  73. NoFreeWind says:

    >12000 years ago, North America was under hundreds of feet of ice and sea levels were 300 ft lower…

    Sea level has likely risen 400 ft since the peak of the last Ice Age about 20,000 years ago. CO2 is blamed for about a 4-6″ rise in sea level since 1960. So, 99.87% of the sea level rise since 20,000 years ago is caused by natural factors wile .125% we definitely?? know is caused by CO2.

    What were the natural factors that caused 99.875% of the previous se level rise.
    1. The 3 Milankovitch cycles – Earths wobble, distance to sun, Earth tilt
    2. Ocean Cylces
    3. The sun
    4. There are many more theories

    We really have no exact idea of what caused 395.5 ft of previous sea level rise, except a bunch of reasonable theories. But we know for sure what caused the last 6 inches of it???

  74. Morris65 says:

    More proof of global warming or my name isn’t Hoodwink Van Bamboozle! Just send your money to algore and save the planet!

  75. Rex says:

    Another night of record cold temeperatures cause by the fact that temperatures are rising all over the entire world!!!! Don’t Democrats even know what the words “global” and “warming” mean?

    The funniest lie yet is “Climate DISRUPTION”…..

    HOW eacatly is THE WEATHER being INTERUPTED? I guess Democrats just endlessly tell lies and never explain them….

    Democrats name their lies using words they don’t understand the meanings of……Maybe they should run their new lies by a panel of 6th graders first….you know, someone a little smarter than them….

  76. Rex says:

    My favorite democrat lie is that the sun does not control the earth’s temperature…..followed closely by “the heat is hiding in the oceans”…..you know the oceans with RECORD SEA ICE in them, or sea ice at multiple decade highs…..

    Like I said, Democrats are so stupid that they think they can make ice by putting trays of water into their ovens!

    They have all scurried under their rocks to formulate some new lies, because they sure are nowhere to be found defending their old lies.

  77. Tim says:

    Lets see the effect of the Icelandic Volcano on Northern Europe, I expect a record cold winter this year, once it gets going. Mild at the moment but not for long in the UK.

  78. Fonzarelli says:

    Looks like drudge posted a link to Dr Roy’s site AGAIN…

  79. ren says:

    In the north polar vortex has opened fridge, already the second winter in a row. America and Asia must prepare for severe winter.

  80. SK says:

    Just read the Farmers Almanac, last year it said it would be colder and wetter than normal. This year it says it will be extremely cold in the U.S.
    Much more accurate than Al Gore.

  81. jojopittsburgh says:

    Weather pridictions should not have to be spun by politicians. Some would say we are experiencing global warming, and caused by MAN, if there was a glacier sitting on the U.S. Capitol building. It suits their need to control our activity and money.

  82. Ricky says:

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for Everybody!

    Why is nowhere ever “Too Black” or “Too Asian”, but ANYTHING White NEEDS “diversity” and “multiculturalism”?
    It seems like the “Race” problem is code for the “White” problem

    Diversity means racial/cultural replacement in ALL white countries and ONLY white countries… aka White Genocide

    Anti racist is CODE for anti white

    • lewis says:


      I hope you have kept up with Eric Holder’s abuse of Louisiana’s school children. It would put a smile on your cynical face.

      • Ricky says:


        It’s really unbelievable, isn’t it?

        We have an openly anti-white media and government.

        Can you imagine if the NYT was hostile to countries or areas that are “too black”? And denounced anyone who objected to this as “supremacist” or “racist”?

        Or if the S.P.L.C. was funding “diversity” projects for black communities, as they are for northern Idaho?

        This is bizarro world.

        • Fonzarelli says:


          You’ve got to realize the dynamics involved here. There is great incentive for people of color to live in white communities and very little for whites to live in colored ones. (You don’t see too many white people hopping the fence to get into mexico) Any effort toward diversity programs in colored areas would require incentivizing white people into participating which would amount to favoritism toward whites. To give you an example, before Katrina (here in New Orleans) they had a “magnet school” system to keep more middle class white families from leaving the city. If your child was white he or she could automatically attend magnet schools. If he/she was black, only the best and brightest were allowed to attend. Critics derided this as back door segregation. As well, siphoning off the creme of the crop from black schools was not exactly helpful to those children left behind. (The same such discussion laces the debate over vouchers) So we’re getting into a sticky wicket when we’re dealing with “reverse diversity” programs. The overriding factor is that they’re just not feasible. I suppose that’s why you don’t hear too many people talking about it…

  83. Mark Luhman says:

    I hope this global warming stops soon, at this rate it will be snowing in Mesa AZ in November. I did not move down from North Dakota to see that after all I seen enough September snowfall the way it is. I tried to remove that four letter from my vocabulary but at the rate it is warming I will be reminded what it is, let alone having to shovel it!

  84. gallopincamel says:

    Thank God for “Global Warming” so we did not see snow in October.

  85. gallopincamel says:


    The weather turned delightful here in Florida when the dry season showed up two weeks early.

    I hope it won’t turn cold in January or February. I don’t want to be forced to relocate southwards.

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