That Epic, Fickle, Shovel-off-to-Buffalo Snow: An All-Time U.S. Record?

November 20th, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

(NEW: Is Global Warming Causing More Snowstorms?)

I have a special place in my heart for lake effect snow. Living in Sault, Michigan as a teenager is what got me interested in weather and started me down my career path.

But it’s hard to compete with what Buffalo, New York gets for lake effect snow. Over six feet of snow fell in some areas on the south side of town in the last 48 hours, most of it in a 24 hour period.

Just getting to your garage can be a problem (Steve Frost).

Just getting to your garage can be a problem (Steve Frost).

The all-time U.S. record for a 24 hour snowfall is 76 inches in Silver Lake, Colorado way back in 1921, and it is possible this was exceeded yesterday. We will have to wait and see what NOAA decides. (There’s a rumor going around Facebook that the record was beat, but I think that was just a misunderstanding of a Facebook post by NWS/Buffalo personnel.)

The reason why Buffalo gets pounded so bad is the shape of Lake Erie…long and narrow, so a cold wind blowing down its length generates a single, intense snow band. You are either in it or out of it. Driving down the road, you can be in sunshine one minute, and in white-out conditions the next. This pair of pictures taken at the same time only 5 miles apart in Buffalo during the storm illustrates the fickle nature of lake effect storms.

Lake effect snow bands - either you are in or out (Shannon Clare).

Lake effect snow bands – either you are in or out (Shannon Clare).

Imagine your boss says he needs you at work…after all, there’s almost no snow downtown at the office! Yet, your house looks like this.

Buried house in a Buffalo suburb (Jackie Parker).

Buried house in a Buffalo suburb (Jackie Parker).

You open your front door, and are greeted with this:

West Seneca, NY (Jessica Marie).

West Seneca, NY (Jessica Marie).

A second round of lake effect snow started again last night — and again with thunder! Thunder in lake effect snow is quite unusual, indicating very strong cloud updrafts from the very cold air mass sitting over the “warm” lake water.

Do I need to remind everyone it’s only mid-November?

So, when winter fall gives you too much snow, you just make the best of it:



Here’s an interesting summary of what it considers the 6 snowiest cities in the U.S.

Guess what? Buffalo (despite the early teaser) isn’t one of them.

NEW: Is Global Warming Causing More Snowstorms?

96 Responses to “That Epic, Fickle, Shovel-off-to-Buffalo Snow: An All-Time U.S. Record?”

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  1. Leon Brozyna says:

    And while so many got slammed with record snow, the official number for yesterday from the Buffalo airport was a record 7.6″ (north Cheektowaga). Five or so miles down the road in north Lancaster where I’m at, we’re up to a total of about 36″ and in south Lancaster (about 5 miles south of me)the latest number is 77″ … such is the nature of the beast.

    The “good” news is that the cold air has been modified … yesterday’s air was cold, brittle, and painful … today it’s about as cold but the air feels much more moist; it’s easier to bear.

    We’ve already had several roofs collapse and the bad news is that it’s going to warm up a bit this weekend and we’ll have rain added to the mix.

    • ren says:

      Leon Broyna hold on. Monday will be a strong wind was blowing from the southwest. You have a a super name and the same day we have in Poland name day.

    • LoneStarM says:

      The photos remind me of having been snowed in at Goose Bay, Labrador. They gave up on shoveling the sidewalk to the BOQ and laid plywood across the top creating a tunnel from the plowed road that you could walk through standing up.

      (And that was before we realized that brutal winters are caused by global warming!)

      • stevefromohio says:

        It’s not global warming, it’s GORE BULL WARMING!

      • fedup says:

        global warming. please… turn on your brain and think.
        Over the years science had claim over 250 world ending event from ozone holes that would burn earth to a crisp to ice age that would put the equater under 1000 feet of snow. All of this was all before year 2010.

        Guess what, we are still here, earth didn’t burn up or turn into an ice cube. The amount of CO2 emission is less today than in the 70’s because of increase in fuel efficiency, higher quality of coal and oil and far less factories (all moved to china and mexico along with the jobs)

        Oh by the way, lets not forget we breath CO2 and plants take in CO2 and coverts it to O2 during the day and at night the plants gives off CO2 (for those of you who forgotten their basic biology).

        Since you warmest love numbers here you go.
        CO2 produced by earth (plants, animals, oceans, etc)
        CO2 produced by humans

        So for all of you global warmist don’t worry, you can do this all over again in about 17 years and don’t forget the following that will be another cold snap.

        • joseph addonizio says:

          Trace gas…Atmospheric CO2 is about 390 ppm,or 0.039% .Man’s contribution is about 3% of that amount.AGW scaremongers should be laughed at every time they say that this is the main driver of global climate and that they can adjust the thermostat for the entire planet by taxing us.

    • reggie biloxi says:

      It would be wonderful, if Al Gore would have a Global Warming Conference, in Buffalo right about now!!!!

      And maybe he could explain how his net worth went from $1,700,000 to over $ 200,000,000 in the last 13 years barking for this “Global Warming Carnival”.

  2. ossqss says:

    Classic making the best of it!

    Thanks Doc.

  3. Groty says:

    The structural stress on the buildings must be enormous. Sorry to hear from Leon that there have been several collapses, but we can be thankful for the advances in engineering and technology that have improved structural integrity over the years.

    Just imagine the human tragedy had this occurred in 1814 or 1914 rather than 2014. As it is, because of advanced technology and people who have dedicated their lives to understanding climate and weather, everyone had notice the storm was approaching. So we have the luxury of making light of the situation – even mock it – by opening the front door; building makeshift shelves in the snowpack to hold the beer we had the foresight and good sense to stock up on; snap a picture of it; then load it onto the internet so anybody in the world with an internet connection can view the photo. Not to downplay the real hardship many are experiencing and the loss of life of others, but it’s a pretty good time to be alive.

    • Eli says:

      Around my neck of the woods in sw-ontario they recommend clearing the snow off when it hits 3ft. And while there have been improvements in engineering. Many houses these days aren’t built with heavy snowfalls in mind, because we haven’t had heavy snowfalls in almost 35-40 years. The old 100-150 year old houses are standing up fine to weather like this, the stuff build in the last 20 years are having problems. Should tell you something.

      As for weather like this happening in 1814 or 1914? It was common enough for winters that many houses used to have a door on the second floor, even the house I was looking at buying 8 years ago had one. It was built in 1925, so yeah weather like this? Not common anymore, back then common enough that people were prepared for it.

  4. RBrognara says:

    I can relate to your fondness for Lake Effect Snow, Doctor – growing up in Syracuse, NY in the 60s and 70s the weather forecast on the nightly news was my favorite part of the program! I can still remember listening to the meteorologist explain how the cold air sweeping over the lakes would pick up that moisture and drop it on us!! It was heaven for the children – even though snow days were infrequent due to the preparedness our Public Works crews had with plowing the roads from years of practice, it still meant a lot of new snow to play in when we got home.

    • Alan says:

      The winter of 68-69 has fond memories for me. 3 days of school in the month of January, we were going to school almost to the 4th of July. At the time it was nice.

  5. Steven in AZ says:

    Im in Mesa Arizona. Is a freezing 65 today. I might have to put on a wind breaker.

    • Sam says:

      Who gives a crap!

    • Becker says:

      9 pm in Scottsdale it’s 63 I’ve got a heavy sweater on and I’m freezing cold.

      • Lewis says:

        Ah yes, cold is relative (but not one of mine)
        At the St. Patrick’s Day Rugby tournaments in Savannah the young men from Detroit would bus in and find the weather so warm – 50 or 60 – that they would enjoy the sun without shirts. Those of us who lived there thought it still too cool to do such. So, we didn’t get the sunburns those men went home with.

        But we all consumed prodigious amounts of beer and a good time was had by all.

        “The older we get, the better we were.”

        • TheDoctor says:

          Thats Funny. I recall some years ago while I was stationed in Texas, it snowed with about an inch on the ground. The schools closed, people where bundled up like it was the Antarctic, cars where running up poles and me and a buddy where driving around, in light sweatshirts, in a two wheel drive truck having a good ole’ time watching the chaos. Both of us are from northern Minnesota. It’s relative depending from where you are from. I feel for these people in Buffalo.

          • Mark Luhman says:

            I am from Northern Minnesota but after seven summers in Arizona yes 62 is cold. I do remember the souther transplants in Norther Minnesota complaining about the cold weather in the fall and would not believe you when you told them that next spring you will be running around in short sleeves in just above freezing weather. Yes they did not believe it but yet they did come spring. PS yes I was cold today even though I was in northern Minnesota last week in the single digit weather.

    • Gordon says:

      I too live in Mesa Az. 20 years. Used to visit around Christmas. Coming from Buffalo, I thought it was tropical.

      I served my 30 years without parole in and around Buffalo. Bought my first house for $32500. West Seneca. Four bed bath and half. Drive to work was life threatening, after a half hour of digging out. Mail box routinely buried by snow plow.

      Blizzard of ’77, after staying at the General Mills plant for 24 hours, I came home to see my house connected to the neighbor’s by a snow drift at the peaks.

      This is however, madness. AL Gore rumored to be sunning in the Bahamas. He left office with 2 million dollars. Worth $200 million now from his scam.

  6. Chris Nelson says:

    I recall a spring snow in ’98 in lead SD that had either 98 or 103″ 24 hr and 112″ storm total that you may want to add to you list. People had to climb out of second story Windows to exit their houses.

    • Chris, the record I find for SD is 52 inches in 24 hours, March 14, 1973 (in Lead)….OK, I found it….112 inches over 5 days in March-April, 1998 for a storm total.

      • Mark Luhman says:

        The worst part is the black hill can have very nice weather in the winter, having lived in Northern Minnesota and looking at the tri state weather (Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.) The warm spot was and is often the Rapid City at the edge of the Black Hills. Yes they get a lot of snow but it often it melts off as fast as it came. Have married a gal from central South Dakota the joke is our house is Joan did not know what winter was like until I moved her to Fargo.

  7. Carbonicus says:


    Roy (and blog readers) – what’s the over/under on how many days (starting today) before we have an article from one of the misanthropic energy-poverty-for-the-poor-to-save-the-planet eco-socialist crowd (Hansen, Gore, Holdren, McKibben, Podesta, etal) claiming this was caused by human emissions of CO2 from fossil fuel burning due to:

    a) “the atmosphere holding more water vapor”
    b) the “polar vortex” spun out of control
    c) the combination of a) and b)
    d) anything else that is not supported by science

    My estimate: 1 day (we’ll see these by sunset tomorrow).

  8. Jason says:

    Well, it looks like Syracuse, NY, will be knocked off its perch this year as the expected winner of the Golden Snowball Award. Syracuse doesn’t lose very often, but I don’t see how you get 6′ head start and not win it.

  9. Clearhead says:

    It’s that pesky global warming again ! When is ‘presidend’ obummer going to issue an EO to God for straightening this mess out ??

  10. Phil says:

    No. I recall broadcasts saying at least 110″ in the Blizzard of 1966 in Oswego NY.

    • that’s a storm total snowfall record, not 24-hour record.

      • John says:

        As a meteorology undergrad at SUNY Oswego in the early 90s, I witnessed over 50 inches in one event in 36 hours. During a separate storm (with a moving snow band) I measured 9 inches in an hour and 13 inches in less than 90 minutes. What isn’t mentioned about lake effect snow is the low water content and significant compaction that occurs. A foot of Lake effect on Monday compacts to 4 or 5 inches depth on Wednesday. While the pictures are impressive and storms temporarily paralyzing, lake effect to me is overrated.

  11. a p garcia says:

    This years global warming worse than last year’s global warming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hip2b2 says:

      This is a weather event not a trend. Just as stupid a comment as “believers” who used Katrina to justify their position.

      • Mike says:

        Yep… Weather event not a trend same words Obama used in his State of the Union speech 3 years ago on the very night that the Northeast was dealing with record snow, 2 winters later and a month away from third winter record snows and cold in both winters and now this one and Iit’s still an “event”…just curious but exactly how many “events” before it becomes a trend???

        • dagny says:

          Actual climate and weather don’t matter, they need to see a “trend” in computer models not reality. When you’re trying to redistribute global wealth, it’s the models that matter not what is actually occurring. Of course the “models” provide the same answers for almost any actual data.

  12. Can’t believe how much snow we are creating by driving SUVs

  13. Steve says:

    Don’t you mean to say “Lake Ontario”, rather than “Lake Erie”?

  14. Steve says:

    Oops, no. My bad. It’s Erie, of course.

  15. Davidinduluth says:

    It’s funny how this works per media. To have most not familiar with Western NY or as they call it upstate NY now; they would think all or most are snowed in or it snows all winter there when it is ONLY very small area in the Northern sections that is a hit or miss with most snows being in South Towns far to the South of Buffalo. Buffalo itself doesn’t get much snow & the Falls, Williamsville not much either. Nothing compared to Syracuse. Same in Seattle where it seldom rains most areas but one section gets a lot of rain so they toss in the majority too. Buffalo is far too close to the Lake to get much Lake Effect as are those other places. Check distance to the South from the one Lake then Syracuse to the East of its distance to the South of that Lake. Ya need to be a good distance away yet not too far away for the snow. There is a Town NW of Syracuse that averages 300″ each winter putting Syracuse to shame. Syracuse btw always loses one year to Duluth,MN only to win it back the next like ATL airport to Chicago but for the most snow of a small City. Duluth is a lot colder 🙂

    • Shalom says:

      I always thought (having lived in Buffalo, in the North Park neighborhood, for 4 years while attending UB) that Buffalo’s reputation for snow was enhanced outside of WNY because of the football team. People around the country see the Bills on television playing in the deep snow, with 80,000 yelling lunatics in the stands with their shirts off, and think “Well that’s Buffalo for you!” whereas the Bills actually play in Orchard Park, just south of the city and right in the snow belt. In those four years (1993-7) they only cancelled school three times, and only once for snow: the other two were for ice so bad that all roads leading to the Amherst campus were closed.

      Syracuse doesn’t have an NFL team, so people out of the area don’t know about it as much, but we Buffalonians knew they (and Rochester both) would usually beat us in the snow records for any given year.

    • TJ from Hamburg,NY says:

      Buffalo being on the lake has little to do with the lesser snow totals they receive, it’s more the direction the wind tends to come off the lake. I grew up in Hamburg, one of the harder hit towns, and I lived literally 100 yards from the lake, and trust me, we got hammered an awful lot. 3 feet or more in. 24 hr. period was not uncommon with lake effect. However, moving inland more, higher elevation, tended to definitely mean more often you received higher amounts.

  16. Jeff the Lanatic in Texxizz says:

    These people best get the snow off their roofs and away from their windows and doors.

  17. California says:

    NY should make gobs of money by stuffing the snow into box cars and shipping it to CA. Or cut slabs of Great Lake ice and ship them to Lake Mead!

    • Rational Db8 says:

      Sounds like all they’d need to do is use open topped rail cars, like those used for coal – let the storm pile the snow into it, then transport to Ca. {VBG} Oh, and instead of shipping to Lake Mead, just take it due west and drop it into any river/tributary that feeds Mead… save a little on shipping and melt and let the river do the transport job for ya. :0)

      • Shalom says:

        That’s how the Canadian Pacific Railway used to get rid of the snow clogging up their yards, back in the Steam Era. The intercity rail lines they could plow over to the sides, but in the yards you’d just block the next track over if you tried plowing, so they’d load it into whatever interchange equipment was supposed to be returned empty to its owners. By the time the cars returned to their home lines down south, the snow would have melted out and they’d be empty, as their waybills indicated.

        (Canadian National had an alternate solution. They built some weird apparatus pushed by a steam engine, that scooped up the snow, melted it using steam from the locomotive, and pumped it into a tank car behind the engine. When that filled up, they rolled out to the nearest bridge over a river, dumped it over the edge, then went back for more.)

  18. JT says:

    I lived at Ft. Drum back in late 70’s and early 80’s, also lived few years at Seneca Army Depot when it existed. I recall spending time at Tug Hill Plateau just outside of Syracuse and Oswego in winter, this are was notorious for whiteouts and non stop snow, I believe highest amounts in the area.


    • MadBag says:

      JT, Fort Drum is where they send the Alaska National Guard and US Army stationed in Alaska for winter training. Much more snow there. Some in the Army consider desertion when they get orders to Drum.

  19. Sam in Texas says:

    I hate to think of the stress on those roofs when they started getting the rain on top of the 3 feet of cold snow.

  20. David Kachel says:

    Had enough global warming yet?

  21. Jimbo says:

    Prettiest weather ever, a lake effect band right on top of you blasting you with snow all the while the sun shining in your face. Going up on the roof now to clear some snow. Meh.

  22. Michael says:

    It’s all Bush’s fault!

    Oh wait, never mind.

  23. Franchise says:

    Can you say weather modification ? I knew ya could.

  24. Nordic says:

    Go Lakers… I remember when they played at Polar Arena! Many a Halloween out in the snow!

  25. Lloyd says:

    I believe the Colorado record WAS broken in upstate NY above Syracuse in the late 1990’s (97, 98?). Somewhere’s around Mexico NY, I think they got 79″. My mother sent me the newspaper article.

  26. Sharon says:

    Davidinduluth, You’re right, our area is properly called Western New York. I think it’s never right in the media unless the reporter grew up around here. But I’m in the city of Buffalo, the area known as South Buffalo, and trust me, Buffalo really got the snow! South Buffalo had the most, with 60-70 inches in one day. We were spared a good part of what has fallen today though, thank God! South Buffalo also took the brunt of a storm in Dec. 2001 that left almost 7 feet over 4 or 5 days, and we were roundly hit by the October Storm of 2006. And those are just the events that stand out. So yeah, it really is Buffalo!

  27. Michelle Obama says:

    Hey peeps, we are hangin out eating good fried food & letting all the immigrants, illegally come in to the US for a new voter base! Stay Warm!

  28. Mel says:

    Winter of ’69. Mammoth Lakes, Calif. totaled over 16′ on the ground at one time. it snowed for more than a month non stop. As a big time ski area, the houses are built to talk 120lb per sq ft load. snow packed down around the crawl spaces of houses. 6 houses blew up from gas leaks that couldn’t escape. the elementary school new addition caught on fire and a snowplow drove thru the corridor to stop it from spreading. over 500 cars, left in the road while their owners skied, were chewed up by the rotary plows. The ski lifts at Mammoth Mountain, after being raised as high as they could be raised, had to have troughs dug out for the chairs. The snow was even with the top of my 2 story home, we had to keep a fire going to keep the chimney from getting covered.
    But if you really want to see high totals of snow, check out Mt Baker in Washington. all time world records.

  29. Gerry says:

    Why is it that Anywhere white is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?
    Why is it that Anywhere white is told to end its own race/culture?
    No one asks that of -Any- non-white country/area

    I’ve never seen any “anti racist” complain that any country is “Too Brown” and it has to become – Less – brown to combat racism.

    Who are they kidding?

    Diversity means white-only TARGETED racial & cultural replacement, AKA White Genocide

    Anti-racist is code for Anti-White


    • Fonzarelli says:

      “who are they kidding?”

      Gerry, who are YOU kidding? The reason areas are not targeted as being “too brown” is that there is NOTHING that can be done about it. In case you haven’t noticed, every body wants to live in white areas but NOBODY wants to live in brown areas. (how many white people do you see hopping the fence to get INTO mexico) There’s no point in talking about something that isn’t possible. Therefor nobody DOES…

      • Gerry says:


        You are missing the obvious: There are lots and lots of people who would love to get into Mexico. Billions of them. And Japan, Korea, Turkey, Iran, to name a few… And yet, somehow they don’t. Why not? Because the host population is expected and allowed to act in its own self interest. If non-Japanese are of no benefit to Japan, for example, they’re not getting in, and nobody minds that. Why not? Because those host populations are not “white”, according to the SPLC definition of the word.

        White people are held to the unique standard of having no right to self-preservation or group self-interest. Any white population, and only white populations, must be “diverse”, “multicultural” and “anti-racist”, with an emphasis on “minority rights”, which in reality only means non-white rights, since noone cares about “minority rights” in, say, Qatar.

        There are billions of barbarians on Planet Earth, yet the gates are open only to white-populated countries. That’s certainly not because of a lack of technological capability, it’s because of an anti-white moral and intellectual culture.

        • Fonzarelli says:

          Gerry, this is pure bunk… Have you ever heard of white flight? I live in new orleans where white flight began in the sixties to neighboring jefferson parish. Thirty years later, jefferson became “too black” and a second wave of wight flight occurred to the north shore of lake ponchartrain. THERE IS NO MASS MIGRATION OF PEOPLE INTO ORLEANS!!! There is every incentive for non white people to live where whites are. There is NO incentive for whites to live where non whites are PERIOD (.)

        • Steve Ta says:

          Gerry, I think you may have misunderstood something here.

          This posting is about SNOW – yeah, I know snow is typically pretty white, but that doesn’t really justify you switching to full-on racist rant mode, does it?

          • dave whitman says:

            Granted, his post is way off topic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Calling it “racist” is disingenuous, for you would surely not call a Japanese “racist” if he expressed concern that his culture was being degraded or that he was being demographically displaced in his historic homeland. That is an “anti-white” double standard, to use the terminology.

            Not that this is the right place to talk about it, but it is frustrating to have no acceptable public outlet for this discussion, even in a supposed democracy where the majority of the population does care about the issue.

  30. Al D says:

    And I was upset because the temperature dipped to 48 early in the morning in Southwest Florida the other day?

    Having lived my first 60 years in the Boston area, I can almost feel your pain up there in Buffalo. I don’t miss the cold and snow one bit.

  31. I don’t really know why I’m reading about this. Here in the Caribbean (Cayman Islands, just south of Cuba), it was down to 76 degrees the other night. I switched all the fans off, for goodness sake. At this rate, I’ll have to start wearing shoes inside the house to keep my feet warm, when winter comes.

  32. JohnnyNJ says:

    “If you like your snow, you can keep your snow”…..”

  33. Ryan says:

    Was it Global Warming that set the 1921 record?

  34. John Woodbury says:

    Meanwhile, in Northeastern China not a flake of snow, now 20 days late and warm temps. It is weather, climate is broad changes and we humans best hope it is global warming not a return to ice.

    • Lewis says:

      Agreed. We need more global warming, not less. Why would anyone want more snow, ice and freezing temps is beyond me. Maybe it’s the koolaid?!

      • Mark Luhman says:

        I have always preferred ice with my Kool Aid, maybe the AGW folks are just simple afraid that ice will become a thing of the past, after all most of them are luddites and probably don’t know about refridation.

  35. rah says:

    “So, when winter gives you too much snow, you just make the best of it:”

    Except it’s Fall!

    Listened to PBS while driving yesterday (11/20). They had on some guy that writes about Meteorology and climate change for Slate Magazine and the topic was how the heavy lake effect snows that hit Buffalo was caused by global warming! This guy claimed that the winter ice level in the Great Lakes have been declining for 30 years! The Lakes set a record for ice coverage just last winter and the way things are going it’s looking like there is a good chance they will set another one this winter!

    He was saying because the Great Lakes are warmer and not ice covered they cause worse Lake Effect snows. Good God the lower Lakes have not had a chance to ice over yet because it’s FRIGGEN NOVEMBER! And the water temps of the lakes have been running below normal for the whole year!

    I couldn’t take it anymore and changed the station. My tolerance level for such arrogant idiocy was just to low on that day.

    • Lewis says:


      You live amongst humans. The average IQ is 100 which means half the population has an IQ below 100. Don’t think too hard about it, you’ll get depressed.

      • rah says:

        I drive a big truck for a living. Though I have over two years of education above level 12, I have no degree. So it is depressing when I can generally tell when I’m being fed a line of total BS about weather or climate when I hear it as long as it doesn’t get too technical or math intensive and yet my niece that just completed her masters in Earth Sciences can’t. So what is most frustrating to me is how dumb about this stuff that many people that are actually pretty smart can be.

        • Lewis says:


          How big a big truck? Class 8 or bigger? Dry vans or oversize? Owner Operator or Company?

          I have found that too many people with papers from colleges do not know how to think, but since they have the piece of paper, believe they are smart. We could go on.

          By the way, I run an agency for Carroll Fulmer. We operate dry vans in the Southeast. OO’s mostly. Home weekends.

          I drove for a bit.

          • rah says:

            Company driver for Carter Express.
            I pull 53′ dry vans and refers. We have Volvo and Freightliners. I drive a 2012 Volvo. I’m sure they’ll put me in a new one next year since I have nearly 400,000 on mine and they like us salary driver to be in new equipment.

            I’m one of five salary drivers at the home terminal in Anderson, IN. My job is to be on call from 06:00 Sunday to 06:00 Fri. They call because of problems getting a load out and I go wherever whenever they need me to pulling what ever kind of load including Haz-mat. Go to Canada, mostly Ontario in the Toronto area at times.

            Generally when the snows a-flying I and the other four of us will be driving because that is when the psuedotruckers call off the loads they were committed to and refuse to go.

            Have a buddy that works for another smaller company that does automotive. They offered their drivers $300.00 bonus on top of mileage to go up to the Buffalo area this week and nobody was dumb enough to take them up on it.

            The GM engine plant in Tonawanda is really hurting and it is effecting GM all the way down the line with shifts being cancelled due to lack of parts/engines. But that is what you get when you run on the “Just In Time” system and have no warehousing to speak of. When things go wrong in any critical place it reverberates down through the whole chain.

          • Fonzarelli says:

            Lewis, this here feeds into what I was saying about public awareness and rah has hit the nail on the head. One of the reasons that I go by the moniker “fonzie” (other than the fact that I actually look like fonz; it’s a real nickname) is that he was just an auto mechanic. And yet an auto mechanic (or for that matter a teenager working on his chevy back in the day) appears to have more common sense than “many people that are actually pretty smart” (quoting rah here). I don’t know about you or rah but I wouldn’t want any of these climate scientists even touching the brakes on my car, including Dr Spencer! (sorry Dr. S., just a literary device here; I write whatever comes to the tip of my pen) AND hopefully rah may come away from all this with an awareness that it’s more than just climate science that’s gone awry. Maybe economics? (don’t get fonzie started on that one; I’ll never stop…) How about evolution? (even darwin had problems with his own theory) Psychotherapy? (freud? You’ve got to be kidding?) Or perhaps my personal favorite, GMOs… (how would anyone really feel about people who are no better than climate scientists tinkering with the very food they eat?) This overt awareness of the shortcomings of agw will hopefully spark an awareness that there are any number of shortcomings out there. And where will all this “awareness” lead us? I’m like you, probably not very far. But then again, that doesn’t mean that we should ever give up trying…

      • Mark Luhman says:

        Lewis the unfortunate thing is it look like most of the MSM is in that below 100 club. Worse than that they are too stupid to know it and to top that off they think of themselves as intellectuals.

        • Mark Luhman says:

          To top it off Lewis I just hard a revelation reading this blog, In English society the sons who were not smart enough to run the family business or estate, where ship off to the military which did cost a lot of lower class englishmen their lives! Well in this country we have something similar going on, instead of the military, they just send them off to school to become politicians or reporters.

    • Bill says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Does Erie have ice on November 17th typically? NO.

      • Tom Waeghe says:

        What years did you live in Sault Saint Marie, Roy. I’m from the west in Gladstone. Lived in the UP from 1956 to 1977.

  36. Scott Adams says:

    I am from Amherst having left back in 1981 so I have gone thru blizzard conditions on many occasions. I am happy to say that I have put that behind me and live in Texas (temporarily) where it will be 75 degrees today. My permanent home is in CT where we get snow BUT nothing like the Buffalo area….

  37. Tina says:

    Got to hear the thunder snow first hand yesterday while filling my outdoor furnace, also lightning which startled me quite a bit. Living in the snow belt area off of Lake Ontario, we endure Lake Effect all winter long due to Ontario never freezing over. So Erie enjoy it because soon your machine will wind down while Ontario is still cranking along.

  38. john cass says:

    Wow. I never saw anything like that. Please be careful Buffalo. Check the building. Put some clean water aside. I am praying for you.

  39. Bill says:

    How many decades of CO2, etc. are belched by one angry Volcano? We need to toss AlGore into the fire pit so it’s not a complete waste.

  40. Bilbo says:

    Thanks, Roy, I love the shot of the fridge.
    Out here in the San Luis Valley, we’ve had recent mild winters and 50 year drought breaking monsoons.

    We stole Buffalo’s weather and replaced it with ours.

    Here’s one for the struggle.


  41. Charles Scruffy says:

    I am sitting here in my shorts and T shirt in Florida. Hard to relate.
    But I am sweating a little so time for another cold one..

  42. 1966 oswego ny 102 inches. check the records.

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