Hydroxychloroquine Now Being Advocated to Fight Coronavirus; Trump Supporting?

March 18th, 2020 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Now this is getting interesting!

Tucker Carlson is, as I type, interviewing one of the COVID-19 researchers from Stanford, who is quoting the new French study that shows (he says) a 100% cure rate using hydroxychloroquine. (I don’t know if my pestering of my contact at FoxNews helped instigate the coverage, I sent him the earlier Stanford-led research report that use China and S. Korea results with the drug).

The Stanford researcher said that Trump has authorized mass buys (I think that’s what he said) of the drug.

Here’s the website with the latest results. Could be a Big Let-Down for Big Pharma, which I’m sure wants to produce a variety of treatments and vaccines.

I expect this story will evolve rapidly in the coming days.


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