Did global warming take down Flight 370?

March 20th, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Sure, why not? I can’t believe this explanation wasn’t near the top of the list from the beginning.

If CNN can entertain the possibility that an errant black hole did it, why not global warming?

Look at all the evidence we had from the TV series Lost…but there never was a good explanation for what happened to that flight, right?

How might global warming be involved? Well, let’s see. There are those mysterious megacryometeors (falls of giant pieces of ice, even out of a blue sky), which Jesus Martinez-Frias, a planetary geologist at the Center for Astrobiology in Madrid, Spain, tried to tell me are due to climate change. Maybe one of those smacked the plane.

Or, what about a rogue jet stream, disrupted by global warming, suddenly arising and causing so much tail wind that the jet loses lift and drops out of the sky?

C’mon folks, lets’ use our imaginations! Surely we can do better than black holes!

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  1. Ossqss says:


    Thoughts and prayers to those impacted.

    Touchy subject and a fine line walked Doc. Albeit, the media coverage is ridiculous.

  2. yup, didn’t think of the William Shatner – gremlin possibility.

  3. Ossqss says:

    In this unfortunate situation,evidence is certainly pointing towards the pilots being the gremlins. I just find it hard to believe with the technology we have at our disposal that no debris has been found to date.

    Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for the passengers and crew.

    • Santa Baby says:

      It could also be some sort of massive electrical break down eventually taking out all due to loss of cabin pressure. The pilots could be at maximum sorting out a bunch of failure lights and what the problem is and what checklist to use. Cabin pressure could be falling slowly and if they due to stress don’t pay notice to the additional alarm sound when cabin pressure falls below aprox 11.000 feet they will sooner or loose their conscience as cabin pressure continue to fall.

    • Gordon Robertson says:

      It’s beginning to appear as if it’s cheapness. The Malaysians seem to be running a system of secondary radar without implementing the primary radar required to keep the aircraft on the screen.

      A secondary radar system is not actually radar, it is a communication system in which the aircraft detects a high frequency beacon and responds to it with information. If the transponder on the aircraft is damaged, or switched off, the plane disappears off the screen.

      Modern airports use both primary and secondary radar with the secondary antenna attached to the radar antenna, referred to as a sail, which rotates through 360 degrees. Primary radar is true radar, it sends out a beam that is reflected off an aircraft’s skin and received back at the ground station. There’s no way the plane could have disappeared off a primary system unless it exploded.

      With all the non-technical, mysterious explanations for the disappearance it becomes obvious how the AGW theory got going.

  4. Martin C says:

    I wonder if the plane saw an island in the ocean, thought they could land on it, but at the last moment, the island just DISAPPEARED . . .

    . .or maybe the plane ‘went back in time’ . . .

    ( . .for all you LOST fans . . )

  5. David L. Hagen says:

    Hot air is less dense than cold air reducing lift. e.g., Planes at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Are Grounded When it Gets Very Hot
    Global warming has increased temperatures reducing safe flight conditions, therefore increasing probability of failure – (guestimating by 0.00000000001%?)

  6. Of course the global warming did it.

    Peer-reviewed scientific papers prove AGW leads to pre-traumatic stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, substance abuse, suicide, violence, war, terrorism, ad nauseum. These factors certainly affected the pilots, as well as everyone else on the plane.


    Anyone who denies this obviously is a conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat, and a paid shill of Big Oil.

  7. Massimo PORZIO says:


    Oh my God!
    I hope they are not the ones which fallen from the sky in 2000 here in Italy and all the TV news talked about.
    It was an hoax, and believe it or not but I know very well the one who made them “fall from sky” 🙂

    • Santa Baby says:

      Well it could be caused by aircraft water leakage and due to minus 60 degrees C at the drain pipe end build up of ice that eventually breaks off?

      • Massimo PORZIO says:

        Hi SB,
        I don’t really know if any leakage from airplanes could really agglomerate to a unique big piece of ice and remain that shape after the impact to the ground.
        What I know for sure is that I well remember that the two weeks of “ice from sky” in Spain in January 2000 happened just few days after we had two blocks of ice dropped here in Novara, which is the biggest city near my hometown.
        The Novara events were reported the first time by the local newspaper and after by the national TV too.
        When I wrote that I know very well the one who made them fall from sky I was sarcastic, because I know the joker who filled the plastic shopping bags with water and let them attached to the balcony railing during those very cold nights to create those “cryometeors” 😉
        So, I found very curious that the Spanish had those “emergency” just few days later, what a coincidence…

        Anyways I could be wrong but stand quiet, if there is something I’m not afraid is to get any megacryometeor on my head 🙂

        Have a nice day.


  8. Gary says:

    The Oceanic 815 crash and global warming both are caused by the Dharma Initiative monkeying around with that hidden magnetic flux on The Island. The key is in the number sequence 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, of course, as applied to the barycentric cycles of planetary orbits and intercontinental flights at stratospheric altitudes.

  9. nigel cook says:

    I’m astounded that the revered string theorist Dr Edward Witten, creator of M-theory – the 11 dimensional supergravity bulk with 10 dimensional superstring “brane” surface on it, which is compactified down to 4 dimensional spacetime by 10^500 different metastable vacua states of the 6/7 dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold – is not hyping the disappearance of the plane as “proof” of his theory. Surely, Witten should get the Nobel Prize in physics. The plane must have gone into one of his 10^500 parallel universes.

  10. Doug says:

    Would the newly discovered gravity waves be the culprit ?

    Or could it be the lure of “Gilligan’s Island” and topical days and nights be to blame?

    That said,our prayers out to the souls on board the aircraft.

  11. wizard says:

    Simple really.
    No plane.
    No disappearance.

  12. lemiere jacques says:

    flock of flying fishes …they can reach higher altitude now

  13. geran says:

    CNN is sick!

    We don’t need to add to the perversion.

  14.  Doug  Cotton   says:

    Sure it must have been global warming. But at least it wasn’t carbon dioxide.

    Measurements made with the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube now confirm the validity of the gravito-thermal effect. That is what explains the “33 degrees of warming” not GH radiative forcing.

    Would someone like to inform Spencer, Lindzen, Christy and Curry? It would be nice if real science could be discussed, instead of the false fictitious fissics fantasy that is promulgated by the IPCC, Lindzen, Spencer, Curry, Christy etc.

    They all think a state of isothermal conditions could happen, despite the obvious fact that such a state is not a state of thermodynamic equilibrium with maximum entropy and does not exist in the Uranus troposphere.

    There’s nothing quite like empirically measured facts to prove the GH conjecture wrong, but Lindzen, Curry and Christy still have their heads buried in at least some carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide cools by 0.1 degree: it does not warm.

    • geran says:

      Doug, some folks think you have lost it. But, like you, I have been to other planets also. So, don’t mess with my thermodynamics.

      I must correct your statement: “They all think a state of isothermal conditions could happen, despite the obvious fact that such a state is not a state of thermodynamic equilibrium with maximum entropy and does not exist in the Uranus troposphere”.

      The maximum isothermal coefficient that can be achieved is inversely related to the diagonal projection of the gradient vector. The mistake you make is relating homogeneous gravitational retardation to the ambient divergence of Fourier transformation. (This is a common error.)

      To achieve the equilibrium, and avoid the maximum entropy you are concerned with, you must indeed apply the differential algorithm. And, as you know, this is not to be confused with the inverse cotangent relationships.

      If you have any questions, contact me at planet RT-2X48aq. I believe you know the area code.

      •  Doug  Cotton   says:

        No I am not mistaken. No one pulls wool over Cotton’s eyes my friend. But, none-the-less, I will be offering that $5,000 reward when my book “Why it’s not carbon dioxide after all” is available late April. Maybe Roy will try to win it.

        Now you tell me why the additional gravitational potential energy per molecule at the top does not constitute an unbalanced energy potential. You tell me why there would not be any net transfer of kinetic energy downwards, thus indicating the isothermal state was not thermal or thermodynamic equilibrium. You tell me why there is a very precise -g/Cp gradient in the Uranus troposphere.

        Your gradient vector obviously does not take into account the force of gravity, which is what we are talking about in the gravito-thermal effect that you’ll now find mentioned all over the internet, even in Wikipedia. I gave you a link to some information on the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube. I have also proved with mathematical induction from my four molecule thought experiment why and how the gravito-thermal effect occurs.

        I suggest you read a few more of my comments on various threads here and get back with your explanation as to just exactly how sufficient thermal energy gets into the Venus surface in order to raise its temperature by 5 degrees (from 732K to 737K) over the course of its four-month-long day. Before you try, I suggest you read my peer-reviewed paper “Radiated Energy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics” published on several websites in March 2012. Then use the measured data which determined that direct insolation reaching the Venus surface is less than 20W/m^2, because carbon dioxide absorbs most of the incident solar radiation.

      •  Doug  Cotton   says:

        To Roy and silent readers:

        Having helped university students understand physics ever since I majored in it in the 1960’s, I can detect when someone displays a lack of understanding of physics, especially thermodynamics and radiative heat transfer – areas of specialised study for me in recent years.

        For example, our friend geran wrote “To achieve the equilibrium, and avoid the maximum entropy”

        Notice how he didn’t clarify what type of equilibrium he meant – thermal equilibrium or thermodynamic equilibrium?

        Notice how he got entropy all mixed up, in assuming I was trying to avoid maximum entropy, when in fact the state of thermodynamic equilibrium is the state of maximum entropy as you can read here:

        “The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems always evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium— a state depending on the maximum entropy.”

        • Alick says:

          Doug, you need to supply some initial velocities to the four molecules in your 4 molecule thought experiment.

          Personally, I don’t see how you can think honestly about “collisions” without knowing the initial velocities of each of the molecules. If it REALLY doesn’t matter, it would work itself out and there should be no harm in supplying some initial velocities.

          •  Doug  Cotton   says:

            I did. Mean kinetic energy is related to velocity, because the kinetic energy is shared equally between translational, vibrational and rotational degrees of freedom, as per the equipartition theorem. It doesn’t matter what the values of kinetic and potential energy are, because it is only the difference that matters, and that can be determined in regard to gravitational potential energy by the height difference. Such height difference may be considered to be 68 nanometres because that is the mean free path of air molecules I understand. The concept may be extended to the whole troposphere by mathematical induction.

          • Alick says:

            No, you did not supply any velocity. I corrected myself elsewhere, kinetic energy is not a vector, but the velocity of the molecules are vectors. They have a direction associtated with them. Yes, kinetic energy is related to the velocity.

            Query : If the 4 molecules are starting at different levels, as far as gravitational potential goes, how do they wind up colliding in the first place? We don’t know this until you provide the “directional portion” of their initial velocities.

            Query : How does the kinetic energy present in molecule D perform work against gravity on itself to change back into potential energy in order to collide with molecule B?

      • “Doug, some folks think you have lost it.”

        Most folks thinks he never had it.

        •  Doug  Cotton   says:

          What climatologists have “lost” is the Second Law of Thermodynamics which I use throughout the development of the “heat creep” hypothesis in my book.

          Show me where you think Roy Spencer discussed the maximum entropy conditions of thermodynamic equilibrium when he guessed that isothermal conditions would be the norm without radiating gases. (Item 6 in his “Misunderstood” article.)

          They would not, because the Second Law shows us why isothermal conditions are not a state of thermodynamic equilibrium. If you don’t know why, refer to my more detailed comments on such elsewhere on this blog.

      • Christopher Game says:

        geran, your explanation is the clearest and soundest that has been offered. You must be a top professor writing anonymously. We look forward to more illumination from you, perhaps a 3 volume textbook? I am glad to have your planetary address.

  15. George Montgomery says:

    This article is a gross error of judgement on your part. You’re trivialising a tragedy, for what reasons I can only guess but it reeks of opportunism, vindictiveness and insensitivity. It adds nothing to the information or level of conjecture on MH370. Ask yourself, would I be prepared to present this at a news conference in Kuala Lumpur before the relatives of the missing passengers? A question that some elements of the world media should contemplate as well.
    In future, try walking in the footsteps of Christ.

  16. coturnix says:

    Missing plane… Missing heat… am I the only one who sees a connection? Perhaps they have common explanation…/

    • coturnix says:

      …indeed, both are lost and can’t be recovered

    • crakar24 says:

      What you mean neither of them existed in the first place?……….i dont get it.

      • Lewis says:

        There is no missing heat. There is no missing plane. The plane never left. It is all a hoax in order to collect the insurance money on the bracket bet.

        But if you want a real answer try this. The plane never crashed, at least unintentionally. It was taken off course, went below radar and has landed somewhere. If it was then reflown, that was to take the unwanted passengers and crash them to get rid of the evidence. The pilots would have jumped.

      • coturnix says:

        No, Hiding in the deep oceans, most likely answer.

  17. geran says:

    Doug Cotton says:
    March 20, 2014 at 5:38 PM
    No I am not mistaken. No one pulls wool over Cotton’s eyes my friend.

    Hook, line, and sinker….

  18. Peter Yates says:

    CNN quote: “a small black hole would suck in ‘our entire universe’. So we know it’s not that.”
    I think Mary Schiavo (a former U.S. Department of Transportation inspector general) meant to say ‘our entire solar system’.

    I did a little surfing and picked a few interesting lines from ‘thewire.com’ :-
    “Currently, there are two general types of black holes: the kind that forms when a massive star dies, and a second type with a much larger mass. Those larger black holes exist in the centers of galaxies. If either type of black hole came anywhere near Earth, they would swallow the entire solar system, not just a jet plane.”
    “Even if a black hole capable of swallowing a plane out of the sky did exist, a lot of other things would be missing as well.”
    “But don’t worry, that’s not going to happen. The idea that a black hole could just appear somewhere, briefly opening up like a baseball glove to catch the plane and then close again and vanish, is not really accurate. Black holes do not just ‘open up.’ ”
    …. That’s an idea that comes from science fiction. ….

    ( http://www.thewire.com/global/2014/03/we-asked-scientists-about-cnns-black-hole-based-malaysian-plane-theory/359382/ )

  19.  Doug  Cotton   says:

    See comments on latest news starting here.

  20. KevinK says:

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster ?? I believe they have their own religion now, the “Pastafarians”.

    Sincere best wishes for all the folks involved, it sure seems likely at this time that many individuals loved by their families are lost. I hope that all of our technology can bring some closure to these poor folks.

    Several young men in my Father’s outfit (8th US Army Air Force, flying P-51s over occupied France in 1944-45) are STILL listed as missing in action (probably went down over the English Channel, or nose dived into a forest someplace).

    And the families still have no closure, they went away to serve their country and simply never came back (alive or deceased)…..


  21. “Did global warming take down Flight 370?”

    I don’t know if there is a causal connection but I am sure it is “consistent with” climate change.

  22. Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking: Ben

    Ben: Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking

    Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking: Ben

    Ben: Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking

    Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking: Come with me for a minute. I want to talk to you about Flight 370 and the Future.

    Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking takes Ben out to the Greenhouse for a private man-to-man chat away from the chatty, whimsical, vacuous ladies in pearls.

    Once in the Greenhouse Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking begins his pitch

    Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking: I just want to say one word to you––just one word about the missing Flight 370.

    Ben: Yes sir.

    Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking: Are you listening?

    Ben: Yes I am.

    Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking: Methane. (pronounced with the long “e” like Wasdell for the added emphasis of sophistication).

    Ben: Exactly how do you mean?

    Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking: There’s a great future in Methane. Think about it. Will you think about it?

    Ben: Yes I will.

    Mr. Opportunity’s Knocking: Shhhhh……enough said. That’s a deal.


  23. George Tobin says:

    Why does it not surprise me that this comment thread got weird? It brings to mind the words of the great Hunter S. Thompson:

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

    I for one, think the plane was hit with an Uncertainty Ball. Because we know the climate models are right yet the measured temperatures are not in sync with the model predictions and the concomitant catastrophic consequences have not accrued, this means there is increasing Uncertainty. As we move forward into rapidly increasing Uncertainty, larger instances of Uncertainty (proportional to missing heat energy that Uncertainty has somehow consumed) will do bad (“extreme”) things unless we do penance and offer sacrifice for having eaten that non-organic apple instead of signing the Kyoto Treaty.

    Or not.

  24. Threepwood says:

    If it were to follow every other absurd global warming assertion, there would be no need for any scientific explanation- simply a quote that 99% of government climastrologists agree.. based on their computer simulations.. – so the science is settled; we must subsidize research into planes that run on batteries.

    Though I have a horrible feeling we probably already do?

  25. David L. Hagen says:

    Global warming is being mitigated by increased use of energy storage including lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have been implicated in multiple plane crashes. Now we find that flight MH370 was carrying a large cargo of lithium batteries. ergo by unvalidated journalistic extrapolation.

  26. nigel cook says:

    What about the satellite photos from the southern Indian ocean , south west of Australia? The alleged 24 metres long white-coloured “debris” (poor resolution photo) looks like a cloud to me. What’s the probability of mistaking a couple of small random bits of cloud for debris? Are there any experts in satellite photos of clouds who can tell the difference between a blurry picture of a white cloud a blurry pic of a white plane hull?

    The last tracking signal suggested that the plane either went south or north. Logically, if it went south – headed for Antarctica – the pilot must have been dead (decompression disaster) or crazy. I don’t see what motivation there is to fly south. Only if it went north, is hijacking a real possibility.

    • nigel cook says:

      As a corollary: the plane can’t have gone south by accident, simply because the autopilot couldn’t have changed the course to a heading for Antarctica. Logic suggests that because it changed course, and there’s no motivation to fly south, it must have gone north…

  27.  Doug  Cotton   says:

    This is the start of similar future terrorist attacks, I believe … see my comments from here.

    Authorities should be investigating all pilots who started training around 2007. This I believe is the next 9/11 with striking similarities. But they knew they couldn’t repeat 9/11 with scanty, suspicious looking quick training jobs – they had to get to the cockpit from the inside of the system – starting with full training and experience on other flights, and probably flight simulators at the terrorists’ headquarters.

    Imagine the terrorist impact when several such mystery flights start to make world headlines.

  28.  Doug  Cotton   says:

    It’s all clear now.

    At cruising altitude (where cabin decompression is going to work best) the young co-pilot (working for terrorists ever since he started pilot training in 2007) poisons the pilot with something in his refreshments, and gives a brief final message to controllers to try to disguise his voice. The pilot does not correct him and say that the extra information needs to be given, because he’s already dead.

    The co-pilot climbs down to where he can cause the decompression to fail, and probably the passengers’ oxygen supply. Then he announces that they are turning back because they have a serious decompression problem. Passengers are instructed to fit oxygen masks urgently, so there’s no time to phone relatives, but their phones keep ringing later on because they’re all dead.

    The pilot stays at high altitude (contrary to what should have been done) until he is sure they are all dead, then drops altitude to about half what it was for his own temporary survival using his and the dead pilot’s oxygen.

    He alters course several times to use up fuel and to confuse authorities, even getting in the radar shadow of another plane heading towards India. He does this until there’s just enough fuel for the plane to fly on autopilot to one of the most remote regions of the Indian Ocean, 2,500Km SW of Perth, West Australia. Of course he doesn’t want it to reach Antarctica where it could be easily sighted. He probably dies by turning off his own oxygen.

    But a 24 meter wing comes off (as would be expected) and floats while still empty of fuel. But it may well have sunk by now if there was a hole caused by the crash.

    The world impact is incredible, and if several such future incidents occur, the whole concept of safety in passenger air travel will be threatened.

  29. Streetcred says:

    They were vaporized by a misaligned beam from one of those u-beaut solar/thermal energy generators … y’know those ones that concentrate sun rays on a point like a magnifying glass. Some warmista somewhere had better get his story straight as it won’t be long before the investigators work this out for themselves.

  30. Gunga Din says:

    It wasn’t AGW.
    Since a plane crashed it could only be CAGW.
    They apparently flew into the missing heat.

  31. Atomic Hairdryer says:

    I have a peer-reviewed answer.

    “Philip Gingerich at University of Michigan and his colleagues recently presented a research at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. They said that there is enough evidence to support the idea that mammals could shrink in size due human-led global warming.”

    So the aircraft’s seals shrank.

  32. yonason says:

    Hello? Is this thing on? (about 7th try give or take a few, mostly give)

  33. yonason says:

    OK, on the chance that I got temporarily rejected because of a long link, I’ll just give the title, and you can search for it if interested.

    It’s “Lt. Gen. McInerney Says #MH370 Is In Pakistan – ‘I Got A Source That Confirmed It Yesterday’ (Video)” – over at Gateway Pundit.

    In a more recent update on Gateway Pundit, we are back to “French Satellite Spots Floating Junk in Ocean – Might Be Missing Plane”

    And then there’s the rumor that it was Doug C., who hijacked it, mistaking it for a blog post on AGW. In the last, as yet unrevealed unofficial transmission the captain was overheard screaming “One more word about gravity and the 2nd law, and I swear I’m ditching this thing.” Passengers in the background could be heard hollering, “please, ditch it and spare us!”

  34. Hunter says:


    Well, there it is. Liberal media didn’t say that APGW caused the crash, it just prevented us from finding the plane.

  35.  Doug  Cotton   says:

    We’ve just heard that this was the first flight in which the co-pilot did not have another co-pilot also on board. He had had five previous flights on 777’s but on those he was undergoing tests with both a pilot and another co-pilot as standby, according to usual procedure. So it seems this has been a long term plan and this was his first opportunity with a 777 passenger load to kill and only one other in the cabin to bump off, probably with poison I suspect.

  36.  Doug  Cotton   says:

    I’d say they are about to announce within the hour that some of the debris has been linked to the missing aircraft. Be watching on the hour which is in less than 50 minutes.

    • crakar24 says:

      nope wrong again Doug.


    • yonason says:

      “Be watching on the hour which is in less than 50 minutes.” – Doug C.

      tic toc tic toc….

      It’s been 5 days, Doug, and….

      “A Chinese and an Australian ship have failed to identify remains from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight after their first day in a new search area.

      The two ships retrieved objects from the Indian Ocean but none was confirmed to be from missing flight MH370, Australia’s maritime authority said.”
      (latest update)

      I think they passed too close to a golf course, and the plane’s guidance systems were knocked out. Global warming increases the odds that will happen, apparently.

  37. Jane, you ignorant slut.

    Sorry, I know that has nothing to do (or maybe it does since everything does, apparently) with Flight 370 and CAGW. I just like to say it every now and then.

    Carry on.

  38.  Doug  Cotton   says:

    That orange flight path calculated from satellite data ended in a dark (deep) region just before the lighter blue and more shallow regions approaching Antarctica. It was just about the most remote and deepest location in the Southern Indian Ocean, and I’m confident the co-pilot worked out how far it would fly on a tank full, using up just the right amount circling around and confusing authorities.

    This has been well planned, I think from the time he deliberately started training in 2007 with this end intended. Call a spade a spade – this was a terrorist attack for sure, and it has the hallmarks of a very clever plan originally dreamt up by Bin Laden. It was “better” than 9/11 in that it only required one suicide pilot for a plane load of innocent passengers from many countries, and it gained huge publicity. After all, most plane crashes are just news for a day or so and assumed due to mechanical failure. This was clearly not.

    Will more follow? Well no organisation is claiming responsibility yet, so that seems to indicate more such events are to come. After two or three planes disappear people will link them to 9/11, as the similarity is written all over it.

    • crakar24 says:

      Doug you are a nut job (sorry Roy but it needs to be said).

      The point of enacting a terrorist attack is to instill fear/terror in a group of people. Tell me doug are you now living in fear? What is the point of enacting a terrorist act if you dont tell anyone, how can you instill terror into people if you dont actually terrorise anyone?

      Also doug it is very, very difficult to plot a flight path using something like Inmarsat thats why they use radar both primary and secondary. The truth is they have no idea where the plane is nor why it went missing.

      Please stop with the uneducated remarks



      •  Doug  Cotton   says:

        In 9/11 the fact that it was a terrorist attack was not apparent in the first 15 minutes before the second tower was hit. I hope I’m not right of course, but if a second similar event happens in the next few months perhaps, then we would know there is an organisation behind it, and it has bin Laden all over it. Don’t underestimate him – this could be his legacy.

        Look, of course I don’t know and now I’ve heard that the co-pilot was recently separated from his spouse (though with another woman) maybe he wasn’t fit to fly. By the same token, this was his very first opportunity when there was not a third pilot present and he had just completed his tests (and passed) in five earlier flights on 777’s.

        So you tell me why he did it. It’s an elaborate way to commit suicide, but, however you look at it, yes I believe it will affect Malaysian airlines and some people will be scared to fly. Imagine how many will be if there are more disappearing planes. Perhaps the only good news is that the passengers must have been all dead soon after he circled back, because none were answering phone calls when the plane was back in range over Malaysia, before it headed north west towards India, and then south. This was planned, even if only by the co-pilot.

  39. crakar24 says:

    Oh by the way i want to know why no one is knocking on Stephen Kings door he wrote a book about this sort of thing :-))

  40. Brittany says:

    are you serious? have you even watched lost? It is explained. Desmond caused the crash when he was out of the cabin too long and didn’t come back in time to type in the numbers, causing the electro-mangectivity to be released, causing the plane to crash as it was flying above the island at that point in time

  41. yonason says:

    Yep, gravity and the 2nd law, that’s what it was; or maybe it was the fatty gravy and that second desert? (hmmm, same thing really, if you think about it, but not too deeply.)

    I doubt human nature had anything whatever to do with it. …right?

    Of course, it still might be prudent to wait for Malaysia to upgrade their pilot mental health screening before flying their psychotic skies, you know, just to be sure?

  42. Mike Maguire says:

    To figure out what happened, theories over what may have happened to this plane should just proceed sort like catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory.

    Have experts, that understand the physics of air flight, fuel use, atmospheric conditions at the time and so on pick mathematical equations to represent this in the model.
    Have more experts that understand human psychology, terrorism and actions based on the human elements involved program in the appropriate weighting for what their expert opinion has determined represents the situation.

    Run the model. Use dozens of slight but reasonable variations of unknown parameters to obtain an ensemble of solutions.

    When the results are known, assume that the solution that the model indicates is the most likely is the answer. Announce to the world that we figured out what happened to the plane. Stop the search because the “question has been answered” and the “debate is over” even if empirical data from the real world does not confirm a plane where the computer model indicated it should be.

    Speculate on reasons to justify why the plane is not there right now and/or why it will be at that site(is hidden in the deep ocean) if we just wait long enough for it to return.

  43. I_m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future.

  44. and now I’ve heard that the co-pilot was recently separated from his spouse (though with another woman) maybe he wasn’t fit to fly.

    If this becomes a prerequisite to piloting a plane, there won’t be anyone left to fly them. Air Traffic will come to a standstill.

    How many more perks of the job can be taken away? What would the pilot’s union say to a new requirement that all pilots be married and monogamous where an act of infidelity is grounds for immediate dismissal?

    •  Doug  Cotton   says:

      Yes – the words “not fit to fly” came from the Malaysian authorities or airline representatives – not sure which. Looking for excuses, I think. It’s almost as if there is a deliberate “hush” about not talking about deliberate actions, long term plans or terrorism.

      I still believe the fact that this was the co-pilot’s very first opportunity to be alone with just one other in the cockpit of a large plane points clearly to this being a long-term plan. He was the one who spoke the last words – very briefly and not with details of position etc – and I’m sure he knew what he was about to do. In fact, the pilot was probably dead by then, so there was no turning back – except for the plane that is.

      • yonason says:

        “…the words “not fit to fly” came from the Malaysian authorities or airline representatives – not sure which.” – Doug C.

        Not according to reports from over a week ago.

        Gateway Pundit related the UK “Mail Online” report alleging that…
        “A close friend said Captain Zaharie was in ‘no state of mind to be flying'”

        (I posted a link to same in a comment a while back)

  45. Santa Baby says:

    Roy I see a bunch of radicals on this page saying things with the intent to compromise and put you under pressure. They want to control the data from UAH?

  46. the Griss says:

    Were did global warming go?

    Its hiding !!! Somewhere over the rainbow !


    When will it come out of hiding?

    When Roy Spencer and John Christy are replaced by CAGW apologists and the satellite record can be upjusted to suit the warmist story, thereby giving the guys at GISS and Hadley free rein to manipulate at their leisure.



    • Doug Cotton says:

      “Rainbow” is right – remember that downward curving plot (concave from below) that Roy used to superimpose on these plots that supposedly had no meaning?

  47. Doug Cotton says:

    Now we know (from pings detected by ships west of Perth) that it went down in an even deeper region (over 5,000m) it’s obvious this was well planned and calculated. There’s a terrorist organisation behind this and I wonder how many more trainees from around 2007 are likely to cause more mystery flights. Is this Bin Laden’s legacy?

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