Life as You Know It Will End if John Kerry is Wrong…OR Right

October 13th, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

The silliness of some politicians never ceases to astonish me. I know, I knowÖI should be used to it by now. But repeating a lie like ď2 plus 2 equals 37Ē doesnít seem to convince me no matter how many times itís repeated.

Or, maybe itís the silliness of so many people who believe those politicians.

A few days ago, an article written about a speech Secretary of State John Kerry gave last Thursday opened with:

“Life as you know it on Earth ends” if climate change skeptics are wrong (according to John Kerry).

Well, given the catastrophically high cost of converting even 50% of our fossil-fuel based energy to renewables (if thatís even possible, since they are intermittent sources), most of us will be living in poverty if Sec. Kerry gets his way.

Iím sure he and his friends wonít be. But we will.

And it doesnít matter if the world is in for serious warming or not. Life, as you know it, will end.

Besides, itís already well known, based upon the IPCCís own modelling, that you could eliminate the United States altogether and it would have an unmeasurable impact on global temperatures by the end of this century. Hundredths of a degree.

Is that the warming that Sec. Kerry is claiming will end “life as we know it on Earth”? Really?

So, why is Sec. Kerry persisting with this issue? Is there some political angle I am missing, separate from what is good for the country?


Here’s a short video, in which I and energy policy experts describe how the premature push toward renewable energy on a large scale will increase human suffering:

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