Pachauri Quits IPCC

February 24th, 2015 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

IPCC Working Group III Chairman Rajendra Pachauri attends a news conference to present Working Group III's summary for policymakers at the IPCC in BerlinRajendra Pachauri has resigned the IPCC in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. I predict the new leader will be even more extreme…will probably up the percentage confidence that recent warming was manmade to 99.9%. /nosarc

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  1. bassman says:

    It is good that he resigned. I wanted to follow up with the “it’s the sun” and Soon debacle. There is a brand new post by on RealClimate about solar variation that is really quite good. If you don’t want to read it…it shows clearly that recent warming is not being driven by changes in solar energy.

    • JohnKl says:


      You link to a website that criticizes Soon for supposedly not revealing (or perhaps TRUMPETING would be a better word) his claimed links to industry or financiers like the Koch brothers all the while like me you do not reveal your full name and information either. What gives? Do view private interests cynically? Are you under the impression that you don’t have any?

      Have a great day!

    • JohnKl says:


      Your link claims to provide an updtated (supposedly improved solar re-construction) to replace Willie Soon’s but seems to provide little basis other than their assertion to believe their solar forcing graph to be any more accurate than anyone else’s.

      Have a great day!

    • Shawn Torgerson says:

      Sorry bassman, but that proves absolutely nothing being that the longterm affects of the sun on ocean temperatures that drive current climate play out over a much longer time scale than the post you reference understands. Solar affect (which is the ultimate source of all climate, being it is the only true radiative input into the system) has many many various cycles, some long term, some short. Longwave radiation is the main driver of ocean temp, which can be blocked out by clouds (there goes the “all” positive feedback theory) because short wave radiation (from GHG) cannot penetrate the surface more than a few millimeters. Please learn the science.

    • Aaron S says:

      Bassman. Soon was not relevant to solar research anymore than Gore or Pachauri are to AGW research. Svensmark is the man for solar research. Until the IPCC addresses the potential for cosmic rays and or UV spectrum of TSI their analysis is incomplete and lacking a potential first order variable. When we consider the pdo and solar activity were in phase for warming and created a huge pulse of warming from about 1980 to 2000, and that there are certainly lags between forcing and response within the climate system, then there is a very real and likely scenario that much of the recent warming was natural and we are waiting for the response to the global temperature bc of a lag. If you dont believe in cosmic rays i will provide videos from svensmark, if you dont believe in lags then i suggest that you turn on the burner and boil some water, then turn off the burner wait one minute and stick your hand in the water. I am sick of you avoiding cosmic rays there is very real research about them… until you do you are just a biased voice regurgitating information from a biased web page.

      • Aaron S says:

      • Gordon Robertson says:

        @Aaron S “I am sick of you avoiding cosmic rays there is very real research about them…”

        Anyone who doubts the influence of solar energy on the Earth, and other energy like cosmic rays, besides warming, should read the book by astronomer Syun Akasofu on the solar wind. He explains the immense effects produced in the atmosphere, oceans, and surface by electrical currents produced by the interaction of the Earth’s magnetic field with the protons and electrons that make up the solar wind.

        In fact, other physicists like Wal Thornhill, think the universe is run by electrical energy.

        The AGW theory is a very primitive theory that has an unrealistic focus on the radiative transfer of heat. I think the focus developed largely because climate models were used and it was easier to program them with the Boltzmann radiation equation than with the highly complex interactions that actually occur in the atmosphere.

        The problem with Boltzmann as I see it is that the related theories were developed for stellar objects which could model black bodies. I think far too many liberties have been taking applying radiative theory to the temperatures experienced on Earth, especially trying to model trace gases like CO2 as black bodies.

    • Gordon Robertson says:

      @bassman “There is a brand new post by on RealClimate…”

      Several reasons why I stopped reading the drivel on realclimate.

      1)It’s run by Michael Mann, and Gavin Schmidt of NASA GISS. Mann as we know, stuck the world with his hockey stick nonsense then became one of the principles in the Climategate email scandal.

      2)RC barred anyone from the site who disagreed with them. They banned Steve McIntyre of climateaudit for nothing more than that.

      3)Gavin Schmidt was taken to task by engineer Jeffrey Glassman, who claimed among other things that Schmidt did not understand positive feedback. He revealed an equation offered by Schmidt on PF that would not produce PF, and Schmidt programs climate models.

      4)One of the principle scientific advisers at RC was Raymond Pierrehumbert, a geophysicist who wrote a book on AGW that I thought was biased toward climate model theory.

      5)Schmidt once arrogantly claimed that the work of eminent climate scientist Richard Lindzen was ‘old-school’, and that the theories offered at RC were state of the art. However, when given the opportunity to debate Lindzen one on one on a panel, he declined.

      6)Another adviser, Stephan Rahmstorf, claimed that back-radiation from GHGs in the atmosphere could be added to solar energy to warm the surface beyond what it was warmed by solar energy. See #3 re positive feedback.

      7)When Mann got nailed in the Climategate email scandal, along with other AGW poobahs, RC ran to their defense. In particular, they inferred “the trick”, aka Mike’s Nature Trick, was just a joke between the good, old boys.

      The truth was revealed by climateaudit and it was no joke. When tree ring proxies began to show declining temps in the ’60s, the good, old boys clipped off the offending data and spliced in real data.

      8)In general, I regarded RC to be an insult to my intelligence.

  2. benpal says:

    I predict the new leader will be Thomas Stocker, from the University of Bernd, Switzerland. There is little doubt he will be even more extreme …

    • Tru Ghost says:

      We must someone “scientifically” oriented like Pachauri who wrote: “It is my religion and my dharma

      Maybe: Mary Robinson UN Climate envoy, quoted as saying: “Gender equality must be a key part of a new global climate change deal”
      Well qualified…

      Is there any truth to the rumor that over his office door, Pachauri had a plaque that read:
      “I’ll expose my shortcomings if you expose yours”?????

      • JohnKl says:

        “Gender equality must be a key part of a new global climate change deal”

        Does that mean women have the same access as men to government funded fluff jobs making scientifically fraudulent, spurious and/or conjectured climate models or does it mean they get the same politically contrived access to the Earth’s hydrocarbons as the male gender? Randy not so bright feminists want to know!!!

        Have a great day!

    • Johan says:

      Apparently the Belgian government supports current vice-president prof. van Ypersele for the presidency of IPCC. One of his colleagues, prof Istvan Marko (UCL) and 6 others wrote the following press release (abridged):

      We, the undersigned who are authors of the book “Climat: 15 Verites qui derangent” along with a number of associated researchers, hereby make a formal request of the Belgian federal government to review the previous government’s support of Prof. van Ypersele for the presidency of the IPCC, who is now an official candidate for this position.

      We ask this in consideration of the following evidence of what we believe to be a lack of impartiality and intent to interfere in free scientific inquiry and freedom of speech on the part of van Ypersele as evident in the following instances:

      1)Refusal to engage in civil debate; public dismissal and denigration of esteemed scientific colleagues: Prof. van Ypersele systematically refuses to debate relevant climate change issues, whether at a scientific or policy level;

      2)Use of pejorative terminology against qualified expert critics of the IPCC: Prof. van Ypersele calls critics of the IPCC as ‘negationists’ – a pejorative term used for Holocaust deniers;

      3)Intervention to block freedom of speech and free scientific/academic inquiry at a university level: Prof. van Ypersele intervened to block a scientific conference at the Universitaire Stichting (Brussels) which would have included internationally recognized experts such as Prof. Fred S. Singer (University of Virginia, USA, former project leader of NASA for the atmospheric satellite temperature measurement) and Prof. Claes-Goran Johnson (Royal Polytechnic School, University of Stockholm, specialist in atmospheric turbulence and thermodynamics); these like thousands of others have valid scientific criticisms of the IPCC’s official position;

      4) Escalation of public bullying through inflammatory language against scientists and critics: Prof. van Ypersele is a member of the George Lemaitre Centre for Earth and Climate Research (TECLIM – Universite Catholique de Louvain), an organization that designates critics of the IPCC as guilty of “crimes against humanity” – a term typically reserved for war criminals;

      5)Party to an organization and on-line petition (since removed) attempting to impose disciplinary action on a university colleague who engaged in free academic inquiry that criticized the IPCC official position: Prof. van Ypersele is a member of the George Lemaitre Centre for Earth and Climate Research (TECLIM – Universite Catholique de Louvain) that requested that university authorities impose disciplinary sanctions against his colleague.

      6)Evidence of bias/lack of impartiality: While already party to the IPCC organization, in 2004, Prof. van Ypersele worked for the powerful environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO) Greenpeace and wrote a report on their behalf “Impact of climate change in Belgium.” The report featured a catastrophic science-fiction scenario as its introduction, inappropriate in an allegedly-scientific document. Greenpeace has recently been identified by India as posing a threat to national security for its efforts to shut down economic development and any use of fossil fuels; Greenpeace in Europe has demanded an exit from fossil fuel use and from nuclear energy and advocates for political ideologies that would bankrupt the Social Security and pension system of Belgium.

      7) Invokes claims of a ‘scientific consensus’ which does not exist:

      We, the undersigned, see Prof. van Ypersele’s actions as those of a radical ecological militant and that his possible ascension to the presidency of the IPCC would lead to a further politicization and poisoning of the scientific debate on climate change that is in need of calm and civil discussion:


  3. Ron Brooks says:

    The sun is far more than total luminosity. The sun has gravitational effects, magnetic effects, radiation effects and particle emissions to name a few. To claim that the sun cannot cause recent warming while ignoring its many other effects is clearly wrong.

    • Shawn Torgerson says:

      Thank You… The sun has many many influences. Blocking cosmic rays (that influence the forming of clouds) is also a big one.

      • Aaron S says:

        Man i get frustrated at the way the sun is dealt with or neglected. The recent phase of activity was exceptional in the last thousand years regarding cosmic rays. Read this paper if you want to see how cosmic rays are highly correlated with sunspot number, which shows the validity of using the proxy.

        This paper along with svensmark provide and obvious link between the earths climate and solar activity. It just makes me happy there are other people that are aware.

    • Gordon Robertson says:

      @Ron Brooks ” The sun has gravitational effects, magnetic effects, radiation effects and particle emissions to name a few”.

      Don’t forget that it emits a very broad spectrum of energy. It has been discovered more recently that the Sun has influences in certain frequency bands that were not apparent when the luminosity was first considered.

  4. Hoi Polloi says:

    Where was Greenpiss all them years when Pachauri misbehaved himself? No FOIA at IPCC?

  5. Hoi Polloi says:

    “will probably up the percentage confidence that recent warming was manmade to 99.9%. /nosarc”
    Or lower the 95 percent confidence limit to 51%…

    • JohnKl says:

      Apparently recent warming (last few decades) does have a %99.9 confidence level of having been man-made and/or contrived. Who else but humans would bother to ADJUST the data-sets (like UAH) before presenting them to the public. Heck even NASA currently faces congressional investigation for apparently massaging past temp data downward and recent temp data upward. Since when has compiling climate data become a CREATIVE ART PROJECT?

      Have a great day!

      • Lewis Guignard says:

        John, anytime one seeks a government handout, it becomes creative art. I’ve known too many people whose job is to convince those in control of handing out the federal money to give some to them. After a while it becomes obvious that those who decide do so for subjective and political reasons. If follows that the applications must be creative in order to tickle the fancy of those who must rationalize why this person gets and that person goes without.

        It is the nature of allowing government too much power over our money.

        • JohnKl says:

          Hi Lewis Guignard,

          You stated:

          “John, anytime one seeks a government handout, it becomes creative art.”

          Of course, I was facetious. Imo, the whole CAGW mantra while not particularly creative wastes the creative talents of many to spew absolute nonsense, the purpose of which benefits only a few.

          Have a great day!

  6. richard says:

    i am surprised he hasn’t blamed Gorebull warming.

  7. Stephen says:

    I think he was so overwhelmed by his 2015 AHS Award for services rendered from Dr Roy that he’s off to Hollywood to work out a film deal.

  8. Baseman- the real climate web-site is a web-site devoted and promoting AGW Propaganda.

    As far as the IPCC they are going to keep this hoax alive no matter who is at the helm until natural variability destroys their argument which I think is right around the corner.

    • JohnKl says:

      “Baseman- the real climate web-site is a web-site devoted and promoting AGW Propaganda.”

      A dirty job maybe, but someone will unfortunately do it! Gee, should we ask Bassman who funds them?

      Have a great day!

  9. I’m glad Patchy is out and will face justice for lesser crimes than promoting the greatest hoax in some time.
    But I’m confident the IPCC will find someone worst to replace him.

  10. Chris Hanley says:

    The confidence level that humans were responsible for “most” of the warming since 1950 in AR4 was 90%; in AR5 that became 95% confidence the human influence was “dominant”.
    It’s curious that they can be so precise about the confidence level, which will probably approach 100% in future reports but never get there Zeno-style, but have not been able to be more precise about the degree of human influence, “most” and “dominant” essentially being synonyms meaning greater than 50%.

    • Gordon Robertson says:

      @Chris Hanley…”The confidence level that humans were responsible for “most” of the warming since 1950 in AR4 was 90%; in AR5 that became 95%…”

      In AR5, they upped the confidence level after admitting there had been no warming since 1998.

      Mark Twain on statistics: There are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

      The galling part about the IPCC is that they have invented their own form of statistics.

  11. bev says:

    The main-stream media is in full “damage-control mode.”
    Thus the New York Times:

    “The Chairman’s role is largely organizational and ceremonial.”

    Nothing to do with the worldwide presentation of the science, then!

    The sex part of the accusation is minor, in itself. It is the apparent pattern of bullying, over many years, that makes it a possible crime under certain articles of the Indian Penal Code, which allow for many years in prison.

    He is already hinting at having “a cardiac condition.” Nice one, for getting a soft ride.

    • JohnKl says:


      You state:

      “The sex part of the accusation is minor, in itself. It is the apparent pattern of bullying, over many years, that makes it a possible crime under certain articles of the Indian Penal Code, which allow for many years in prison.”

      Well it may not have been a minor part for poor, poor Pauchari. He may likely have calculated that his likelihood of a successful amorous adventure with a female researcher in India to be at a 95% confidence level. He simply wanted to share the WARMING! Unfortunately for him age and chasing skirts apparently brought on a heart condition, probably just as he unsuccessfully attempted to grab the trailing hem of some girls skirt.

      He needs to get in shape! Buck up that sagging libido and dropping confidence percentages. Just ask Fauju Singh the centenarian running marathons around these climate creeps.

      A more vegetarian diet and some yogurt could do wonders!

      Have a great day!

      • bev says:

        Well, I have to say (no one else will) “I nailed it!”

        This is latest from the news source NDTV:

        “Day before Bail Hearing, RK Pachauri Hospitalised in Delhi.”

        As a further omen for him I happened to notice another item:

        “King Cobras fall into pit, female swallows mate.”

  12. ray says:

    “The Chairman’s role is largely organizational and ceremonial.”

    Unfortunately, the sub-editor was not on message. In the headline he described him as “the Chief.”

    The believers are falling away. The latest Pew Survey of U.S. adults shows that 50% (of those who have “heard of Global Warming”) think it is mainly caused by human activity. That is down from 68%, a few years ago. 40% think that – whatever the truth may be – it will not affect them in their life-time.

  13. Aaron S says:

    Pachauri is a mechanical engineer from a railway background. A. He was not in the climate field and B. His industry background could be spun as linked to pro AGW via the relationship between railway usage and hydrocarbon cost. In otherwords a carbon tax would benefit his industry connections. I dont get the double edged political scenarios. As soon as a conservative stands up its political but somehow liberals get a free pass. Like Roy said… i cant imagine the IPCC putting an unbiased, research first, data driven person in charge. I am aware that my industry ties as a geologist in the oil industry destroy the validity of my opinion to lay people, but it shouldnt any more than someone who is in a atmospheric science department and whose position exists because of CO2 and agw. In academia, i was pro CO2 and agw theory, until my data showed me the role of the sun’s power
    in climate beyond TSI. I couldnt go back… the lights were turned on and i saw the sun’s potential. My perspectives are data driven, and its frustrating that the authority often are not. How did it get like this?

  14. Andrew M. says:

    will probably up the percentage confidence that recent warming was manmade to 99.9%.

    We’ve seen that trick in AR5. They increase the confidence level by broadening the error bars.
    It will be 99.9% confident that warming is between +5.2 and -0.1 degrees. /sarc

  15. Aaron S says:

    I am Curious about this paper that claims to actually measure warming from CO2 as equivalent to the forcing used in the models. It is so far out of my area of experience that i can not personally evaluate or critique it… but it is something id like to understand more.

  16. Joel Shore says:

    For those not up on the history, the reason we ended up with Pachauri as head of the IPCC is that in 2002, the Bush Administration (seemingly at the behest of Exxon-Mobil, which wrote a memo to the administration) refused to support the re-appointment of the American climate scientist Robert Watson to the position. This was presumably because they hoped another person would either be easier to influence to not be so outspoken or easier to discredit if they continued to tell some people inconvenient truths. See some articles from the time here:

  17. Joel Shore says:

    Here’s the memo from Exxon Mobil that, among other things, asked “Issue: Can Watson by replaced now at the request of the U.S.?”

  18. dave says:

    Indeed. It is well known that ‘Big Oil’ is responsible for 99% of the world’s sexual deviance. It was quite by chance they found they could corrupt Pachauri with Vick’s vapour rub. They secretly put it on the girls’ chests. It was done by a “rogue” CIA agent who defected to Putin’s service, but was paid by MI6, while working as an office cleaner in the U.N. building. I found the memo from Bush authorizing the sting, written in invisible ink on the back of a copy of the memo referenced above, in a beach-hut in Bexhill, England, which later mysteriously burned down. (The hut, not Bexhill.) The fire brigade blamed it on a “rogue” kettle; but we all know that “rogue” is code-speak for “climate deniers.”

    The circle is complete. The snake eats his tail – but never gets indigestion.

  19. dave says:

    A further word to the wise:

    Bexhill, “The Home of Motor-Sport!” It begins to make sense? Five miles down the road is Hastings, “The Home of Television!”* Both started at the same time!

    ‘Big Oil’ wanted to invent a sport which glorified poor fuel economy**. Presumably, they blackmailed John Logie Baird to come down from Scotland, to complete his invention of television next to the track, with the idea ALL ALONG being to beam their propaganda into every home on the planet. Matters culminated in Bernie Ecclestone making a fortune from selling the television rights to Formula 1 motor-racing. Some people think this was an unintended consequence.

    * The towns are completely open about their shameful pasts. There are billboards on the way in, paid for, presumably, by Exxon-Mobil.

    ** At exactly the same time, Michelin Tires was inventing its Guides to Gluttony, which forced millions of Frenchmen to overload the tires of their motor-cars. All the extra profits went through banks in Macau, who made loans to Mrs Simpson to buy enough under-garments to seduce the King of England. This plan was made before Mrs Simpson was born, which shows how clever they were/are.

  20. protectedbyfoil says:

    What Dave says about the existence of sinister billboards is true.

    I once met the Business Development Manager for Hastings Town, at a Rotary Lunch.

    I asked him how much of his budget came secretly as bribes from sleazy companies. He was so frightened that he turned away and did not speak to me again.

  21. Adam Gallon says:

    The smart money’s on Ismail El Gizouli.
    The perfect candidate.
    Sudanese, so ticks the non-white box & the funnel money to the third world rulers box.
    Been on the gravy-train for decades.
    Already Acting Chair.

  22. ben says:

    There is a sort of ramble by him, on Youtube.

    “My name is Ismail El Gizouli and I come from Sudan.
    I joined Working Group 3 in 2002. And I was elected again in 2007…I like the IPCC…The IPCC is very good…The IPCC won a Nobel Prize, shared with Al Gore…It is a good achievment…I want to look to the climate change issue. And to specific issues…”

    Sounds too sleepy to chase girls around the office.

  23. dave says:

    Meanwhile, as predicted, Pachauri is hiding in a Delhi hospital.

  24. dave says:

    The latest is that his immunity from arrest has been extended to March 27th. However, he has been forbidden to go to his office at The Energy Research Institute.

    Some people have called for him to face other charges, this time under the IT act, for sending obscene or harassing Emails.

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