Snow for all 50 States Forecast in Next 7 Days

February 27th, 2015 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

The unseasonable cold is expected to continue over much of the U.S., with some interruptions, and the latest GFS model forecast shows some snow for portions of all 50 states in the next seven days. (Graphic courtesy of, click for full-size):

GFS total snowfall forecast for the 7 days ending Friday morning, March 6, 2015.

GFS total snowfall forecast for the 7 days ending Friday morning, March 6, 2015.

And, yes, I checked…even in Hawaii.

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  1. bob sykes says:

    I believe Mauna Kea has a seasonal snow cap. It might be permanent except for low precipitation. At nearly 14,000 ft, it’s certainly cold enough year-round.

  2. Timmay says:

    Not news, Florida was the only state to NOT have any on the ground late Wednesday. Hawaii gets snow on The Big Island regularly.

  3. David says:

    So much for global warming…

    • Ken says:

      You’re not even close to the target. This article describes an aberration in the normal very short term weather patterns. Climate, and global warming, are measured as an average of the temperature variances over long periods of time…….decades and millenia. The unusual cold and snow in the eastern U.S. this winter is not a rebuttal to global warming any more than the unusual warmth in the western U.S is an argument to support global warming. And, it is called global warming not U.S. warming. We are just a fraction of the measurements taken around the globe.

      • geran says:

        Ken, you just said in about 100 words what David said in 5–“So much for global warming”!

      • hardhat says:

        So any data gathered over the last 125 years is representative of 700,000,000 years, how?

        • Humphrey says:

          That’s not the correct question. The correct question is: “So the data gathered over the last 125 years is representative of the earth’s future climate how?

          Here’s an even better question, one the press never asks: “What, precisely, should the temperature be, now or five years or fifty years from now, and how did you come to that determination?”

          • Donny says:

            It’s not hardhat. Hence the “that’s not the correct question” answer….

          • Brad says:


            The problem is that the mathematical models that were created to predict the progression of global warming, global ice melting and global populations of polar bears were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. That alone undermines their shrill warnings. The flagrant corruption of the science by global warming jihadists exposes them for he con artists that they are. They’re far too selective in cherry picking which data they use, then contort themselves into pretzels to make it fit their own interpretation of climate.

            If you like your global warming Humphrey, you can keep it!

      • Richard Elliot says:

        But that is exactly what the global warming enthusiasts have done. Created a false narrative based upon short term weather flucuations. It is no warmer now than it was 100, 800 or 2100 years ago.

        Now, it is a lot warmer than it was 11,000 years ago. The Holocene Epoch has allowed us to grown more food too.

        • UseYourBrain says:

          Few are “enthusiastic” about climate change (global warming). Temperature follows CO2 in the air almost exactly, but with a time lag. More CO2 = Higher temperature several years later(measured for the last 800,000yr). We currently have the highest amount of CO2 (by double) ever recorded. The last 5 interglacial periods (hottest times) had CO2 around 200ppm. Currently the Earth is at 400ppm+. There is no longer a debate about his (except possibly on F0X N3W5)
          Expect warmer climate which means more powerful storms (rain, wind, snow, etc.) How many times do you have to stick your finger in a light socket to understand you will get shocked? Five ice-ages is more than enough to establish a trend.

          • eric baxter says:


          • MRDUCKS says:

            you have it backasswards.Ice core records show co2 rising AFTER temperature increase,not BEFORE.Also, the Earth’s atmosphere has had TEN TIMES the co2 that we now enjoy.

          • Eric says:

            Well now that every 4 year old has a smart phone we won’t be reducing our carbon output anytime soon. If you are concerned about the Theory of Global Warming then do something about it like shutting off your computer for a month.

          • Lanceman says:

            Despite all the lies of falsified data exposed weekly, despite all the politicization (follow the money), you STILL choose to believe the government/media lie to separate you from my money rather than your lyin’ eyes.

            What are you? 16?

          • munk says:

            Bullshit seconded

          • David says:

            Were you there? Were the observations perfectly recorded? Did you observe the sunspot activity, solar proximity, volcanic eruptions, and other significant events/measurements other than those relating to CO2?

            I, for one, was not here for those other cold/warm periods, and I can assure you the real scientists will say, “The more we know, the more we should appreciate how little with know.” A relatively minor increase in CO2 emissions, which is a critical component in plant survivability, is not likely a harbinger to disaster. But a bunch of greedy, ambitious attention whores could well bring us disaster on a human scale, all in the name of an unknown.

          • old grouch says:

            Let’s see, where to start…
            I didn’t realize there were weather stations recording temperatures 800,000 years ago. Homo Erectus must have been a lot sharper than I was lead to believe.

            More powerful storms? Last time I looked the number of powerful Hurricanes, 3 and up, is down significantly.

            The British Meteorological Office, their equivalent of NOAA, has been keeping records for centuries. A question was raised in Parliament whether that data showed a relationship between temperature and CO2. They did a correlation study of results from 1850 to 2005. Very simple test, shows if changes in a variable over time affect another variable. Used in polls, advertising campaigns, first semester statistics level. After five demands to produce the results, they finally said there is no statistically significant correlation between carbon dioxide content and temperatures. NONE.

          • dave says:

            so we measured co2 500 yrs ago or 1000 or 10000? how did that happen? and so what? co2 does not effect global temps…or if it does…outlaw volcanoes

          • Woody says:

            So, the debate’s over… If CO2 levels are currently **double** what they were during the last 5 interglacial periods – why isn’t the temperature soaring?

            I assume this current level must have existed for more than your lag time of “a few years”? With double the CO2, if it’s a major force, I’d expect to see a rise of 30 deg C within the last century, something like that.

            Maybe there’s still a few loose ends to tie up?

          • TiLt says:

            The “facts” surrounding estimates of ancient CO2 levels are based on assumptions of CO2 levels in nature at such point(s) in time and assumptions of depletion rate(s) over time. Neither of those figures can possibly be known, generally assumed as being roughly identical to current numbers. However, if the equation does not produce the desired outcome, change the equation. In this case a tin foil hat non sequitur since we claim current numbers are “off the chart”, indicating the relevance of current numbers to ancient numbers are fabricated since both are being pulled out of a hat in order to fit the supposed result.

          • Snake says:

            Please do not pull your “facts” out of your rectum. A few MILLION years ago our levels were much higher. Reptiles and mammals lived


            So how do you account for life still carrying on with such high as 4,000 ppm? Where is this number recorded? Coal Mines where the CO2 was captured by PLANTS and TREES and then slowly degraded into coal and natural gas.

            Sorta blows your fake science to shreds. The earth did not become a place where no life existed but flourished. Average temp was about 78 F. Water did NOT cover the earth.

            And since the earth is about 4.5 BILLION years old, there has been CLIMATE CHANGE during the 4.5 BILLION years. Care to debate this FACT instead of your nonsense which you cannot support with facts.

          • GlobalWarminFlatEarther says:

            Actually, CO2 rises FOLLOW temperature rises. I guess in your world, smoke causes fire too.

          • Jacqui says:

            the “brain” is using .0001% logic and is badly frozen. Dummy your brain is not fed enough real truth to understand that your just like a zombie. Should a sliver of a tail tell you what type of animal it is, just by not knowing what an animal is?

          • Brian says:

            Dumbass. Didn’t read the weather data was ‘enhanced’ to suggest global warming myth occurred. Same libs worried about the new ice age in the 1980’s. Weather patterns are in constant flux none which are human derived. Get a life dude

          • Not Now says:

            ” What to do? What am I gonna do now? Eureka! I’ve got it. I’ll sell a boxcar load of my Global Warming bull$#!t to my sycophants. Those idiots will buy anything. I’ll be rich! I’ll be as rich as a sheik!” — Al Jazeera Gore (overheard mumbling to himself after losing to GW Bush)

          • Marion says:

            Were they burning fossil fuels in homes, cars, planes and in industries too back then or did those ice ages just happen naturally with no men to blame.

          • Larry Brewer says:

            NOT CORRECT! More precisely.. a rise in CO2 follows a rise in temps several yrs later. You were close to being right on that one, just twisted the findings a few decades to better fit your world view.

            you also wrote..(measured for the last 800,000yr). How exactly was the temp “measured” 800,000 yrs ago? I would be VERY interested in that measuring device.

          • Aristotle says:

            Then why do they touted global highs on a yearly basis. It’s always “this is the hottest year ever”. On ancient CO2 levels; the higher CO2 levels would have to exist before the ice forms in order to get trapped in the ice. Not visa versa. Therefore, the conclusion should be that higher CO levels result in global cooling.

          • Diane says:

            Just plant more trees. They exchange CO2 for O2, and pray for more rain. Trees and plants need water to provide us with more O2 and to decrease the CO2. Oh, I guess if the ice cap melts, that will provide more water for our trees. Isn’t God Great?

          • fgsd says:

            Actually, 400ppm (400 parts per million) is quite small. Doubling a very small number is still a very small number. The 400ppm number is up from something like 320ppm, again quite minuscule when taken as its proportion of gases in the atmosphere. It is illogical to attribute a change in global temperature of any true significance to that microscopic increase.

          • JohnKl says:


            Why don’t you take the advice of your’ own moniker?
            If as you counter-factually claim ( without providing any evidenciary source – let alone RECORDED data from past time periods to prove it ) “we currently have the highest amount of CO2 (by double) ever recorded” at 400ppm (Mona Loa) when in fact recorded levels in the late 19th century (1880’s at the beginning of industrialization) fell around 280-300ppm ( 400ppm is an ~40% increase ) then BY YOUR OWN WORDS MOST OF THE CO2 INCREASE OCCURRED PRIOR TO INDUSTRIALIZATION!!!

            Have a great day!

          • JohnKl says:


            Should read almost half to half the CO2 increase occurred prior to industrialization.

            Seems I must take your advice as well.

            Have a great day!

          • lolwot says:

            Useyourbrain is correct.

            Co2 is a greenhouse gas and at the rate it is climbing temperature will follow. This makes man the dominant driver of global temperature for the first time in Earth’s history.

            Expect more record breaking hot years in the coming decade and don’t be surprised by it – scientists have warned us it is coming. There is no longer a debate about the cause of the warming, only how much of a disaster it will be.

          • geran says:

            I hope your prediction is correct, “lolwot”, because North America is freezing. The Great Lakes may set a new record for ice, and that will effect spring in many areas. Many places have temps 20-30 degrees below average.

            It’s cold out there, so any warming you/we can provide will be much appreciated.

          • JohnKl says:


            Assume for a moment that temperatures do increase (which I don’t believe must happen), why are you concerned when the planet still experiences ICE AGE conditions and temperatures have been much warmer in the past and experienced much larger and more varied forms of life in regions of the planet far too cold to support them now? Records indicate that sea levels have likely been rising and temperatures as well for hundreds and thousands of years, why is it only now a problem?

            It should be remembered that the only climate change event in recorded history known to have caused MASS EXTINCTION was the ICE AGE!!! NO EVIDENCE OF MASS EXTINCTION DUE TO HEAT STROKE!!! Keep worrying the atmospheric plant food may somehow get you yet and if not the panic probably will.

            Have a great day!

          • JohnKl says:



            “Recorded history” should be replaced by “geological history.”

            Btw, if you need evidence I’ve presented it in past posts or just ask:

            Again, have a great day!

          • Physicist says:

            What is the warming (or cooling) sensitivity for each 1% of the most prolific greenhouse gas (water vapor) my friend?

      • maltyguy says:

        This winter we had snow in Malta, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean (I’m sure you know). WE also had the lowest night dry-bulb temperature ever recorded (-0.4C)and one of the coldest winters ever recorded. This is happening all over the planet. I have just spent 2 months in NSW Australia (mid-December-mid-February. During these months it was supposed to be summer, but summer it wasn’t. We had rain and then some more, and temperatures in the 20’s and even below 20C. Christmas day afternoon the temperature crashed to below 20C.
        The middle east including Turkey had snow covers never seen before. UK has seen freezing days and white outs and all this when the alarmists were telling us that our children would not know what snow is. Well, they have been proven disastrously wrong on many counts. And no, global warming does not cause colder weather all over the world all at once.

        I see a pattern which has been developing for a decade; a cooling pattern and no matter how much the alarmists cook the books and cool the past, the cold temperatures cannot be denied. The people are fed up with the climate lies.

        • lolwot says:

          “UK has seen freezing days and white outs”

          2014 was the warmest year on record in the UK, the record going back centuries.

          Just sayin’ you might want to recheck your facts.

          • geran says:

            lolwot, you heard Uk had the warmest year ever? I heard they boiled away!

            Please recheck your facts. If the island didn’t boil away, maybe you can tell us “wot” month that will happen this year, “lol”.

          • JohnKl says:

            “2014 was the warmest year on record in the UK, the record going back centuries.”

            Not according to the satellite data, either UAH or RSS. NASA and as a result JMA data suggests it’s the warmest year, but NASA is under congressional investigation for massaging the data last I checked and the JMA relies on them for information. Moreover, the hundredths of a degree centigrade margin by which 2014 is absurdly called the warmest year is well within the margin of error of a tenth of a degree centigrade. Just ask NASA themselves and Gavin Schmidt, climate depot reported:

            “Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies claimed its analysis of world temperatures showed ‘2014 was the warmest year on record’ – But it emerged that GISS’s analysis is subject to a margin of error – Nasa admits this means it is far from certain that 2014 set a record at all – The Nasa climate scientists who claimed 2014 set a new record for global warmth last night admitted they were only 38 per cent sure this was true. Yet the Nasa press release failed to mention this, as well as the fact that the alleged ‘record’ amounted to an increase over 2010, the previous ‘warmest year’, of just two-hundredths of a degree – or 0.02C. The margin of error is said by scientists to be approximately 0.1C – several times as much. As a result, GISS’s director Gavin Schmidt has now admitted Nasa thinks the likelihood that 2014 was the warmest year since 1880 is just 38 per cent.”

            Laughable, truly laughable. Tell me do you have an even 10% confidence level that these clowns have any clue about the climate at all?

            Have a great day!

      • Jeremy A says:

        Imagine that time on earth is a football field and each year is a blade of grass. Now imagine 60 minutes of hard-fought football has been played. Once the field is cleared we march out to the 50 yard line and pluck 125 blades of grass and then we use those blades, damaged as they may be, to guess the condition of the rest of the field. That’s us on climate — we’re guessing as to what a “normal’ climate is based .0000001% of Earth time. In no other scince could you establish a baseline with .0000001% of information.

      • Why, Ken – sounds like your undies have found themselves in a knot. Be careful! Beware the knot clot! How many days a week do you stand on a corner in traffic holding up your “End of the World” signs? We need more good trolls, such as yourself, in Washington.

      • Greg Locke says:

        Whoa, there Ken. Pretty sensitive, aren’t we? Of course, CAGW proponents regularly make the exact same argument in reverse. A hurricane or heat wave in the US is held up as evidence the “world has a fever.” Your being a hypocrite doesn’t make me right, but it sure feels good to call the likes of you out.

      • scott allen says:

        I am attaching a link to the the NOAA website. despite all your talk of GLOBAL temperatures, the numbers of reporting station have gone down not up. The last chart is very very instructive it shows that NOAA is deviating from the ACTUAL recorded temperatures and that this deviation (addition of degrees to the recorded temperatures) is growing every year. You would think that they would be getting better at recording temperatures (thus not having to adjust the readings due to TOBAS) not worse. It is also interesting to note that the increase in GLOBAL WARMING just happens to match the increase in their temperature adjustments.

      • Marci says:

        Yeah and unfortunately for your crazy theory..temps have stayed exactly the same give or take up and down by 4 degrees!!!!! I live through the ozone hole..not sweating this either..pun intended!!!!

      • Nick says:

        First, it wasn’t just “in the eastern U.S.,” it affected every state from the Atlantic coast to the Rockies.

        Second, when there is a short-term warming trend, the anthropogenic warming industry says “There, that proves it.” But they’ve been squirming for the last 18 years 4 months trying to explain – or deny – why Mother Nature isn’t conveniently falling in with their predictions. Trying to convince these tinfoil hat people that warming and cooling trends are natural, and have been going on since the Earth formed, is like trying to convert someone from their religion – which belief in the hypothesis of AGW is; just another religion.

        You must have faith. Snow in Cairo for the first time in 122 years? Have faith. Record cold in parts of Australia? Have faith. A record cold Antarctic summer in 2013? Have faith. A 60% growth in Arctic ice 2012-13 (half the size of Europe)? A series of record cold winters not only in N. America but also in Europe [Scotland recorded its first 0 degrees F since records have been taken; 178 years]? Have faith. Just a 0.8 degree global temperature rise in 144 years? Have faith. Algore and The Great and Powerful Ob have spoken.

        If you mention these heresies, the AGW flock will say “those are just weather events, not climate.” But an occasional heat wave, or a Sandy or Katrina [which were not even hurricanes by the time they hit the US, not even Cat. 1], or a drought, or torrential rain in Cal. – they say they’re all caused by AGW. Suddenly, weather and cliamte are the same.

      • Tony says:

        So when all the hurticanes hit in 2004 that was just weather, not climate change as reported. More hurricanes and tornadoes etc. Enough with the gloom and doom. In the 40’s it was facism, 50’s commie scare, 60’s world population over growth, 70’s killer bees and the ice age cometh, 80’s acid rain, 90’s ozone and for the past 15 years global warming. Why can people not have something positive to say, like were are living longer due to science etc.

      • marshall says:

        many static remote weather stations are in increasing hardscapes, increasing areas of urbanization, roofs, and blacktops… eliminate their data and lets look at only remote data away from urbanization then get back to us… before defending the precious global warming game…

      • mike says:

        Jersey here. Nothing unusual about the weather here. When I was a kid, this kind of weather was yearly. People used to own ice boats and ice skate. To go on a river… A FROZEN RIVER. Who gets an ice boat to go on the Shrewsbury river unless it freezes every year? I would say that these warmer winters are out of place. Glad the cycle is returning to normal.

  4. pats says:

    This winter has been physically misersble. If I hear another person talk about this fake global warming I am going to smack the side of their heads. News flash…climate will get steadily warmer between now and August then steadily cooler until next spring.

    • Ben Deauver says:

      Hey mate! I think you got it wrong! The climate will get steadily cooler between now and August then steadily warmer until next spring.

      At least, that’s the way it is here “Down Under”

  5. Mark says:

    Doubt very much if that prediction comes true. Starting to thing the software that predicts these thing is TOO COMPLICATED and factors in too many POSSIBLE outcomes. But we can wait and see.

    • David says:

      Amen Mark. Thank you for raising the flag that the models MAY be wrong. With the current administration, anything is possible…

    • rah says:

      The weather models may be wrong but Joe Bastardi and the boys at Weatherbell that decided to publish that map are at the top of their class. So disregard and phoo phoo at your own peril. This truck driver who relies on their forecasts to understand what I will be facing on the road in the future, won’t! They, more than any other source I’ve found have been right on the money or at least very close too often with their forecasts to not heed them.

  6. So, in all 50 States we’ll the veritable miracle of snow!
    I want my global warming back, please?

  7. fred berfel says:

    All 57 states for Obama.

      • Alicia Maravilhao says:

        Surely you remember Obama’s gaffe when he confused the number of states in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the number of states in the USA.

        • Lanceman says:

          That was no gaffe. He really isn’t all that bright. Remeber how the media called Palin stupid?

          I wouldn’t say that Palin is definitely a moron because she drew a blank at perky Katie’s question about what periodicals she read. I’d like to see more well-documented, recorded blunders before dismissing her as a mindless talking head.

          Did she call Europe a “country?” Did she say Austrians speak “Austrian?” Did she say Hawaii is in Asia? Did she say that there are 57 states? Does she think we need more “Arabic translators” in Afghanistan so we can understand the natives? Does she believe we have an “intercontinental” railroad?

          Does she think the Constitution was written “20 centuries ago?” Did she claim that Emma Lazarus raised funds to build the Statue of Liberty? Does she think Mexico was a nation before the US was even an idea? Did the American army liberate Auschwitz?

          Does she celebrate “Cinco de Cuatro”, admire the Penn State “Nitally” Lions, and root for the White Sox (not a one of whom she can identify by name) while reminiscing about the good ol’ days at “Cominskey Field?” Does she commend navy “corpse-men” and give a shout-out to the many fallen heroes who are in her audience? Does she lament the 10,000 dead in a Kansas storm when the death toll is actually 12? Does she really think a payment can decrease by 3000%? If she has asthma, does she grab for her “breathalyzer?”

          Those are just a handful of idiocies I can pull off the top of my head.

          But, of course, Sarah Palin did not utter them.

          Not my original comment. I’d give credit but I forgot to copy the commenter’s name.

          • Protonius says:

            Are you saying that Nob@ma made all those gaffes? If so, can you please give a link to a website (or websites) that detail those gaffes?

          • Nick says:

            It’s time for the new game that is sweeping the country – Who Said It? The rules are simple. I will give you a quote and you have to guess what great
            American or idiot said it.
            1) “Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong
            friend of Israel’s.”
            A. Mitt Romney
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. George H W Bush
            2) “I’ve now been in 57 states I think one left to
            A. George H. W. Bush
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. Sarah Palin
            3) “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes and I see many of them in the audience here today.”
            A. Sarah Palin
            B. Joe Biden
            C. George W Bush
            4) “What they’ll say is, ‘Well it costs too much money,’ but you know what? It would cost, about… It it it would cost about the same as what we would spend… It… Over the course of 10 years it would cost what it would costs us… (nervous laugh) All right. Okay. We’re going to… It… It would cost us about the same as it would cost for about … hold on one second. I can’t hear myself. But I’m glad you’re fired up, though. I’m glad.” [No
            A. John McCain
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. Sarah Palin
            5) “The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.”
            A. Newt Gingrich
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. Sarah Palin
            6) “I bowled a 129. It’s like – it was like the Special Olympics, or something.”
            A. Reince Priebus
            B. Sarah Palin
            C. Cheney

            7) “Of the many responsibilities granted to a president by our Constitution, few are more serious or more consequential than selecting a Supreme Court justice. The members … are charged with the vital task of applying principles put to paper more than 20 centuries ago to some of the most difficult questions of our time.” (That would be BC what?)
            A. Rush Limbaugh
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. Sarah Palin
            8) “Everybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma, they end up taking up a hospital bed, it costs, when, if you, they just gave, you gave them treatment early and they got some treatment, and a, a breathalyzer, or inhalator, not a breathalyzer.” [No teleprompter.]
            A. The Surgeon General
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. Sarah Palin
            9) “It was … interesting to see that political interaction in Europe is not that different from the United States Senate. There’s a lot of, I don’t know what the term is in Austrian for wheeling and dealing…” [There is no “Austrian” language.]
            A. John Kerry
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. Sarah Palin
            [Quayle was once accused by the liberal press of saying that he couldn’t visit Latin America because he didn’t speak Latin. Never happened.]
            10) “I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.”
            A. Al Gore
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. Rand Paul
            11) “Hawaii, being in Asia … “
            A. Sarah Palin
            B. Rick Perry
            C. Joe Biden
            [Hawaii is in North America.]
            12) “Jared Monti was the first person I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.” [Sergeant Monti was in fact very dead. The speaker had previously given the Medal to his family.]
            A. Sarah Palin
            B. Dan Quayle
            C. Michele Bachman
            13) “We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad.” A railroad between continents? A railroad from, say, New York City across the Atlantic to France? Now, THAT would be a bridge!
            A. Sarah Palin
            B. Bobby Jindal
            C. Paul Ryan
            14) Addressing a crowd of US Navy personnel, referred to “corpseman” several times, instead of Corpsman (pronounced “coreman”).
            A. Sarah Palin
            B. Paul Ryan
            C. George H. W. Bush
            15) On meeting the Mexican president on May 5, 2010, he congratulated him on their National Holiday as “Cinco de cuatro” [which means, if anything, “fifth of four”] not Cinco de Mayo.
            A. Sarah Palin
            B. Donald Trump
            C. Arnold Schwartzeneger
            OK, this was a trick quiz. All of the correct answers are Barack Obama. Harvard has a lot to answer for. Each of these quotes is from the most brilliant president ever. And now you know why, whenever possible, he brings his teleprompter “security blanket” with him everywhere he goes, even when talking to a 6th grade class!
            Speaking of which, when he was making a speech the other day and the guy rolling the teleprompter screwed up and rolled it back a little, the speech went like this: “Uh, no … Uh. Wait a minute. I … I said that already, didn’t I?”
            Our Harvard professor, among other things, also referred to the nonexistent “President” of Canada [the Queen is Head of State; the top politician is the Prime Minister], didn’t know the age of one of his daughters, and at times has referred to his “sons,” said Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican Party (it was founded years before Abe became president.) What was that about Sarah Palin again?

          • JohnKl says:


            Your’ memory needs re-tuning. The Second item on the dubious list you present belongs to Barack Obama. The quote complete with brain-fogged stutters and breaks is:

            “… uh, because, you know, i-i-it is just wonderful to be back in Oregon, and over the last 15 months we’ve traveled … uh to every corner of the United States. Uh, I’ve now been in fifty … ss-seven? states. I think one left to go. Uh, one left to go — eh, Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go to, even though I really wanted to visit but my staff would not, uh, justify it.”

            Btw, the number “57” comes from the number of member states comprising the “Organization of Islamic States.” As an Indonesian, something the supposed president and likely Islamist would know something about.

            Have a great day!

      • Gary Meyers says:

        Obama’s gaff referring to 57 states,

        • NanG says:

          Obama is a sock puppet. The question is: whose hand is up his backside?

          • JohnKl says:

            Since the U.S. if news reports prove to be true under the current administration apparently supplied Isis and AlQueda with much weaponry and relief supplies, looked the other way as they conquered much of Iraq while claiming to fight them ( a strange assertion since according to the same U.S. despot we don’t seek to reverse their territorial gains but do seek to degrade and eventually destroy them (?) – you figure it out ) and many other actions in support of Islamic advancement the hand(s) belong to those who wish to reduce Christian influence in the world and advance these other groups. Don’t we all know the usual suspects.

            Have a great day!

  8. Socialist Pig says:

    Never mind the snow, THE PLANET GOT A FEVER!

  9. Valiant says:

    obama said he visited all 57 States during his race for the potus.(President Of The United States)

    • David says:

      And he bowled a 37. Any adult — even a dolt like Obama — should have the ability to hit more than 2 pins per roll following good advice. He was either beyond reproach and wouldn’t take advice, or the crowd was too stymied to give it.

      Either way, observing the media-anointed “athlete” doing so miserably should have sent horrible, uncomfortable chills up and down the spines of everyone in attendance.

      He has effectively made everything in American much worse.

    • deimos says:

      no, he said he had visited 57 states with 1 left to go.

  10. Richard says:

    Obama will blame global warming for this

  11. Andrew Jackson says:

    57 states would be news. 🙂

  12. Peter Pumpkin says:

    The climate ‘scientists’ can’t even accurately predict the weather 24 hours from now, but Ken believes they can over ‘decades and millenia’. Using what, magic? Certainly, it is IMPOSSIBLE that computer programs can be used to accurately predict future patterns in a system as unbelievably large and complex as the earth’s weather system. But there are many who think that computer programming is ‘magic’!

  13. Teddy Novak says:

    Global warming (aka climate change) is the religion of the stupid.*

  14. R. Vold says:

    Catch up people. The politically correct term is Climate change. I remember in the 70’s when global cooling threatened our very existence, but that was a millennium ago, ’cause… Well I believe everything can be blamed on the public education system.

  15. J Smithson says:

    Thank god for global warming otherwise we would still be in the previous iceage

  16. Scott says:

    Note that we are seeing “unseasonable cold” in the coldest season of the year, Winter. Yikes.

  17. Bruce says:

    Neither the NWS nor local forecasters are predicting anything like this.

  18. Ed Rowand says:

    CO2 is needed for vegetation to survive, O2 given off by these plants are needed for humans to survive. Humans inhale the O2 and exhale the CO2. If we let the “Global Warming Hoaxers” take over we’ll all be gone.

  19. Rex says:

    RISING TEMPERATURES (warming) ALL OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD (global) make record cold temperatures and record snowfalls….

    It is obvious that democrats do not understand 6th grade science, nor do the know what global and warming mean.

  20. James Wolfe says:

    The one fact warmists will never mention and will argue vehemently if someone else brings it up is that CO2, methane, and all the other well known greenhouse gases only contribute about 3% to the greenhouse effect. Water vapor contributes around 97%. If you reduced the atmospheric CO2 level to zero the effect on world temperature would be negligable, though all life being dead would probably have some effect on the temperature. What is the cause of all this water vapor? That thing called the sun. So if CO2 has little effect on the environment other than sustaining life, why would the greenies be so determined to regulate it? Well how else are they going to build their socialist utopia? People aren’t going to voluntarily give up control of their lives. You have to scare them into giving up their freedom for safety and security. Then you can control them. After all its for the children of course.

    • lolwot says:

      “The one fact warmists will never mention and will argue vehemently if someone else brings it up is that CO2, methane, and all the other well known greenhouse gases only contribute about 3% to the greenhouse effect”

      The reason we don’t mention that “fact” is that it’s wrong.

  21. Greg Locke says:

    Children won’t know what snow is anymore. At least in Cuba and Puerto Rico
    they won’t.

  22. sybil unrest says:

    Greetings from the Texas tundra:

    Anybody know how to treat an armadillo with frostbite?

    • deimos says:

      a nice hickory smoked barbecue sauce should work. remember kids, climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.

  23. Frank says:

    To trust an industry that can barely get a forecast right 5 days in advance is ludicrous, we’re just supposed to blindly believe that they’re right predicting 5, 10, 100 yrs in advance… PU-LEASE. The things “believers” won’t admit are astounding… they won’t admit that projections, estimates are nothing more than GUESSES… I make better guesses when my shoulder aches. As far as “Computer Modelling”goes that’s a whole different matter. Everything, I repeat EVERYTHING, running on ANY computer is nothing more than a bunch of 1’s & 0’s, this page, that pretty pic on your background, the internet, all of it is nothing but a bunch of 1’s & 0’s that are manipulated to get a desired outcome, no more no less. There is a term in the data base world “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, these guys are manipulating the 1’s & 0’s and using garbage data. The TRILLIONS (1Trillion is equivalent to 1 million MILLION) being spent on this hoax is nothing more than theft and extortion of people. The weather changes every where every day and has for the entire history of the world and it will continue to do so long after we’re all dead.

    • Bikerman says:

      You mean we are all going to die, I thought Obamacare was going to take care of all this dying. You just burst my bubble.

    • Tiven says:

      The weather models are very good for a 5 day forecast. Meteorology is a very well known science and not much to dispute. The problem are not the scientists studying the fields of science, but the activists who are perverting the science. Scientists are not dogmatic. Only politicians and religious zealots who will not accept any evidence that disproves their belief or political agenda.

      As far as global warming computer modeling goes: The general public does not have access to the programming, equations, and variables used for these global warming models. This is done to prevent anyone from showing all their mistakes and fallacies.

      The global warming movement is nothing more than a way to cripple successful nations by blaming them for something that doesn’t exist. It is a communist tool.

  24. Emerson says:

    Gaia, please stop releasing cold from your frozen core to fight global warming!

  25. RanJo says:

    “Hey, AL GORE….. You wanna plow my driveway, for me?!”

    • Capt. Slurk says:

      He will for a million dollars, but when he’s finished you will have to listen to him explain how your drive is going to get worse if you don’t agree to send him more of your money each year. And make sure your children are there to hear him say how you all are going to die if you don’t start giving him more money.
      Hmmm, sounds like a con artist/mafia boss don’t he?

  26. Dabler says:

    Did not anyone hear, mini I’ce age is forcast for next 20 years!!!!!

  27. deimos says:

    just imagine how bad this winter would have been if we didn’t have global warming. Thanks Pope Al the patron saint of moonbats.

  28. geri says:

    I seem to recall that the scientist that are able to tell temps and etc… from many years ago, is done by ice core tests.
    The air and gasses are supposedly trapped in bubble pockets in the ice. I could be mistaken as I am not a scientist, but think maybe they have done it with soil tests also. Would be interesting to note with all the arguing , if I remember correctly.

  29. Sam Houston says:

    I was in the state government research science business back when Bill was in the WH. Our program survived on federal grants all stilted to the warming agenda. I quit and got a real job working as a programmer for a successful privately owned business. This has been more lucrative…..

  30. Michael Michalko says:

    Physicist Freeman Dyson explained the inferences made by climatologists from computer models this way. Suppose a scientist has an hypothesis that boxes are dangerous and should be outlawed. His wife comes home, trips over a box, falls against her son who drops a dozen eggs he’s holding and the eggs break. The scientist will then propose that the way to prevent eggs from breaking is to outlaw all boxes. As silly as this sounds. The inferences made here are stronger than the inferences climatologists are making about global warming.

    • ELC says:

      Do you have a citation for that? I’d love to be able to quote him. I have googled, but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

  31. Michael Michalko says:

    Physicist Freeman Dyson explained the inferences made by climatologists from computer models this way. Suppose a scientist has an hypothesis that boxes are dangerous and should be outlawed. His wife comes home, trips over a box, falls against her son who drops a dozen eggs he’s holding and the eggs break. The scientist will then propose that the way to prevent eggs from breaking is to outlaw all boxes. As silly as this sounds. The inferences made here are stronger than the inferences climatologists are making about global warming.

  32. rah says:

    Normal high in central Indiana on this day (Feb. 27th) is 50 deg F. Normal low 28 deg F. Recorded high today was 28 deg. F and the low is forecast to be -1 deg. F. And that 28 deg with little wind and the sun shining felt almost balmy today.

    And our forecast calls for six more inches of snow starting Saturday night with another blast of Arctic air to follow. It’s the same ole pattern and there is no end in sight.

    I’m beginning to wonder if this winter is ever going to end!

  33. rah says:

    Happened to check out
    and could not help but notice the snow coverage on their normal map.

  34. George Kadlec says:

    When I hear what the global warming nut cases espouse I am reminded of Einstein’s quotes:

    The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius as limits.

    Only fwo things are Infinite, the universe and stupidity, and I am as not sure about the universe.

  35. Tiven says:

    It’s called Climate Change when it’s cold and snowing. The term Global Warming is used when it’s hot and dry, or hot and wet. When the sun spot activity is very low or the solar system crosses the galactic plane, that’s because it’s Bush’s fault.

  36. Ron Staiger says:

    Climate data is only significant if it is collected over a period of time sufficiently long enough to span all possible variables. Because we are coming out of the warming period between the last ice age and the one we are about to enter, it would seem that 10,000 to 15,000 years of data collection should allow one to accurately determine a disruption in the “normal” trend. But what is normal? Climate is normally a system of gradually changing variables infrequently puncuated by cataclysmic events of varying duration. To suggest that a particular variable is of anthropogenic origin based on the extrapolation of results from data collected over a short period of time (within the lifetime of one “climate scientist”) leads one to question the motivation of those doing the collecting. Perhaps the idea of an anthropogenic cause for an alleged global warming is more a function of the financial incentive of the “scientists” and their benefactors than it is of a climate system cataclysmic anomaly. There are trillions to be made in the Carbon Exchange which can only be justified by manipulated data.

  37. The Jack Russell Terrorist says:

    Of course according to NASA the winter of 2014-15 was the warmest on record. ;).

  38. garynils says:

    92 responses and not one mention of Geoengineering?!Where have you people been?

  39. jetjok64 says:

    If you really want to understand what’s going on, spend some time at It will all make sense pretty shortly

  40. jetjok64 says:

    If you really want to understand what’s going on, spend some time at It will all make sense pretty shortly

  41. AZ Bob says:

    “Unseasonably cold”?? In what season is it supposed to be cold? Perhaps “unusually cold” would make more sense? Thanks.

  42. lee says:

    Over the last 125 years the farmers almanac has an 87% accuracy rate predicting the weather using the the location of celestial bodies. The national weather service has boasted a 31% accuracy rate. NASA temperature measurements of both Jupiter and Mars show a ssurface temperature increase of approx. 1degree over last 25 years, comparable to Earth’s temp increase.
    The real reason the U.N. is pushing the global warming agenda for wealth redistribution purposes. The reason is because there are countries, many of which are in Africa, that produce nothing and have populations that can not be supported by the natural economies;not $ but water, vegetation, and animal protien; and the only comodity that they have to sell is their carbon credits.

    • lolwot says:

      “NASA temperature measurements of both Jupiter and Mars show a ssurface temperature increase of approx. 1degree over last 25 years, comparable to Earth’s temp increase.”

      haha what?

      so we have half the skeptics arguing that the temperature record on earth is unreliable and you come along and try to argue the precise amount by which global temperature on mars has been measured.

      • geran says:

        So we have record cold and record snow yet the Warmists argue the planet is warming.

        • lolwot says:

          Warmest year on record: 2014

          • geran says:

            “Warmst year on record: 2014”

            NASA and NOAA say there is lees than a 50% chance that is certain.

            It’s called “spin”.

            Someone tries to sell you a light bulb that they know is burned out. If you ask “does it work?” and they reply “yes”, then they are lying. But, if they reply “there is less than 50% chance it works”, they are “spinning”.

            It is your job to sort out the “spin” from the “truth”.

  43. GW says:

    The idea is for the rich countries (US, Western Europe) to pay a carbon tax to the UN to be given to the developing countries, with China not paying for years. This is supposed to heal the planet and (more importantly) to equalize wealth in the world. It is about more power to the self appointed elites. Meanwhile, the eruption of a volcano puts out more crap than can be measured. Volcanos cannot be forced to pay.

  44. Greg Ganus says:

    This is not global warming. This is God’s judgment upon a wicked nation! Repent! Repent! Repent!

  45. Nam Marine says:

    But NOT in Florida !

  46. markinfairfield says:

    let’s see, CO2 makes up 4% of the atmosphere. Humans contribute 4% of that. In a system as complex as the atmosphere 4% of 4% is something to worry about? I don’t think so.

    • lolwot says:

      humans have lifted CO2 by 30%.

      CO2 contributes about 20% of the greenhouse effect.

      • geran says:

        1) CO2 only make up 0.04% of atmosphere.

        2) Humans have NOT “lifted CO2 by 30%”. That is BS (Bad Science).

        3) “CO2 contributes about 20% of the greenhouse effect.”
        The “greenhouse effect” is zero. So 20% of zero is zero. I guess you finally got something right “lolwot”!


        • lolwot says:

          CO2 only made up 0.03% of the atmosphere 150 years ago.

          0.03% to 0.04% is a 33% increase. Caused by man.

          • geran says:

            The “increase” was caused by man? That is your belief, it is not proved science.

            Oh, on the same note, what exactly SHOULD the atmospheric CO2 concentration be? Please show your work.

          • JohnKl says:

            Actually, atmospheric CO2 growth rates track with temperature rise, after temperatures rise CO2 growth rates rise as well. Interestingly, the reverse occurs when temperatures fall. When temperatures fall CO2 growth rate declines but absolute atmospheric CO2 levels typically continues to grow in the atmosphere, PROVIDING SOLID EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that absolute CO2 levels DO NOT DETERMINE TEMPERATURE!!!

            Have a great day!

  47. markinfairfield says:

    Oh, for the math challenged man contributes .0016 CO2 to the atmosphere.

  48. David Lee says:

    I believe the trend is to call it Climate Change, not global warming. That way this aberration in our weather patterns has a better nomenclature to describe it . . .

  49. Put in a call to Al Gore and have him blow some hot air.

  50. Really Really says:

    Let’s see…they’ve gone from Global Warming to Climate Change to Climate Disruption–Just waiting for them to come up with Climate Chaos …that outta really scare the sheeple…

  51. Naterade says:

    Well I for one am glad we have a leader who’s not afraid to stand up to global warming and make the difficult decisions necessary to fight it. Giving Iran the capability to bring about a nuclear winter to cool the planet is a brave and wise maneuver, the value of which can not be measured in human lives. It takes a genius to be able to look beyond the small minded critics, the senmingly obvious and historical facts, indeed to shut out reality itself to be able to see the big picture. Down with carbon emissions and God bless America!

  52. John says:

    What about the other 7 states? How about something that only cherry picks the top 50 states so it matches a storyline…

  53. Vi says:

    OK !! Wake up people, GOD,Creator of the Universe is TOTALY in control of the Weather.Sorry no such thing as Global Warming. Just like one person said , man wanting to have control of everything. We are in the End Times.

  54. Ted H. says:

    Is this in relation to all of the global spraying going on ? If its true that they are spraying to reflect sun rays and to keep the earth from excessively heating up, is this having the wrong effect , by excessively cooling the earth ? i.e. Ice age ?
    Climate control through Geo Engineering .

  55. Dave says:

    Unseasonably cold? IT’S WINTER for Pity sake. How inconvenient for the Globular Warming knuckleheads.

  56. wuuuzzzzz up says:

    well at least it’s not all 57…. defender of the internet, religion of piece and tolerance , and health care isn’t concerned

  57. Robertv says:

    Without Coal and Oil Trees very soon would be something of the past.

  58. Leo P says:

    Look… snow in all 57 States has to happen. Don’t ya see?
    It’s good for the economy! Duh!! Young adults, go out to shovel snow,to help pay their expenses (That helps reduce welfare costs) except the they get ticketed and pay a fine, for breaking the law (hmmm, seems like that’s happened recently)while they are trying tyo help reduce welfare so the precedent has been set! City coffers begin to experience a short burst in their treasury ( they are led to believe it’s because the economy is getting better) everyone in their position bows down, and those in charge get praised for keeping us in this mess of an economy and of course,the sheeple believe it. Is that kinda like how it goes in these here 57 States?

  59. t-bone51 says:

    Guaranteed not to snow anywhere here in Florida!

  60. francis says:

    wow you folks really don’t have lives if you have to dredge up old news and act catty about what this “administration” is or isn’t doing. Stick to the facts…. The U.S.A. is not the center of the world. Climate change is happening all over the world. This cold mass usually sits up in the Siberia section. Second year in a row we’ve had this. It is still winter by my calendar. Suck it up, put on warm clothes or move to southern Florida if you can afford it. March 21st is right around the corner. Get your spring pagan clothes out and be ready for the spring dance!!!

  61. thesitrep says:

    So far, everything that Mann, Hanson, Gore etc. have predicted has not come to pass.
    What is most worrisome is that lately our solar maximums have been as low or lower than typical minimums.
    Even the co2:temp corelation graph that Al Gore shows off indicates that CO2 rises after temps rise and then after a 100- 200 year lag go back down as Henry’s law predicts. CO2 dissolves back into the oceans.

    • lolwot says:

      global temperature continues to rise, following CO2.

      solar correlation isn’t looking too good. temperature should have fallen by now if the sun was the driver.

      • geran says:

        “temperature should have fallen by now if he sun [sic] was [sic] the driver.”

        The thousands of new record lows mean nothing, to a “Warmist”.

        (Enjoy your koolaid, before it freezes over.)

        • Jim Dean says:

          Couldn’t agree more Geran.

          One thing has always puzzled me. Why do we expect the Global temperature to decline so quickly after the solar maximum has passed. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to expect the global temperature to respond in a year or two?

          For instance; As the sun rises it (generally) gets warmer. At roughly 12:00 the sun reaches it highest point in the sky, yet the hottest part of the day is a couple of hours later, like around 1:00PM – 3:00PM.

          The sun reached its maximum output in 2013-2014 and the sun’s output has just now started to decline, wouldn’t it be reasonable to believe that the Average Global Temperature would decline in a similar fashion? I think Sal has it right, but hasn’t allowed the atmosphere and the oceans time to adjust to the lower solar output.

          I’m no climate scientist, I don’t even play one on T.V., but I enjoy this website and find the discussions between Roy, you, Sal, David and even David A. (though he seems a few fries short of a happy meal at times) stimulating. I’ve always been skeptical about AGW, especially CAGW.

  62. V Hayward says:

    Now all Republicans can bring snowballs to the senate floor and have a snowball fight. Climate change is real, problem seems that republicans don’t know what real is.

  63. Martin H says:

    In honor of Leonard Nimoy who passed away Friday, and ties in with the cold records. My all time favorite…..He was ahead of his time….

  64. richard says:

    Global warming means record snowfall. Global cooling means record high temps. War means peace. Ridiculous really.

  65. john adams says:

    planes spraying chems 2 solid days before the storm in cali high desert , kinda takes the joy out of it…..snow with plastic, rain with metals….military with agendas…..children sick….pilots laugh at you, while playing tic-tac-toe in the sky……last days of Rome, food and circus.

  66. Beachhawk says:

    I’ll tell you one thing and you can take it to the bank: It is not going to snow in Florida!

  67. Eric Worrall says:

    Guys, take a break to sunny Australia, here in Hervey Bay it never gets below 60F. I can’t imagine living in a place as cold as Maine, or other Northern states!

  68. Wiener says:

    More CO2 means more food! It is also the most necessary element of plant life. We exhale CO2, plants, trees, etc. take in CO2 and create…..OXYGEN. We inhale OXYGEN and so on and so on. To end CO2 emmissions…….STOP EXHALING.
    By the way, Danish research has shown that there is a positive correlation between the number and intensity of sunspots and the amount of global warming. At this time sunspot activity is near zero, and Global Warming protests have been canceled on account of record cold and snowfall in Washington, DC.

  69. dave says:

    Meanwhile it stays very warm for Pachaudri, chief pooh-bah at the United Nations IPCC until a few days ago.

    From Economic Times of India:

    “The Prime Minister [of India] has accepted the resignation of Dr R K Pachaudri from the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change.”

    “The [first] complainant decided on Saturday to move a higher court against the interim anticipatory bail.”

    “The police have demanded his custodial interrogation.”

  70. John Smith says:

    I am new to this subject
    became interested in the “pause,” attempting to find out if was ‘true’
    After a long confusing journey, I see the IPCC acknowledges the “pause” and that if it continues much longer, they may have to reevaluate
    And yet the zealots still hold out
    It looks increasingly doubtful that the ‘missing’ heat is going to materialize and this massive political and quasi-scientific house of cards must collapse
    I’m fascinated to see what form the implosion will take
    I did notice that at SkS there is mention of the Aussie BOM problems
    A crack in the monolith?
    One can only hope
    But wait, once the Messiah is dead, he must surely return
    I forgot
    The ‘Messiah Heat’ shall return and save the true believers

  71. Billy Bob Brainiac says:

    I hope the planet worshipping, global warming people are right. I’m sick of this crap! Besides one big volcano eruption could drop us back down 10 degrees, might just as well build up a little buffer!

  72. The surface area of the contiguous United States is about 1.5% of the planet’s total surface area. And just because it will be unseaonably cold in these 1.5% for a few days, so called “skeptics” are jumping to the conclusion that this was refuting global warming. (Do “skeptics” ever think, or is it all pure reflex?)

    Today’s global surface temperature anomaly compared to the 1979-2000 average is plus 0.51 deg. C in the GFS analysis.
    (Just move the pointer over Temperature Anomaly)

    Thus, go there, and check every day for the following seven days what the global surface temperature anomaly will be at each of these days.

    • Phyte On says:

      We are doomed. The sky is falling. The end is near.

    • JohnKl says:

      Jan P Perlwitz,

      You whined:

      “And just because it will be unseaonably cold in these 1.5% for a few days, so called “skeptics” are jumping to the conclusion that this was refuting global warming. (Do “skeptics” ever think, or is it all pure reflex?)”

      Would these people be complementary to those climate alarmists who claimed hurricane “Sandy” or “Katrina” proved Anthropogenic Global Warming? Do “ALARMISTS” ever think or even possess a memory, or is it all just repeat a highly adjusted frequently counterfactual mantra?

      Have a great day!

  73. Phyte On says:

    OK, so what will be the temperature anomaly in 2030 (another 15 years from now) compared to the 1979-2000 average? I suggest you make this prediction, put it into a time capsule and open it up in 2030.

    The science is settled, so it should be an “easy-peasy” prediction.

  74. Phyte On says:

    Jan: “The surface area of the contiguous United States is about 1.5% of the planet’s total surface area.”

    Jan, The skeptics are very skeptical that US Government Climate Policy of any kind can have any impact on the climate – reversing climate change. Even the most draconian measures will have no discernible impact on weather, global temperatures, arctic ice caps, sea level rise, hurricanes, tornado, drought, etc, etc.

    Jan, for example, can you provide the evidence that California’s “cap & trade” scheme in the regulation of CO2 has any discernible impact on the climate anywhere in North America?

    Yes, I remain highly skeptical.

    • Lewis says:

      Phyte On: I believe all AGW bandwagon riders should stop using anything which requires coal or oil to be manufactured or grown. That should help the situation.

      Do they have the courage of their stated convictions or are they just trying to get the rest of us to do as they say?

  75. lolwot says:

    Global sea surface temperatures hit record highs a few months back. Not sure how you guys can pretend the world is cooling in the face of all the evidence that it’s heating up. Think there’s a word for it.

    • geran says:

      Did you “pick” sea surface temps for some reason, over RSS and global sea ice? There’s a word for that.

    • Bob Weber says:

      SSTs have already fallen. See HadSST3 vs SIDC SSN here and see that SSTs fell after solar activity dropped off. Solar activity bumped up last year and warmed up ocean top layers a little more, and since then, conversely, ocean surface cooled slightly from less solar flux energy. The Earth is “supersensitive” wrt solar activity.

    • JohnKl says:

      Actually, I hope it does heat up somewhat because we’re still in an ICE AGE!!!

      Have a great day!

      • dave says:

        “0.2 W forcing…” ; “…heat up somewhat…”

        This is pathetic!

        There was a time when men were men and predictions were bold.

        viz, this from the Los Angeles Times, May 16th 1972, pg. A18:

        “Arctic specialist Bernt Balchen says a general warming trend over the North Pole is melting the polar ice cap and may produce an ice-free Arctic Ocean by the year 2000. Weather across the Northern half of the U.S.A. would be 20 to 25 degrees F warmer than it is now.”

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