25th Anniversary of Global Satellite Temperature Monitoring

April 1st, 2015 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Photo -Eric Schultz.

Photo -Eric Schultz.

Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of John Christy and I announcing the new technique for monitoring global temperatures with satellites. We had no idea the methodology would end up being central to the global warming wars. It’s been a wild ride since then.

A story today by Paul Gattis at AL.com has the details:

The silver anniversary of Roy Spencer’s career-defining moment arrived with no expectation in March. He didn’t realize it until someone mentioned it to him.

For John Christy, he had no idea that a discovery announced in 1990 would not only still resonate 25 years later but would be at the center of a raging debate.

The date was March 29, 1990. That was the day – though unbeknownst to either Christy or Spencer – they publicly became climate change skeptics.” ..the rest of the story here.

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