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February 18th, 2017 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Once in a while I share “fan mail” I get in response to my blog, and I thought the following example was unusually interesting.

I won’t bother to rebut the mix of misrepresentations, misinformation, etc. This is more for entertainment value.

WARNING: The language in the following is, shall we say, colorful. Don’t read any further if you are easily offended.


Like every other idiot who thinks 7.4 billion human beings cannot alter our planet, you fail to ask yourself the most important question you should be asking: what if you’re wrong.

If you are wrong, and mankind is desequestering carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen in the form of fossil fuels, then you are advocating the destruction of humanity through the reversal of natural climate engineering.

If you’re wrong and we continue to use fossil fuels, the species and all other mammals will be forever wiped out.

And you are so fucking arrogant, and so fucking lazy, as to not bother asking that simple question.

Why? Because it would be too much work for you to live without your fucking car.

Fuck you.

Go do your fucking homework asshole. Your “science” can’t explain the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, nor the melting Arctic ice cap, nor even why the ice ages occurred only in the northern hemisphere. You don’t understand a damn thing about weather or climate, or even basic atmospheric chemistry. All you know is your fucking ego.

Well, asshole, I’m not impressed by your ignorance, your stupidity, nor your arrogance.

How about this, asshole, tell me how much WATER has been brought up from fossil fuels, how much carbon, how much nitrogen, how much oxygen, and what percentage they increased their corresponding partial pressures in the atmosphere.

Then tell me what the climate was like when the atmospheric carbon was as high as it is now, and whether or not mammals existed.

By the way, asshole, The Oroville Dam is NOT a simple earthen dam, it is a SYSTEM, and that SYSTEM, including the concrete reinforced auxiliary spillway, has failed, because the system was designed to control the flow of water, and right now, there is no such control, and there are processes in place which are destroying the FOUNDATION of the auxiliary spillway and significantly reducing the capacity of the lake to hold water, and which is now presently flowing quite quickly down the mountain.

I hope someone believed you, loses their home, and sues your ass, and takes your bullshit global warming denial into court to demonstrate just how harmful your bullshit is.

You’ve probably killed people downstream, which is no surprise coming from a man who advocates the self-destruction of the human species.

Trust me, the species would do a lot better without ignorant, arrogant assholes like you.

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  1. Ron Segal says:

    Dear Dr Spencer

    We’ll I’m a fan of both yourself and Prof John Christy, as two entries on a very short list of trustworthy climatologists that I’m aware of.

    Given the unprecedented temperatures over the past few years, particularly this year, as you have presented, based on your satellite datasets, what is your current general view on AGW?

    It would be very useful if you were able to provide an update.


    Best wishes from down under


    Ron Segal, Wellington, New Zealand