Total Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse, January 20-21, 2019

January 21st, 2019 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

I’ve been wanting to do this kind of time lapse of a lunar eclipse to show just how much change in brightness occurs when the full moon suddenly becomes nearly dark.

Most presentations of a lunar eclipse don’t really capture the darkening, just the change in color as the moon transitions from being illuminated by direct sunlight to the weak sunset glow from the annulus of scattered sunlight through Earth’s atmosphere.

I took three hours of photos, one every 23 seconds, at Little River Canyon, Alabama to make this. The camera setting was constant throughout (ISO640, f/5.6, 20 sec exposures). The temperature was unusually cold, 26 deg. F, low humidity, and there was a moderate wind out of the north. The video is best appreciated full-screen.

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  1. Svante says:

    You sure have a genuine interest in science!

  2. Rhee says:

    Sadly, in my town in southern CA, thick clouds rolled in just after 8pm PT and obscured the rest of this event. I was able to get a couple of pics as the shadow crept up to cover about 1/3 of the moon and that was it. Thanks Dr. Roy for the time lapse view.

  3. Wayne Raymond says:

    Super cool, dude. Thanks for this! Who’d a thunk the moon could appear so bright in a 20 second time lapse. Talk about your moon shadow, moon shadow.

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  5. Mike Flynn says:

    Dr Spencer,

    Very nice. Natural philosophy at its most natural. I wish there was more of it.


  6. Skeptikal says:

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Bri says:

    nice thanks i missed most of it because i dont like freezing to death.
    Did you hear the Alexandra O~crazy~O is related to Nostradamus and is now predicting the world will end in 12 years.

  8. Hi Dr. Spencer
    thnx a lot! This is unbelievable. Super Video.
    Regards from the deeply snowed in Swiss mountains,

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  10. Svend Ferdinandsen says:

    I saw the eclipse from Colorado, and was a little surprised that it started from the buttom of the Moon and ended at the left side of the Moon. (The shadow went out to the right side of the Moon)
    I know the Moon was not passing through the center of the Earths shadow, but anyway it was not as expected.
    Can anyone give a good explanation?

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