“Doug” is now a 4-letter word

March 3rd, 2016 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

no-kangaroo-sock-puppetsI have to admit, Doug Cotton is tenacious. He even gets multiple blog posts from me devoted to him. He obviously lives rent-free in my head now.

But after more complaints about his sky-dragon-slayer-esque comments (which I have tried to block by banning his ever-lengthening list of user names), I am now forced to block all comments that in any way involve the name “Doug”.

So, if you must comment and refer to Doug by name, maybe you can insert special characters after the “D”…you know…the way we do with other 4-letter words.

I apologize in advance to any other Dougs out there…you will have to pick a different user name.

Oh, and I’m sure Dou& will be back. I hope to have his energy when I reach his age.

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