FLASH! Global warming causes record-wide tornadoes!

June 4th, 2013 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Just thought I’d try to be the first the make the connection between the record wide (2.6 miles) EF5 tornado near Oklahoma City last Friday and Global Warming. (Click the above photo for the full story).

Of course, as I have discussed before, the missing ingredient in tornadoes is usually a cool air mass nearby. If warm humid air was the missing ingredient, the tropics would be filled with tornadic thunderstorms…which is not the case.

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  1. So this tornado was the strongest and widest due to “Climate Change” expressed as extreme weather?
    It is, really much more that even they thought.

  2. Max says:

    Just found this recently, fascinating visualization of wind velocity over the US: http://hint.fm/wind/index.html

  3. coturnix19 says:

    Bangladeshi do get tornadoes, and they are more like south florida latitude. Where does their cold air come from, or is it just waterspouts?

  4. AJ says:

    I knew it. The jet stream is becoming increasingly meridional and the cold fronts are more frequently stalling over Tornado Alley. At least this is the meme I hear increasingly these days.

  5. Jorge says:

    Fewest tornadoes in history these past 24 months. There was no record breaking tornado. On Friday it was EF3 and then got upgraded to an EF5, convenient.

    There is no global warming but in your minds.

    Funny how this happens while there is a campaign underway to stop Keystone. You people have no shame.

  6. joe bastardi says:

    Extensively posted on the magnitude of the major troughs abnormally far south with this. I sense sarcasm from Roy here ( I hope) since it should be intuitive to any practicing met that such events this far south SO LATE IN THE SEASON, have to be caused by abnormally storng penetrations of cold air. I posted on this on Weatherbell.com and tweet blasted climatic ambulance chaser Heidi Cullen for her implication this is LETS CALL IT WHAT THEY CALLED IT BEFORE THEY FOUND OUT THEY WERE LOSING.. GLOBAL WARMING ( of late, climate change)

    This is the latest so far south. Other OK f5s after May 20 have occurred in OK but this link shows you where recorded f5s have been and you can click on to see how rare this is this far south this late . The you must go do the work to line up the height anomalies, or see what I tweeted Dr Cullen and posted.


    but a great link ( as is this site!!!!!)

  7. How would Heidi Cullen deal with an incident like this today….Labor day, Sep 01, 1952 in Ft. Worth, Texas….I was eleven years old then and remember the storm very well.


    Jerry L.

  8. Jim Steele says:

    Average maximum temperatures for Oklahoma are cooler now than the 1930s. Its local maximums not global average

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  10. Jones More says:

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  11. Mikee says:

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  12. I hope these calamities will stop, and hoping for the safety of all.

  13. John says:

    News like this makes me scared to the bones. You can also check us out to know what I mean.

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  16. Atlanta says:

    I was aware of it. The jet stream is getting more meridional, and cold fronts are stalling more frequently over Tornado Alley. At least, this is the meme I’m hearing more and more these days.

  17. Click here says:

    Global warming really poses extreme threats to the world.

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